To rein in


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • To rein in to check the speed of, or cause to stop, by drawing the reins.
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  • Veda Upanishads
    Veda Upanishads
    “Know the self to be sitting in the chariot, the body to be the chariot, the intellect the charioteer, and the mind the reins.”


In literature:

My companion, observing my interest attracted in that direction, reined up his horse to explain.
"My Lady of Doubt" by Randall Parrish
He sprang from his horse in the courtyard, threw the reins to a servant, and ran in.
"The Tiger of Mysore" by G. A. Henty
He drew rein among the pines, waiting in his turn for her to go on.
"Man to Man" by Jackson Gregory
In that moment Little Saxon feeling the reins drop upon his neck, turned out to the left, striking for an open clearing.
"The Short Cut" by Jackson Gregory
There are, however, three factors that serve as bit and reins to keep him in order.
"Germany and the Germans" by Price Collier
The horse, feeling the dropped rein, stopped, jerking its neck forward in the luxury of rest, its companion coming to a standstill beside it.
"The Emigrant Trail" by Geraldine Bonner
At last he reined in his sweating mare and fell to cursing, his face distraught with agony and wet with blood and sweat and tears.
"Golden Stories" by Various
She drew rein in approved Gaucho style, bringing her mount to a dead stop from a gallop.
"The Stowaway Girl" by Louis Tracy
He saw, at once, that the Austrians would cross his line, and reined in his horse to allow Karl to come up to him.
"With Frederick the Great" by G. A. Henty
As it was, Charles held him in with a tight rein, and the two horses came trotting back to the starting-point at full speed.
"The Nursery, No. 103, July, 1875. Vol. XVIII." by Various
He knew just when and how to use the whip, how much slack to allow in the reins, and when to tighten them!
"The Human Side of Animals" by Royal Dixon
I managed to rein in the horse, and the man collected as many of the hymn books as were not spoilt by the mud.
"The Great War As I Saw It" by Frederick George Scott
One minute he reined in as he neared the gorge to note the direction taken by Manuelito.
"Sunset Pass" by Charles King
With no reins in his hands the boy was powerless to interfere.
"The Pony Rider Boys in Texas" by Frank Gee Patchin
The men-at-arms tried to rein in their horses and form in order but, before they could do so, the Huguenots burst down upon them.
"Saint Bartholomew's Eve" by G. A. Henty
Now he was not in the mood to rein it in.
"The Call of the Blood" by Robert Smythe Hichens
For a boy he was one of the best riders in South Africa, and needed no rein to steady him.
"The Bush Boys" by Captain Mayne Reid
She rose in the sleigh, cast off the furs, and, stamping like a fury, tried to seize the reins.
"The Madigans" by Miriam Michelson
The horses gave a final plunge forward, and then fell back suddenly, reined in by an iron hand, and the kareta came to a standstill.
"The Black Cross" by Olive M. Briggs
As we came to the four corners at the valley-pike I reined in.
"The Four Pools Mystery" by Jean Webster

In poetry:

Strive then thy wayward will to rein,
Since virtue is to it a pain,
And, 'till by God's word, thou'rt set right,
It still in evil takes delight.
"Godly Exhortations To A Child " by Rees Prichard
At the road once again, pulling hard on the rein,
Craig's pony popp'd in and popp'd out;
I followed like smoke and the pace was no joke,
For his friends were beginning to shout.
"Hippodromania; Or, Whiffs From The Pipe" by Adam Lindsay Gordon
Gaudia certaminis
He came to the spot where his foe had agreed
To meet him in Yarrow's dark glade,
And there he drew rein and dismounted his steed,
And fastened him under the shade.
"The Feud: A Border Ballad" by Adam Lindsay Gordon
Our ruler to the hunt proceeds;
And black as iron are his steeds
That heed the charioteer's command,
Who holds the six reins in his hand.
His favorites follow to the chase,
Rejoicing in his special grace.
"Celebrating The Opulence Of The Lords Of Ts'in" by Confucius
And is your dream now of riding away from a stricken field
on a lost and baleful eve, when the world went out in rain,
one of some few that rode evermore by the bridle-rein
of a great beloved chief, with high heart never to yield?
"The Wanderer" by Christopher Brennan
She strives to pierce the blackness, and looser throws the rein;
Her steed must breast the waters that dash above his mane;
How gallantly, how nobly, he struggles through the foam,
And see, in the far distance shine out the lights of home!
"A Legend of Bregenz" by Adelaide Anne Procter

In news:

Every 10 years, the reins of power in China pass to a new generation.
Did move to rein in California unions backfire .
Regarding Wednesday's article "Boulder aims to rein in dogs on open space.".
The FDA's belated move to rein in rampant abuse of OxyContin.
Wade urged to rein in police force .
In a new twist on the user generated content model, Meredith's Ladies' Home Journal is turning over editorial reins to its readers.
Inhofe calls for Congress to rein in a 'rogue' EPA.
China vows to rein in polluters 'urgently'.
Ways to rein in government, return to founders' principles.
Sagaponack Seeking To Rein In Big Events.
UW System, students and lawmakers seek ways to rein in tuition hikes.
Massachusetts struggles to rein in health care costs.
Effort to Rein In Fannie and Freddie Fails in the Senate.
Employers Take Bold Initiatives to Rein in Healthcare Costs: Survey.
Wade urged to rein in police force.

In science:

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An important example was the Cowan-Reines experiment which used electron antineutrinos from β -decaying neutron-rich fragments produced from the fission of 235U in a reactor to study the reaction ¯νe + p → n + e+ .
Neutrinos at high energy accelerators
In the Newtonian case examples have been constructed by Rein [127]. (In that case static solutions are defined to be those where the particle current vanishes.) For a fluid there is an existence theorem for solutions which are stationary but not static (models for rotating stars).
Local and global existence theorems for the Einstein equations
The rigorous investigation of the spherically symmetric collapse of collisionless matter in general relativity was initiated by Rein and the author [133], who showed that the evolution of small initial data leads to geodesically complete spacetimes where the density and curvature fall off at large times.
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Neutrinos and (Anti)neutrinos from Supernovae and from the Earth in the Borexino detector
To appear in Journal f¨ur die reine und angewandte Mathematik.
Towards a classification of CMC-1 Trinoids in hyperbolic space via conjugate surfaces
Therefore we can apply Theorem 4.9 to get the cluster expansion of x˜γ with rein eAγ : in other words, we build a graph G eTγ ,˜γ , and the cluster expansion spect to Σ eTγ is given as a generating function for perfect matchings of this graph.
Positivity for cluster algebras from surfaces
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Non-explosion of diffusion processes on manifolds with time-dependent metric