To strike out


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • To strike out (Baseball) To produce by collision; to force out, as, to strike out sparks with steel.
    • To strike out (Baseball) To start; to wander; to make a sudden excursion; as, to strike out into an irregular course of life.
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  • Geibel
    “To express the most difficult matters clearly and intelligently, is to strike coins out of pure gold.”
  • John D. Rockefeller
    “If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success.”
  • Mark Twain
    “As to the adjective, when in doubt strike it out.”


In literature:

Then Flint had to strike the stones together again, to let Strongarm see the fire come out.
"The Cave Boy of the Age of Stone" by Margaret A. McIntyre
Nymani, still shaken, was of little help, and the spacemen did not dare to strike out into unexplored land alone.
"Voodoo Planet" by Andrew North
Frankly, I have quarrelled with my family, and have to strike out for myself.
"With Kitchener in the Soudan" by G. A. Henty
First, it strikes me as best to hide out here one more day and then, tomorrow night, to make a break for the outside.
"Daughter of the Sun" by Jackson Gregory
Dunk, I want you to strike out a couple of men for a change!
"Andy at Yale" by Roy Eliot Stokes
At last the cook got up enough courage to strike out at Billy.
"Billy Whiskers' Adventures" by Frances Trego Montgomery
It's true I'm not in sympathy with this strike one jot, but the boys are out, and I've got to stand by them.
"Danger Signals" by John A. Hill and Jasper Ewing Brady
Not a clock was striking, not a bell rang out its joyful peal in welcome to the new year.
"The Young Carpenters of Freiberg" by Anonymous
He wished to strike out at once after breakfast to begin justifying Uncle Sebastian's faith in him, but so far he had not laid a plan.
"The She Boss" by Arthur Preston Hankins
And it took only three more pitches to strike him out.
"The Young Pitcher" by Zane Grey
The telegram notified us that a railroad strike was about to take place and that we should get out as soon as possible.
"Tenting To-night" by Mary Roberts Rinehart
The first thing that Redgrave did when they stepped out on to the sandy surface of the plain was to stoop down and strike a wax match.
"A Honeymoon in Space" by George Griffith
The pianist does not have to strike the upper tones any harder than the lower ones in order to bring out their full power.
"The Head Voice and Other Problems" by D. A. Clippinger
To strike out alone was courting self-destruction.
"North of Fifty-Three" by Bertrand W. Sinclair
Then I could see my way out of this hopeless tangle; I should know how to strike.
"The Holladay Case" by Burton E. Stevenson
He heard a splashing beside him and began to strike out, trying to swim.
"Under the Ocean to the South Pole" by Roy Rockwood
I'm going to go out about half a mile, then strike straight for the town.
"Short Stories of Various Types" by Various
With the exception of striking out the "dear" before Mrs Hudson this letter was allowed to pass.
"My Friend Smith" by Talbot Baines Reed
To seize it and strike out for the bank was the work of a moment.
"A Dog with a Bad Name" by Talbot Baines Reed
Sep had barely time to close to the cabin door, and strike out with his precious bags for the surface.
"Boycotted" by Talbot Baines Reed

In poetry:

An idle thought perchance to think,
And yet the pity of it seems
The man should rise and snap the link
And strike the boy from out his dreams.
"A Day Dream On The Rail" by Alexander Anderson
Out there the world is cruel and loud,
It strikes at the beaten man;
Come out of the press of the stranger crowd
To the place where your life began.
"The Prodigal Son" by Edith Nesbit
A girl may attempt to strike fire in the dark;
The match, flint, and steel, she may handle;
But who, like Belinda, would put out the spark,
Before she had lighted the candle.
"The Impatient Lass" by William Hutton
"Thou shalt not e'er, with finger of thine,
Strike asunder one limb of mine; I am for thee too woxen and stark,
As thou, to thy cost, shalt quickly mark."
Look out, look out, Svend Vonved.
"Svend Vonved" by George Borrow
To 'ear 'er voice! Its gentle sorter tone,
Like soft dream-music of some Dago band.
An' me all out; an' 'oldin' in me own
'Er little 'and.
An' 'ow she blushed! O, strike! it was divine
The way she raised 'er shinin' eyes to mine.
"Doreen" by C J Dennis
All his past fame was forgotten- he was now a hopeless "shine."
They called him "Strike-Out Casey," from the mayor down the line;
And as he came to bat each day his bosom heaved a sigh,
While a look of hopeless fury shone in mighty Casey's eye.
"Casey's Revenge" by Henry Grantland Rice

In news:

"I'm just excited to get out there and throw strikes and kind of get on a roll," Melancon said.
Tygarts Valley High School Senior Christopher Croston is aiming to " strike out " breast cancer.
Tygarts Valley High School Senior Christopher Croston is aiming to " strike out " breast cance.
Organizers are preparing for the second annual " Strike Out Breast Cancer" bowling tournament, to be held Oct 20 in Waverly.
The senior, who was scheduled to participate in graduation ceremonies Saturday, allowed only a fifth-inning walk while striking out seven.
Event hopes to 'strike out ' cancer.
Tygarts Valley High School Senior Christopher Croston is aiming to "strike out" breast cance.
Tygarts Valley High School Senior Christopher Croston is aiming to "strike out" breast cancer.
Relay for Life, G-Braves aim to strike out cancer.
Hostess went out of business after union goons went on strike forcing the company to shut its doors.
Tigers first baseman Prince Fielder heads back to the dugout after striking out in the third inning.
After years of working in the corporate sector, Fernando Otero decided to strike out on his own.
Closer Grant Balfour is ready for the celebration to begin after striking out the side in the ninth inning.
Hundreds of parents turned out Monday night as talks continued to end a teachers strike in Evergreen Park.
Recent strikes against Walmart and fast food made waves, but the vast majority of service workers can't afford to speak out.

In science:

It turns out that with a high probability this results in orderly features bearing a striking resemblance to observed properties of nuclei.
Order generated by random many-body dynamics
It is striking that nevertheless, Ackermann’s axioms turned out a posteriori to be equivalent to zfc in what they can say about sets.
Set theory for category theory
The beam comes to a focus, then comes out of focus, strikes an OffAxis Parabola (“OAP 1” in Figure 4), which forms a collimated beam.
A New High Contrast Imaging Program at Palomar Observatory
That AOE does far better justice to the search for explanation and understanding in science than SE is strikingly borne out by the case of orthodox quantum theory (OQT).
Do We Need a Scientific Revolution?
The most striking feature that comes out from these calculations is that the induce coupling is qualitatively similar to a λφ4 theory, with a frequency-dependent coupling.
Scalar Quantum Field Theory in Disordered Media
How come string theory prefers the second way out? In order to explain this I have to open a parenthesis and tell you about some striking properties of quantum (super)strings.
A Simple/Short Introduction to Pre-Big-Bang Physics/Cosmology
Remarkably, numerical estimates (Penrose 1994, 1996) based on such Newtonian models for life-times of superpositions turn out to be strikingly realistic.
Why the Quantum Must Yield to Gravity
It turns out that decoherence is strikingly connected to the entanglement loss of common entanglement measures , e.g., the entanglement of formation or the concurrence.
Violation of a Bell inequality in particle physics experimentally verified?
But they should not substitute or strike out more rigorous proEinstein approaches to self-organization of space-time-matter in the nonlinear GR equations with nonlocal energy-charges or with non-empty space .
NASA tests of Einstein's Universe call for non-empty space physics of nonlocal classical matter
This led to the largest scaled test of gravity ever carried out, with the striking output of a signal that failed to confirm the known laws of gravity (Anderson 1998, Anderson 2002).
Testing General Relativity with Atomic Clocks
Only the contact discontinuity at x ≈ 0.25 is somewhat smeared out. A striking difference to earlier SPH results [22,51] is the absence of any spike in u and P at the contact discontinuity.
Conservative, special-relativistic smoothed particle hydrodynamics
However, a well-known risk of picking and choosing is overfit, “cherry-picking.” Patterns that strike the researcher as relevant and interesting may have arisen due to chance, and turn out to be false positives in follow-up experiments.
Multiple Testing for Exploratory Research
Instead, out to z (cid:25) :, normal (cid:12)eld galaxies appear to display strikingly little evolution in their space density, luminosity, and optical/infrared colors.
One of the main striking features about interacting and merging galaxies, is the presence of large tidal tails of matter dragged out of the galaxies; recent VLA maps have revealed huge HI extensions with respect to the optical systems, as though most of the neutral gas was splashed all around.
Extended gas in interacting systems
Its evaluation tests out the topologiocal differences between two graphs which have the same substructure with regard to their renormalization parts, as was already observed some time ago [ 15], with the most striking observation being that this measure of the difference in the topology is proportional to ζ (3).
Feynman diagrams and polylogarithms: shuffles and pentagons