To take up the cross


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • To take up the cross to bear troubles and afflictions with patience from love to Christ.
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In literature:

As to Ayrton and Pencroft, they shoved off in the boat, and prepared to cross the channel and to take up two separate stations on the islet.
"The Mysterious Island" by Jules Verne
The Shire fell two feet, before we reached the shallow crossing where we had formerly such difficulty, and we had now two ships to take up.
"A Popular Account of Dr. Livingstone's Expedition to the Zambesi and Its Tributaries And of the Discovery of the Lakes Shirwa and Nyassa (1858-1864)" by David Livingstone
The young are urged to take up this cross; it is supposed to benefit girls especially.
"The Complete Essays of C. D. Warner" by Charles Dudley Warner
About one A.M. of May 5, Gen. Hooker telegraphed me to cross the river, and take up the bridges.
"The Campaign of Chancellorsville" by Theodore A. Dodge
It is thus she has to take up her cross, not the less hard to bear that her own hands have so far fashioned it.
"The Ethics of George Eliot's Works" by John Crombie Brown
They may take up their cross cheerily, and wear it gracefully, but none the less do they feel it to be a cross.
"Continental Monthly, Volume 5, Issue 4" by Various
To take up the cross means, in the minds of most persons, to suffer patiently under affliction.
"Daily Thoughts selected from the writings of Charles Kingsley by his wife" by Charles Kingsley
He was in such a hurry that he could not wait to come up by the steps; he tried to take a cross cut.
"The Four Pools Mystery" by Jean Webster
As to Ayrton and Pencroft, they shoved off in the boat, and prepared to cross the channel and to take up two separate stations on the islet.
"The Secret of the Island" by W.H.G. Kingston (translation from Jules Verne)
It did not take the boys long to cross the river, and then they followed a trail which led up a long hill and through a somewhat dense forest.
"The Rover Boys at Big Horn Ranch" by Edward Stratemeyer
The death of his parents left him no choice but to take up his cross with New England Spartanism and bear it like a true disciple.
"The Wall Between" by Sara Ware Bassett
There would be a declaration of a break up made to all the world if he were to take himself far away from Manor Cross.
"Is He Popenjoy?" by Anthony Trollope
But they are gone; and now, if you wish to learn self-denial and take up the cross, you must renounce Christianity.
"The London Pulpit" by J. Ewing Ritchie
The prisoner's attorney, who all this time has been taking copious notes or pretending to, jumps up to cross-examine.
"A Veldt Official" by Bertram Mitford
Burridge was ordered to take up a position at the New Church in the Strand and to be from there publicly whipped to Charing Cross.
"A Cursory History of Swearing" by Julian Sharman
A moment later Robert Brierly arose, yawned, and crossed the room to take up his hat.
"The Last Stroke" by Lawrence L. Lynch
The flesh must be mortified, and I am reluctant to take up the cross.
"Henry Martyn Saint and Scholar" by George Smith
As one detachment crossed, another came up from somewhere in the rear to take its place.
"The Girl from Alsace" by Burton Egbert Stevenson
Why should he repent and take up the cross, if he can get to heaven at last without trouble?
"Practical Religion" by John Charles Ryle
They crossed towards the table in time to see the lad take up his winnings again, and Witham laid his hand quietly upon his shoulder.
"The Impostor" by Harold Bindloss

In news:

My husband of 18 years woke me up one morning to inform me that he told this woman in the class he's taking that he's happily married and isn't looking to cross any lines.
A staple in the Class 2A rankings all season, the South Hamilton girls' cross country team will try to live up to the esteem on Thursday when it takes part in a State Qualifying Meet at the ISU course in Ames.

In science:

Let ǫj be the sum of the ±1’s assigned to the crossings between the pro jections of j th edge lj of Pn and S , we need to take the sum since, in this case, the pro jections of lj may have up to two crossings with S .
The linking number and the writhe of uniform random walks and polygons in confined spaces
A cross check was performed by taking the two most compatible u4 mass values found in the previous paragraph and the Higgs mass was increased from 115 up to 335 GeV in steps of 20 GeV.
OPUCEM: A Library with Error Checking Mechanism for Computing Oblique Parameters
Singular hermitian metrics with algebraic singularities is particulary easy to handle, because its multiplier ideal sheaf or that of the multiple of the metric can be controlled by taking suitable successive blowing ups such that the total transform of the divisor Pi (σi ) is a divisor with normal crossings.
Finite Generation of Canonical Rings
Without taking into account any modifications of the CO LDMEs induced by the QCD corrections mentioned in Section 4.1, the integrated cross sections were found in to be dominated by the CS part, similarly to the differential cross section in PT up to at least 5 GeV/c for ψ and 10 GeV/c for Υ.
Perspectives on heavy-quarkonium production at the LHC
The values that the first two Vassiliev invariants take on prime knots with up to fourteen crossings are considered.
On the first two Vassiliev invariants
However, because SHERPA takes into account matrix elements up to 3 jets, the description for higher jet multiplicities have a greater cross section for the SHERPA generator.
LO vs NLO comparisons for Z + jets: MC as a tool for background determination for NP searches at LHC