To set over


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • To set over To appoint or constitute as supervisor, inspector, ruler, or commander.
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  • John Ruskin
    “To watch the corn grow, or the blossoms set; to draw hard breath over the plough or spade; to read, to think, to love, to pray, are the things that make men happy.”


In literature:

The tray of penny jewellery was placed at the corner of a table, and a small boy set to watch over it.
"Vain Fortune" by George Moore
Strange things have happened to me, since you were dismissed my service (so sorely against my will) and your pert fellow servant set over me.
"Clarissa, Volume 6 (of 9)" by Samuel Richardson
She turned it over in her mind, and going to her coffret she took therefrom that rich stuff of sanguine silk, and set it on the couch.
"French Mediaeval Romances from the Lays of Marie de France" by Marie de France
To do his duty by those who are set over him, and to learn to do his duty to those who are set under him.
"Town and Country Sermons" by Charles Kingsley
When it was over, the brother and sister set themselves to count over the money which had that day been taken.
"The Wonders of Prayer" by Various
She hired six Indians to tote the luggage, and we set out over the trail for your place.
"The Alaskan" by James Oliver Curwood
He slept so soundly that he did not hear the boys crossing over to set the bonfire ablaze.
"Crusoes of the Frozen North" by Gordon Stables
After ordering our surgeons to remove their patients, the Rebels set fire to the hospitals while the yellow flag was floating over them.
"Camp-Fire and Cotton-Field" by Thomas W. Knox
Hiram put Walter to setting this, while he burned his fingers and smudged his face over his cookery.
"The Boy Scouts of the Eagle Patrol" by Howard Payson
There were the chops yet to cook, for George liked them blazing from the broiler, and there was the black coffee to set over.
"The Precipice" by Elia Wilkinson Peattie

In poetry:

The king set a bugle horn to his mouth,
And blew both loud and shrill:
And soon came lords, and soon came knights,
Fast riding over the hill.
"King Edward IV. And The Tanner Of Tamworth" by Henry Morley
AND now it is all to be done over again,
And what will come of it only God can know.
What has become of the furrows ploughed by pain,
And the plants set row on row?
"The Garden" by Aline Murray Kilmer
Ah then, when he tore the wind with his teeth,
And trod wolves underfoot,
And over-rode his mares as if he were savagely leaping an
obstacle, to set his teeth in the sun. . . .
"The Ass" by D H Lawrence
And all night long—with no wireless set —
They " listened in " —to the thunder!
While the lightning played round their trembling forms,
And the rats played " Over and under ".
"The Travellers aka Twas a Dark and Stormy Night! (with knobs on)" by T W Connor
I SING what was lost and dread what was won,
I walk in a battle fought over again,
My king a lost king, and lost soldiers my men;
Feet to the Rising and Setting may run,
They always beat on the same small stone.
"What Was Lost" by William Butler Yeats
And, as that sun set in the azure vast,
Who counted one day more or one day less?
How many deemed it was for them the last
To light a world of blood and bitterness?
Yet bitterness for many a heart lay there
When next the sun blazed over Sari Bair.
"Anzac Eve" by C J Dennis

In news:

Organizers of the Nenana Ice Classic say Tom Waters of Fairbanks is the only person this year to guess that a tripod set up on the Tanana River would tip over and stop the official clock at 7:39 pm April 23.
GOSHEN — Several dozen marathon runners came together over the weekend to have some fun at Goshen College, and one of them probably set a world record in the process.
Cons Scanning over a network is harder to set up than it should be.
The wait is almost over for new Josh Turner music — his fifth studio album, ' Punching Bag ,' is set to hit stores nationwide on Tuesday, June 12.
Scroll over the pictures for last year's stats and click to set your rankings.
Courtesy of / Peyton Davidson brought quality setting to the win over Red Oak.
Snoozy's Hollow Residents Set to Lose Homes Over City Council 'Improvements'.
With Hurricance Sandy set to impact the state over the next few days and school canceled for most state high school students, athletic events have also been canceled.
Youngstown's fire chief says there's no obvious pattern to a series of intentionally set fires that have destroyed at least 10 vacant houses in the northeast Ohio city over the past week.
The long-engaged couple, who decided to unite in marriage over the holidays in 2011, are reportedly set to tie the knot this week.
Brad Gonda, the TD, went over to the shop when they struck the set to make sure that everything was labeled correctly for the install.
Nancy Pelosi is set to preside over the most diverse House Democratic Caucus in history, with a majority being women and minorities.
Miles set to take over as CEO of Hulman and Company.
In just a little while I will be heading over to Veeder Park in Colonie for a set of four games to be played this afternoon in high school softball.
Insomnia is often overlooked because it tends to set in gradually and worsen slowly over time, experts say.

In science:

Thus, for any k ∈ F∗p , the vectors |ψk ;i′ ,j ′ i form a set of (p + 1) mutually unbiased bases for Cp . 2.4 Failure of existing methods to solve the HSP over Hp A straightforward classical randomised algorithm for the HSP over Hp is as follows: Query f : Hp → S at O(p) random elements of Hp .
On the Power of Random Bases in Fourier Sampling: Hidden Subgroup Problem in the Heisenberg Group
The initial temperature is set to 103K over the whole region.
On the Fueling of Massive Black Holes and the Properties of their Host Spheroids
We denote by MorS (W , Z ) the functor from the category S chS of locally noetherian schemes over S to the category of sets such that, for an ob ject T of S chS , we have MorS (W , Z )(T ) = the set of T -morphisms from W ×S T to Z ×S T .
Transcendental lattices and supersingular reduction lattices of a singular $K3$ surface
The ensemble being defined in terms of an integration over the Gaussian variables v(α), statements derived by averaging over the ensemble hold for all members of the ensemble with the exception of a set of measure zero with respect to that integration measure.
Random Matrices and Chaos in Nuclear Spectra
In particular, the Poincar´e series associated to the set of divisorial valuations corresponding to the essential divisors, considered both over the singular locus and over the point 0, is an analytic invariant of the singularity.
Quasi Ordinary Singularities, Essential Divisors and Poincare Series