To top off


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • To top off to complete by putting on, or finishing, the top or uppermost part of; as, to top off a stack of hay; hence, to complete; to finish; to adorn.
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In literature:

Above me was the bellows-top, to keep off the rain.
"Rollo in Geneva" by Jacob Abbott
Then the little house-wife takes hold of the fruit can, smilingly, and says she will show the girl how to take off the top.
"Peck's Sunshine Being a Collection of Articles Written for Peck's Sun, Milwaukee, Wis. - 1882" by George W. Peck
The boys fought these off as they began to explore the top of the rock.
"The Young Alaskans" by Emerson Hough
ONE afternoon, when most of the campers were off fishing, Margaret wandered alone up to the top of the great down behind the camp.
"The Merryweathers" by Laura E. Richards
Several plans were pinned to the top, and these Lucien yanked off without ceremony.
"William Adolphus Turnpike" by William Banks
To prepare the mango peppers for stuffing, cut off the tops and remove the seeds.
"The Khaki Kook Book" by Mary Kennedy Core
Also, to bite off the top of small-arm cartridges.
"The Sailor's Word-Book" by William Henry Smyth
Lifting off the top section like the lid of a sarcophagus, the Croen lay exposed to the light of day.
"Valley of the Croen" by Lee Tarbell
He sat dwelling on his grievances until the top of his head seemed about to fly off.
"The Huntress" by Hulbert Footner
When Mary went to the top floor later the papers were off the doors and the keys replaced.
"Simon" by J. Storer Clouston
Dust the top of the cakes with flour, which must be brushed off again, as it is only to absorb the grease.
"Choice Cookery" by Catherine Owen
An' when it come time for us women to lay the set pieces on, I see Elspie an' Eb walkin' off toward the top o' the cemetery hill.
"Friendship Village" by Zona Gale
You want to know whether I bit the top off the citron, or held myself back from doing it?
"Jewish Children" by Sholem Naumovich Rabinovich
I never feel as though I'd really had anything much to eat unless I have dessert to top off with.
"The Radio Boys at the Sending Station" by Allen Chapman
Some time I'm going to the top of those bluffs, away off there.
"Winning the Wilderness" by Margaret Hill McCarter
On the smooth ice surface there was no cover except the jutting mountain top off to the right.
"Dead World" by Jack Douglas
Carruthers flung off the fear that held him spellbound and started along up the path leading to the top of the plateau.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, October, 1930" by Various
A skull, with the top neatly sawed off to serve as cover, formed a tobacco receptacle.
"Mlle. Fouchette" by Charles Theodore Murray
They wore wide straw hats, with a white scarf wound round the top to keep off the heat.
"Out on the Pampas" by G. A. Henty
Up she got, off I went to my room, and found my prepuce torn at the top, raw and all but bleeding.
"My Secret Life, Volumes I. to III." by Anonymous

In poetry:

He comes when the gullies are wrapped in the gloaming
And limelights are trained on the tops of the gums,
To stand at the sliprails, awaiting the homing
Of one who marched off to the beat of the drums.
"Ownerless" by John Shaw Neilson
THEN, suddenly, I was aware indeed
Of what he said, and was revolving it:
How, in the night, crows often take to wing,
Rising from off the tree-tops in Drumbarr,
And flying on: I pictured what he told.
"Crows" by Padraic Colum
Mi kitchen aw find amang th' rocks up oth moor,
An at neet under th' edge ov a haystack aw snoor,
An a wide spreeadin branch keeps th' cold rain off mi nop,
Wol aw listen to th' stormcock at pipes up oth top;
Aw live, an awm jolly, &c.
"A Jolly Beggar" by John Hartley
Mi kitchen aw find amang th' rocks up o'th' moor,
An' at neet under th' edge ov a haystack aw snoor,
An' a wide spreeadin branch keeps th' cold rain off mi nop,
Wol aw listen to th' stormcock 'at pipes up o'th top;
Aw live, an' aw'm jolly, &c.
"The Gypsy’s Song" by John Hartley

In news:

To top it all off, Garmin's new G1000 panel transforms the Mooney into a serious 21st-century go-places airplane.
Linda Clayville said the event is a fine way to top off a quarter-century in business.
An ancient cocktail or dessert to top off any special summer occasion, this sweet treat is every bit of strawberry-citrus goodness.
Indianapolis is offering in-state residents up to 50% off rates* at our top hotels along with discounts to Indy's holiday events and attractions.
Mix up creative popcorn toppings, or provide something to top off a meal.
Repertory Dance Theatre presents Janet Gray Studios at the Rose this weekend, and to top it off, the Ogden Astronomical Society will have a Star Party later that night.
Degenkolb Looks to Top Off Best Season Yet With Big Ride at Paris-Tours.
Top off your workout with these tricep exercises to add mass to your arms.
1 in the AP Top 25, tossing off the weight of NCAA sanctions and returning to a familiar place in the rankings – with a boost from LSU's problems.
In their way of thinking, the Portales Rams felt they had a chance with Class 3A's top-ranked Hope Christian on Saturday if they could prevent the Huskies from getting off to a fast start.
The Los Angeles teachers union has refused to sign off on Los Angeles Unified's bid for a prestigious Race to the Top grant, costing the district a shot at winning $40 million in federal money, sources said Saturday.
Two dozen of America's top barbecue teams will face off in the King of the Smoker competition, open to the public, starting at 1:30 pm Dec 8 at La Quinta Resort here.
Monday's visit in Rio de Janeiro kicks off a visit to the top three US export markets in Latin America.
Small plates have finally dropped off top menu trends, according to the National Restaurant Association.
And to top it all off a lot of parents have trouble getting their young kids to bed this time of year because of the Day Light Savings.

In science:

We subtract off the distance moduli in the top panels of Figures 25, 26 and 27 to show the absolute magnitudes before correction for host-galaxy extinction.
CfA3: 185 Type Ia Supernova Light Curves from the CfA
By definition of the Cut-Off Line Algorithm, if either one of the two unmatched clones of a passive vertex was matched in a given step, then the other clone is guaranteed to be matched in the next step (either in this phase or in a later one), as it is inserted to the top of the stack.
Anatomy of a young giant component in the random graph
In fact, for τ corresponding to the maximum value of λ1 (τ ) in the left PCS-FG pair (top left panel) the typical diagonal elements are much larger than the typical off-diagonal elements.
Asymmetric random matrices: What do we need them for?
In order to obtain a large value of B in the case of s-top production off d-quarks, in spite of the small value of λ, it is sufficient to require that all charginos are heavy enough to forbid the decay ˜tL → bχ+ j .
The Status of The Standard Model
To obtain B ∼ 1/2 is more natural in the case of s-top production off s-quarks, because of the larger value of λ, which is of the order of the gauge couplings.
The Status of The Standard Model
As of the Sitges meeting , real gluon corrections to the full top production and decay process with off-shell top quarks were calculated.
Top Quark Physics: Summary
Although ˜tR is generally heavier than ˜τR , the off-diagonal terms can be very large due to the large top mass mt , and this suppresses one of the eigenvalues, m2 .
Neutralino-stop coannihilation in the CMSSM
Higgs-strahlung from top quarks Owing to the strong coupling of Higgs bosons to top quarks, the radiation of Higgs boson off top quarks is a possible production mechanism (Fig. 10).
Higgs physics at a high luminosity e+e- linear collider
The separating screen of p1 and pj2 is the top screen S[n] , so we have to read off in this screen.
Limits of Voronoi Diagrams
The propagator of the intermediate W is taken from Eq. (2.8). • In the calculation of Γ0 in Eq. (5.1), the usual sum over the spins of the outgoing top-quark is modified to P u(pt) ¯u(pt ) = pt/ + pp2 t since, using the prescription of the CM, the final state top-quark is allowed to be off-shell.
Width Effects on Near Threshold Decays of the Top Quark t-> cWW,cZZ and of Neutral Higgs Bosons
If we allow the top and bottom quarks to be off shell, the vertex function becomes much more complicated (AguilarSaavedra).
top2008 Conference Summary
They are characterized by their time-averaged profiles in the direction perpendicular to the respective solid boundary, i.e., in the z -direction off the bottom and top plates or in the x-direction off the side walls.
Large scale dynamics in turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convection
This has been done by two independent groups that have calculated NLO QCD corrections to the production of top anti-top pairs including interferences, off-shell effects, non-resonant contributions and spin correlations [9–11].
Differential top pair cross section and top anti-top plus jets Physics
Then, we computed the top-off patterns required to reach maximum achievable stuck-at faults coverage using a commercial ATPG tool.
Embedding of Deterministic Test Data for In-Field Testing
We used bit-flipping and the presented algorithms to represent these top-off patterns.
Embedding of Deterministic Test Data for In-Field Testing