To put up with


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • To put up with To overlook, or suffer without recompense, punishment, or resentment; as, to put up with an injury or affront
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  • Barry J. Farber
    Barry J. Farber
    “Crime expands according to our willingness to put up with it.”
  • Mark Twain
    “Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example.”
  • Wendell L. Willkie
    Wendell L. Willkie
    “The test of good manners is to be able to put up pleasantly with bad ones.”
  • Bowyer Bell
    Bowyer Bell
    “If you want an open society, you have to put up with the chaos.”


In literature:

She worried Danny with her attentions, although he tried hard to put up with them.
"Sowing Seeds in Danny" by Nellie L. McClung
I had to put up with it, though I never could see any sense in that sort of stuff.
"In Homespun" by Edith Nesbit
The wind was in our favour, so the sail was put up and Michael sat in the stem to steer with an oar while I rowed with the others.
"The Aran Islands" by John M. Synge
Soames had not forgotten the behaviour of its master, when not many people would have stopped to put up with it.
"The Forsyte Saga, Complete" by John Galsworthy
I'm sure nobody can tell what we have to put up with.
"Evan Harrington, Complete" by George Meredith
She put up one hand with violence and tried to strike Dion on the mouth.
"In the Wilderness" by Robert Hichens
Who's a going to put up with that?
"The American Senator" by Anthony Trollope
How is a young woman to put up with that?
"The Way We Live Now" by Anthony Trollope
For once, Lorne, I'll have to order you ready-made shirts, and you'll just have to put up with it.
"The Imperialist" by (a.k.a. Mrs. Everard Cotes) Sara Jeannette Duncan
She read the detested Missouri Democrat, which I think was the greatest trial Virginia ever had to put up with.
"The Crisis, Complete" by Winston Churchill
But Neforis was not the woman to put up with this demeanor in a child.
"The Bride of the Nile, Complete" by Georg Ebers
Malanya Sergyevna had most to put up with from her sister-in-law.
"A House of Gentlefolk" by Ivan Turgenev
He never could put up with a lazy man, as anybody, to live, must have to do.
"Mary Anerley" by R. D. Blackmore
I have more to put up with than any one knows.
"Kenelm Chillingly, Complete" by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
If so, I dare say I shall manage to put up with it.
"Robert Elsmere" by Mrs. Humphry Ward
You'll have to put up with your ordinary young men for to-day.
"The Idler, Volume III., Issue XIII., February 1893" by Various
Take up and strain, put back to boil, season with salt and white pepper as needed, add 1 quart rich milk and 1/2 a pint of cream.
"The Story of Crisco" by Marion Harris Neil
For the sake of that, I could afford to put up with the other two consequences.
"Tom, Dick and Harry" by Talbot Baines Reed
Raymond was obliged to put up with all this pomp and show, much as it ran counter to his tastes and inclinations.
"On the Stairs" by Henry B. Fuller
We shall all have to put up with the same thing in our turn.
"A Forgotten Hero" by Emily Sarah Holt

In poetry:

Lift up a banner in the field
For those that fear thy name;
Save thy beloved with thy shield,
And put our foes to shame.
"Psalm 60" by Isaac Watts
Take a bucket and fill it with water,
Put your hand in it up to the wrist,
Pull it out and the hole that's remaining
Is a measure of how you will be missed.
"There Is No Indispensable Man" by Anonymous British
WHEN a storm comes up at night and the wind is crying,
When the trees are moaning like masts on laboring ships,
I wake in fear and put out my hand to find you
With your name on my lips.
"Atonement" by Aline Murray Kilmer
Deep-hearted roses of the purple dusk
And lilies of the morn;
And cactus, holding up a slender tusk
Of fragrance on a thorn;
All heavy flowers, sultry with their musk,
Her presence puts to scorn.
"Snow And Fire" by Madison Julius Cawein
Yonder sat the cradle--a homely, home-made thing,
And many a night I rocked it, providin' you would sing;
And many a little squatter brought up with us to stay--
And so that cradle, for many a year, was never put away.
"Out Of The Old House, Nancy" by William McKendree Carleton
And my belovèd lifted up her face,
And moved her lips as if about to speak;
She dropped her lashes with a girlish grace,
And the rich damask mantled in her cheek: I stood awaiting till she should deny
Her love, or with sweet laughter put it by.
"The Four Bridges" by Jean Ingelow

In news:

Along with our Holiday Gift Guide series, we've upped the ante on gift giving by teaming up with AHAlife to put together.
Plans to put a call center with up to 250 jobs in a Cottage Grove strip mall have stalled because of fiber-optics cable.
"The state of Indiana will not put up with the continuation of the sale of these products that are a known danger to the public, if not outright illegal," said Zoeller.
With tons of debris still left from superstorm Sandy, and a New York State unemployment rate of almost nine percent, a federal grant program hopes to solve two problems at once -- cleaning up, and putting people back to work.
He has had to put up with a lot from me over the years.
There was no bold attitude from them, to say that they would not put up with it.
LIGHTING CREW — Saturday morning, the weather was crisp with no wind which suited the crew who volunteered their time to put up the Christmas street decorations.
A small parcel of property located at approximately 1700 South and 2350 West will soon be put up for auction, after the city council voted to move ahead with disposal of the property.
Every morning we try to wake up and put our best face forward to greet the day with our morning cup of Joe, or is it a soda for you.
Fed up with power spikes and outages that put his inventory and equipment at risk, Wine & Beverage Merchants owner Nick Latousakis opted to invest in a natural gas-powered backup generator for his Weirton business.
Singer/multi-instrumentalist Annie Clark said she came up with the name St Vincent to put no limitations on what she could do.
The best incentive State Bank & Trust ever dreamed up had nothing to do with putting money in employees' pockets.
Our editors came up with 10 songs to put on their respective all-time playlists -- can you.
Put them in a blender or food processor with sugar, lime juice, and splash of water to loosen things up.
Read on to see how This Old House senior technical editor Mark Powers gets away with two rounds of taping to put up this five- stripe pattern.

In science:

We stacked them up together, put pins into the holes of the adjuster to align them, and glued the G10 frames with epoxy adhesive to the GEM foil.
A GEM TPC End-Panel Pre-Prototype
Conversely, such a function W may be used to form a random graph Gn by choosing independent random points Ui in [0, 1], and then for each pair (i, j ) with 1 ≤ i < j ≤ n flipping a biased coin with heads probability W (Ui , Uj ), putting an edge from i to j if the coin comes up heads.
Threshold graph limits and random threshold graphs
Put together, the desired estimate follows. that the curve Γ is unique up to composing with a M¨obius transformation of (cid:98)C.
Random Conformal Weldings
This way of putting the matter is important because it makes it possible to generalize scientific methodology, so conceived, so that it becomes fruitfully applicable to worthwhile human endeavours with problematic aims other than science, a point I will take up below.
Do We Need a Scientific Revolution?
Following up to the Jackson’s gedankenexperiment (Jackson 1976), our simulation starts with the condition that the positively charged magnetized rotating conductive sphere is initially put at the origin in a vacuum.
A Particle Simulation for the Axisymmetric Pulsar Magnetosphere: II. the case of dipole field
With the ever-increasing demand for GEMs at CERN, the production facility will be significantly expanded in 20112013. A completely new production line with machines suitable for large numbers of large-area GEMs, up to about 2×0.6 m2 , is presently being put into place.
Construction and Performance of Large-Area Triple-GEM Prototypes for Future Upgrades of the CMS Forward Muon System
External and contextual knowledge could be highly relevant to resolving competing interpretations and used to wake up or put experts to sleep and modify online the weight associated with each classifier.
Data challenges of time domain astronomy
That you ever put up with me is testimony to your kindness and generosity.
Finding The Charm In 800 GeV/c p-Cu and p-Be Single Muon Spectra
We shall be trying it out on more spreadsheets of this kind when putting them onto the Web, as we describe under the decompiler section on Error Checking. This will be the only usability evaluation under the current funding, though we hope to set up a joint project with Clemson University to do more formal evaluation.
Ensuring Spreadsheet Integrity with Model Master
He comes up with an idea, he tells the rich guy that he'll go to a farm and then bury the diamond there, then put a flag pole there so when he gets there he can find the diamond.
Nations At War I: Why do we keep building weapons?
To Bob, Ryan and Sarah, my deepest thanks for putting up with an absentee wife and mom on so many occasions.
Properties of the poset of Dyck paths ordered by inclusion
Finally, we put an asymptotically AdS version of the weak cosmic censorship to a test: by attempting to overspin the BTZ black hole with test particles it is found that the black hole cannot be spun-up past its extremal limit.
Gravitational perturbation of the BTZ black hole induced by test particles and weak cosmic censorship in AdS spacetime
Since many of these issues can be mitigated, if not solved, by a more fluid communication between experts in the various fields involve d, the workshop wrapped up with a commitment to put in place a mechanism to favour such communication.
How to Make an Atomic Blog in Your Own Kitchen. Summary of the Workshop: Uncertainties in Atomic Data and How They Propagate in Chemical Abundances
The picture arising is that all the aforementioned processes, measured with statistics up to 5 fb−1 , are in agreement with NLO QCD predictions, which then allows to put stringent constraints on anomalous trilinear gauge couplings.
Moriond 2012, QCD and High Energy Interactions: Experimental Summary
None of these dimensional considerations has anything to do with quantum theory. 5 If we put λ = 4κ2 , η = y , and change the signature of γαβ , we recover the dilatonic 2 ln y , and ¯γαβ = y−1γαβ , we recover (up to a action given in .
Dirac Constraint Quantization of a Dilatonic Model of Gravitational Collapse