To tear off


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • To tear off to pull off by violence; to strip.
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In literature:

Then she sat by her in the half-dark, waiting for the miserable tears to leave off.
"The Invader" by Margaret L. Woods
In time the symptoms due to the intra-medullary haemorrhage pass off, but those due to the tearing of the cord persist.
"Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities--Head--Neck. Sixth Edition." by Alexander Miles
If they were allowed to continue, they would soon clear off the earth and would then have a chance to tear out the poles.
"Wild Life on the Rockies" by Enos A. Mills
He began to tear off the armor.
"Harding's luck" by E. [Edith] Nesbit
Juve was about to tear off his false beard, make himself known, and get Bobinette arrested.
"A Nest of Spies" by Pierre Souvestre
M'ri's voice sounded far off, and as if there were tears in it, but he lacked the courage to return.
"David Dunne" by Belle Kanaris Maniates
Then they would drag them away to the mountains, tear the flesh off their bones, and eat them up.
"Japanese Fairy World" by William Elliot Griffis
And with that the wolf fell upon him and tried to tear the tar off.
"Cossack Fairy Tales and Folk Tales" by Anonymous
At this moment, being very near to tears, the light was switched off.
"Love and Lucy" by Maurice Henry Hewlett
That tears were raining on this crust of earth in that far-off time, exactly as they are to-day?
"Old Groans and New Songs" by F. C. Jennings
She cried a long while to wash down this disappointment, and the effects of it did not go off in the tears.
"Opportunities" by Susan Warner
It is some relief to weep; grief is satisfied and carried off by tears.
"Life and Literature" by J. Purver Richardson
I refused, when they seized me and began to tear my coat off.
"The Black Phalanx" by Joseph T. Wilson
In tearing off the mask from these people, the surgeon rendered a great service to humanity.
"La Sorcière: The Witch of the Middle Ages" by Jules Michelet
Unable, to keep back a tear that rolled down his emaciated cheeks, he wiped it off with the back of his hand.
"The Iron Trevet or Jocelyn the Champion" by Eugène Sue
Peter set to work to tear off his clothes, which he had placed on a chair, and of which a colony of ants had taken possession.
"The Perils and Adventures of Harry Skipwith" by W.H.G. Kingston
Why, it's enough to bring tears in yer eyes to see how public taste's fell off.
"Original Penny Readings" by George Manville Fenn
Marise's eyes turned to her mother and saw Mums tearing off a glove to supply the necessary object.
"Vision House" by C. N. Williamson
Were you going to let him tear your pantaloons off you?
"'Clear the Track'" by Elisabeth Buerstenbinder (AKA E. Werner)
If a fish struck the ice the chances are nine to one that it would tear off the hook.
"On Canada's Frontier" by Julian Ralph

In poetry:

So on the morrowe the mayde them byears
Off birch and hasell so gray;
Many wedous, with wepying tears,
Cam to fache ther makys away.
"Chevy-Chase" by Anonymous British
Yea! fly as the sea-birds fly over the sea
To rest on the far-off beach,
And breathe forth the message I trust to thee,
Tear toned on the shores of speech.
"A Song" by Abram Joseph Ryan
Oh! bring it, and sing it -- its notes are tears;
Its octaves, the octaves of grief;
Who knows but its tones in the far-off years
May bring to the lone heart relief?
"A Song" by Abram Joseph Ryan
Is it vain to think that at some time yet--
Far off, perhaps in a thousand years--
We shall meet again as we have met:
A meeting of olden joy and tears
Which all the more endears.
"The House In The Wood Beside The Lake" by Thomas MacDonagh
Heaven seems not half so far as in the town,—
Looking through smoke and dust and tears to gam
Some heavenly comfort for thy human pain,
Heaven seems far off, but here the dews and ram
Come like a benediction from the Father down.
"A November Wood-Walk" by Kate Seymour Maclean
No loving hand was near a couch
To bathe an aching head — No loving friend to watch the hours,
Or soothe their dying bed;
No friend to wipe the fallen tears
From off the dewy face — No loving kindred was there near
To mark their resting place.
"Libby Prison" by Julia A Moore

In news:

For the Titans, wide receiver Kenny Britt is off the injury report and is expected to see his first game action since tearing his hamstring six weeks ago.
Sadie Edwards stood in the tunnel just off the court at the Times Union Center, struggling to hold back tears.
"To the traditional view of justice as a blindfolded person weighing legal claims fairly on a scale, he wants to tear the blindfold off, so the judge can rule for the party he empathizes with most.".
Contractor uses the Helifix StuccoPin system to stabilize a cracking stucco exterior without needing to tear off or re-render the stucco and concrete.
A group of young Russian girls, who call themselves "Putin's Army," are tearing their clothes off in public to support a Valdimir Putin presidential bid's Nick Dietz reports.
PHILADELPHIA—Trent Steelman walked off the field, about ready to burst into tears.
A few days ago, I hugged my only son, holding back tears because he hates sappy stuff like that, and watched him go off to war.
From tearing off envelope flaps to operating scanning machines, election workers are bustling to handle ballots for Pierce County's first all-vote-by-mail presidential election Tuesday.
We've said it before, but Apple continues to tear the cover off the ball, in the midst of slow times for the rest of the country.
Council accepted a bid of $12,975 from Steve Fisher of Salem to repair the roofs at the station, tearing off and replacing shingles and replacing any damaged boards underneath.
Why we cry Humans most likely cry to solicit help and comfort, and sometimes to ward off aggression from others (female tears can stop men from being mean).
I can still remember tearing the Christmas wrapping off the box to discover that I did indeed receive the best present in the world.
It's about the time of year when I have to swallow my pride, embrace the inevitable, close my eyes, grit my teeth, wipe the tears off my cheeks and dig out a heavier coat from the closet.
Moments after laughing while explaining the rationale behind his bold decision to cut off his hallmark dreadlocks, Jermaine Robinson fought back tears.
A new study out today says that women's tears may be a turn off to guys.

In science:

If the invariance conditions are fulfilled on the edge of the initial approximation, f # M , accurate to the k−th derivative in time, then the Newton method leads to the fact that after the (k + 1)−th iteration the edges of the manifold will be changed (the film tears off the edge).
Geometry of irreversibility: The film of nonequilibrium states
She explains how a battery could perhaps cause this electron-tearing and how a higher temperature wire might also have more energy available to tear electrons off the atoms. The shift we care about in Sarah’s reasoning concerns the types of explanations she gives.
Analyzing Problem Solving Using Math in Physics: Epistemological Framing via Warrants