To put a case


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • To put a case to suppose a hypothetical or illustrative case.
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  • Oscar Wilde
    “To make a good salad is to be a brilliant diplomatist -- the problem is entirely the same in both cases. To know exactly how much oil one must put with one's vinegar.”


In literature:

I happened to be put on the case because I knew a little about Sydney.
"Captain Pott's Minister" by Francis L. Cooper
Government Center might put a road block to the spaceport, just in case.
"The Hate Disease" by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
Pappy say he yell for him to put de flag down case de Yankees was a comin' closer an' was agoin' to capture him anyway.
"Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves, North Carolina Narratives, Part 2" by Work Projects Administration
It needs not to be commented upon, yet, in order to be perfectly understood I will put a case that cannot admit of a mistake.
"The Writings Of Thomas Paine, Complete" by Thomas Paine
It's an exquisite torture but in your case annoying, since it puts you in a position to bargain.
"The Instant of Now" by Irving E. Cox, Jr.
However, knowing pretty well what was going to happen, he put it back into its case with a smile.
"The Serapion Brethren." by Ernst Theordor Wilhelm Hoffmann
In any case, the havoc of a torpedo left little time to put the huge numbers of men afloat.
"Merchantmen-at-Arms" by David W. Bone
To put the case in point, they were interested in me not because I was a moral Englishman but because Artemisia was fond of me.
"Captain Macedoine's Daughter" by William McFee
Then he washed Chahda clean of blood and put him to bed with a blanket over him in case of shock.
"The Pirates of Shan" by Harold Leland Goodwin
I've put a packing-case in your bedroom, and you may fill it with books and any other things you like to take.
"Loyal to the School" by Angela Brazil
I wrote him what I hoped was a straightforward letter, putting the case to him as man to man.
"Lord Stranleigh Abroad" by Robert Barr
Carefully selecting three of his instruments, he put the case back in his pocket, and commenced to cut a sheet of lint into small strips.
"With Rifle and Bayonet" by F.S. Brereton
I can see Miss Maxwell coming down the San steps, and I have a substantial feeling that she's looking for me to put me on another case.
"Leerie" by Ruth Sawyer
In these cases the principle: "Evil should be simply put out of existence," proves to be a palpable falsity.
"The Sources Of Religious Insight" by Josiah Royce
If such is the case, put them in a relaxing box for a day or two, and then reset them more to your fancy.
"Butterflies and Moths" by William S. Furneaux
He's only fit to stuff and put in a glass case as a warning to young men.
"Lady Maude's Mania" by George Manville Fenn
The lady put the case in a detective's hands to ferret out.
"Octavia" by J. F. Lee
Or how it would be if he himself were to go to himself as a solicitor and put the case.
"The Ivory Gate, a new edition" by Walter Besant
Let us suppose a strong case, to put our principle in relief.
"The Value of Money" by Benjamin M. Anderson, Jr.
And my mother knew of an actual case in which a changeling was put through the stone in order to get the real child back.
"The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries" by W. Y. Evans Wentz

In news:

In case any of your readers should be misled, I ought to put right some misreadings or misunderstandings in J.R. Hale's recent review of my and other Armada books, and demur at a serious accusation he makes against me.
Panasonic's A+ Audio System is a combination classroom audio/security device that puts one button access to immediate assistance within instructors' reach in case of a security emergency.
In an attempt to break the impasse over school funding and comply with a court order in the Campaign for Fiscal Equity case, Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno put some cards on the table May 25.
The cost of putting in a crop would give most of us a serious case of the heebie jeebies, yet in the end, farmers somehow manage to write a lot of paychecks for a lot of folks.
Disability-insurance benefits from the workplace and the government are getting harder to come by—and that's putting more pressure on consumers to purchase their own coverage in case a medical condition keeps them from working.
Lawyer Mary Nolan is accused of hiring a private investigator to put listening devices in cars of her clients' spouses to help in divorce and custody cases.
For good theater, good guy s have to be brilliant and their team has to win except in rare cases when winning would put planet Earth on a collision course with star field N654A12.
Even on unseasonably warm days in northwestern Pennsylvania, it's always a good idea to put on a life jacket when venturing out onto the river or reservoir, just in case.
That was the case on Sunday afternoon at Tom Gola Arena, where Central Connecticut State put together a gutsy performance to top La Salle, 81-74.
As the team goes into a storage of items from their Fringe cases, Walter lets them know that it's time to get these items OUT of storage and put to use.
In a case that put sexual identity, hatred and ultimately forgiveness in leading roles, three men were sentenced to prison yesterday for their roles in chasing a gay man to his death in highway traffic in Brooklyn last year.
And Republican legislative leaders want to put themselves in the best possible position in case they wish to attempt a veto override.
The Supreme Court this week took up a case that just might put an end to race-based college admissions.
In reaction to the state's first confirmed case of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in a deer, the Pennsylvania Game Commission is putting tight controls on hunters within parts of Adams and York Counties.
A Marion County judge has refused to reduce damages in a priest sex-abuse case, saying the punitive damage caps put in place more than a decade ago are unconstitutional.

In science:

In this case under rather general conditions it is possible, putting eΘ = Θ and eκ = (cid:0)AΘ , BΘ(cid:1), to compute the tail probability as well as the expected value of the suprema of random mappings.
Upper functions for positive random functionals
To put it simply, a reduction ring is a ring in which Gr ¨obner bases can be done. A full axiomatization for the commutative case is given in .
Symbolic Analysis for Boundary Problems: From Rewriting to Parametrized Gr\"obner Bases
FuturICT will be able to provide access to data and demonstrators or case studies (use cases), so that a more resilient and safer infrastructure can be put in place.
To put Theorems 1.1 and 1.5 in context, the following table summarizes all the results mentioned above for the different cases in question, with respect to the adjacency operator AΓ .
Expansion of Random Graphs: New Proofs, New Results
In such a case the momentum vanishes and the energy is put equal to the hadron mass.
DRAGON: Monte Carlo generator of particle production from a fragmented fireball in ultrarelativistic nuclear collisions
Suppose that the former is the case and put A′ = f (A); then A′ ⊂ B with A′ ≈ A (since f as a mapping from A to A′ is a bijection).
Finite Sets and Counting
In the discrete case, due to the fact that e ≈ (x, v ), e′ ≈ (x, v ′ ) and e′′ ≈ (x, v ′′ ) are completely different elements of a causal set, we can not assume that they share the same value of x (which is one reason I just put approximation signs).
Causal set as a discretized phase spacetime
No excess has been found so far, and this can also be used to put a constraint on the decaying dark matter case.
Neutrino Signals from Dark Matter Decay
The basic result which we want to put into a larger context is the following canonical isomorphism of Galois groups, due to Fontaine and Wintenberger, . A special case is the following result.
Perfectoid spaces
We put a generic mixing factor χ to cover the cases where N is an SU (2)L × U (1)Y singlet. (For a regular fourth generation heavy neutrino, χ is unity).
Neutrinos at high energy accelerators
In this case, any negative image, put specularly with respect to the barrier, ought to move specularly with respect to the positive solution, i.e. with a drift of opposite sign, in order to ensure the barrier constraint to be satisfied at any Λ.
The Cosmological Mass Function
Note that such a restriction is neither necessary, nor even desirable (it would exclude the treatment of gases and liquids), but it is fulfilled in all our examples and puts us into a good setting in all cases where we cannot directly refer to pointwise ergodic theorems.
Diffraction of random tilings: some rigorous results
In the weak-polarization case, where spin polarization is a very small fraction of the total number of spins in the liquid, fk and ǫk may be put equal to their equilibrium values (7) (see ).
Spin Dynamics of a Fermi Liquid in an Electric Field
In order to reduce to the previous case we want to put the tori T µ I0 “at the origin” in the (q , p) coordinates by a symplectic change of variables.
Diffusion time and splitting of separatrices for nearly integrable isochronous Hamiltonian systems
Unlike in the unitary case, where a lot of effort was put into getting rid of the remaining so called computational bits, here we independently at each location apply the simple transformation which takes all those bits to the scalar 1.
The quantum FFT can be classically simulated