To make as though


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • To make as though to pretend that; to make show that; to make believe (see under Make v. t.).
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  • Charles Kingsley
    “We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about.”
  • William Bridges
    William Bridges
    “Much as we may wish to make a new beginning, some part of us resists doing so as though we were making the first step toward disaster.”


In literature:

John, come into the room, stood gazing at Robin as though he knew not what to make of it.
"Robin Tremayne" by Emily Sarah Holt
But one day it occurred to me, that, though a daughter could not make money, she might learn to spend it as well as a son.
"A Romantic Young Lady" by Robert Grant
The sanitary arrangements in the flat were good, though here again many families proceeded to make them bad about as fast as they could.
"One Way Out" by William Carleton
Then Jack and Bobolink looked expectantly toward Jud as though expecting him to make a still better showing.
"The Banner Boy Scouts Snowbound" by George A. Warren
He seemed to be trying to make sense, as though there was still a glimmer of intelligence behind the blank stare.
"The Electronic Mind Reader" by John Blaine
But first he had to make himself quite small, though this of course was an easy matter for him, great wizard as he was.
"Eskimo Folktales" by Unknown
I would like to have you take them, though it doesn't make a bit of difference so long as it's in the family.
"Jennie Gerhardt" by Theodore Dreiser
It looked as though it were an impossibility for men heavily laden ever to make their way to the top.
"The Web of the Golden Spider" by Frederick Orin Bartlett
It makes you feel as though you'd ha'f a dozen hands an' they wus all gropin' to git to work.
"The Night Riders" by Ridgwell Cullum
He tried to make it all appear friendly gossip, so as to put Joubard off his guard, though knowing very well that the old man knew who he was.
"Angelot" by Eleanor Price
Just as though gentlemen could not, and would not, make a conspiracy to enslave the human race.
"The Arena" by Various
He mumbled as he worked, talking to the fire he was making as though it were a person.
"The Benefactress" by Elizabeth Beauchamp
It seemed as though knowing about them ought to make them attractive, but somehow it didn't.
"The Camerons of Highboro" by Beth B. Gilchrist
Make it casual and easy, as though you just happened to see them.
"Gold" by Stewart White
The old man could not see the boats without rising, but this he did as though to make sure that they were in their places.
"With Ethan Allen at Ticonderoga" by W. Bert Foster
Jack looked at him as though trying to make up his mind.
"Jack Winters' Campmates" by Mark Overton
In refusing he looked at Micholitz with a quizzical, hesitating air, as though inclined to make a revelation.
"The Woodlands Orchids" by Frederick Boyle
I can make it look as though it were laughing, or make it seem to be angry and cross.
"With the Children on Sunday" by Sylvanus Stall
It was as though each was waiting for the other to make the first move.
"Dave Dawson at Dunkirk" by Robert Sydney Bowen
At first our boat seemed to grow faint-hearted, and to make as though she would go back to Assouan.
"What We Saw in Egypt" by Anonymous

In poetry:

"I've often spent ten pounds on stuff,
In dressing as a Double;
But, though it answers as a puff,
It never has effect enough
To make it worth the trouble.
"Phantasmagoria Canto IV ( Hys Nouryture )" by Lewis Carroll
Wit she hath without desire
To make known how much she hath;
And her anger flames no higher
Than may fitly sweeten wrath.
Full of pity as may be,
Though perhaps not so to me.
"Hearken Then Awhile To Me" by William Browne of Tavistock
For though you've left your verse to make amends
And so it does, as much as verse can do,
You were a man who liked to meet his friends
And here we are but where in the world are you?
"For: Kenneth Slessor" by Douglas Alexander Stewart
And yet as though he knew it not,
His knowledge winks, and lets his humours reigne:
They make his life a constant blot,
And all the bloud of God to run in vain.
Ah, wretch! what verse
Can thy strange wayes rehearse?
"Miserie" by George Herbert
Thou hast produced mighty monarchs, of whom thou art not unworthy,
For the obedient alone make him who governs them great.
But, O Germany, try if thou for thy rulers canst make it
Harder as kings to be great,—easier, though, to be men!
"Germany And Her Princes" by Friedrich von Schiller
Scorn no man's love, though of a mean degree
(Love is a present for a mightie king,)
Much lesse make any one thine enemie.
As gunnes destroy, so may a little sling.
The cunning workman never doth refuse
The meanest tool, that he may chance to use.
"The Church-Porch. Perirrhanterium" by George Herbert

In news:

The mirror in the restroom is a 2-way mirror, and microphones have been set up in a stall to make it sound as though someone is in the room.
The martial-arts movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme has never had to act very much, even though he has starred in five money-making action films with such titles as "Bloodsport" and "Kickboxer".
Though he prefers to think of his place as a restaurant with a bar, John Bertrand has taken some steps that could make his bar a destination of its own.
Employees generally have a desire to feel as though their contributions make a difference and their opinions make a difference.
The minds behind the Flame attacks signed components of the malware with an unauthorized digital certificate to make it appear as though the code had been legitimately signed by Microsoft.
I'm a friendly single guy, but when I talk to girls they act as though I'm making them uncomfortable.
The mumblecore movement started awhile back when a group of young filmmakers decided they were going to make movies -- even though, as I see it, they technically didn't know how to make movies.
NATCHEZ — Though it may have been overshadowed by Tanner Cage's big game for Trinity Episcopal Day School Friday night, Saints quarterback Garrett Vinson continued making strides as he adjusts to the position.
Though some lathes are designed as bench-top models, most manufacturers offer stands or cabinet bases to make their machines freestanding.
It's about 70 square feet, though it feels even smaller, packed as it is with tall steel brewing equipment, kegs, and sacks of grain Dlugokencky will use to make the beers that are building his reputation as a brewer.
It sometimes seems as though people who make zombie movies (and zombie-ish movies) are trying to create a monopoly over minimizing tragedy.
A few things to consider as you make your way though the retail maze, the relationship gauntlet, and the political process.
If working is making you feel as though you want to turn in your resignation, you're not alone.
Lights placed between the mirror and the glass serve to create an infinite reflective illusion that makes the frame look as though it's an incredibly deep box, receding into the distance.
Back in September, it finally looked as though Lindsay Lohan had finally got the bright idea to wear make up and doll herself up a little bit before taking her mugshot.

In science:

Though Ωdipole increases without bound as the three vectors, ˆa, ˆp, and ˆs, approach mutual orthogonality, randomly oriented vectors rarely come close enough to satisfying this condition to make an order of magnitude difference in the decoherence time.
Quantum Computation in Brain Microtubules? Decoherence and Biological Feasibility
Even though the above randomized Shellsort algorithm works, as is, in practice (e.g., see Section 5), we make a minor addition to the core algorithm here for the sake of proving a high-probability bound.
Randomized Shellsort: A Simple Oblivious Sorting Algorithm
Though we typically envisage limiting random structures arising as limits of finite random structures, it also makes sense to consider limits of finite deterministic structures.
More Uses of Exchangeability: Representations of Complex Random Structures
Though superficially similar, this does make sense as an ordinary change of variables in the quantum field theory, since it is equivalent to A3 → eA3 = A3 − ερA4 , and the right hand is a field rather than a differential operator of positive degree.
The Omega Deformation, Branes, Integrability, and Liouville Theory
An advantage of our approach also is that provers such as our LEO-II are generally capable of producing verifiable proof output, though much further work is needed to make these proof protocols exchangeable between systems or to explain them to humans.
Simple Type Theory as Framework for Combining Logics
Even though the equation which we obtained in Lemma 4.2 looks a lot more complicated than the triangle case, as it turns out, it is possible to make a substitution of variables so that the equations above become exactly the same as the equations in the triangle case.
Quasi-randomness of graph balanced cut properties
To continue to make gains though, parallel advances in modeling are needed that can be applied to these data, as is happening already today for the photon-rich Galactic X-ray binaries.
The AGN phenomenon: open issues
This choice enables us to make comparisons with previous works, though 180 MeV is smaller than the standard value as will be discussed below.
Postbounce evolution of core-collapse supernovae: Long-term effects of equation of state
And even though the equations are known, they may be so complicated to treat numerically as to make it practically impossible to explore the parameter space of the model in MCMC.
On using the CMB shift parameter in tests of models of dark energy
Even though, it is important to make an evaluation of the theoretical uncertainties for those states and, for this purpose, we have followed the same approach as in .
Charm and hidden charm scalar mesons in the nuclear medium
Our algorithms will make use of the Identity Tester of Batu et. al. (though it is important to note that this result is used mainly as a “primitive” and can be replaced in the sequel with making enough samples to fully approximate the distribution).
On the Power of Conditional Samples in Distribution Testing
States on M which transform as a representation R under G and which make up a non-singlet representation of D will give rise to light states on M/D which fill out a complete representation R of G even though the gauge group on M/D is the smaller group G/D .
Aspects of String unification
In order to be as informative as possible it can be useful to quote both the marginalized and likelihood limits, though of course one should study the full set of samples to make use of as much information as possible.
Cosmological parameters from CMB and other data: a Monte-Carlo approach
As the abstract boundary is a very unwieldy set, this may make it possible to understand it a bit better, though it’s unclear what questions it would answer.
Boundaries on Spacetimes: An Outline
The rules for propagating Pauli frame errors can be used to show that once the experimenter has randomized the Pauli frame, it does not make any physical difference whether the fusion gate failed or not, and so we can treat it as though it succeeded.
Noise thresholds for optical quantum computers