To get near


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • To get near to approach within a small distance.
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  • David Letterman
    David Letterman
    “Number one: Don't frisk me. Don't hurt me physically. Don't get anywhere near my neck. And don't call me Regis. [Advice to his guests]”
  • Thomas A. Edison
    “Nearly every man who develops an idea works at it up to the point where it looks impossible, and then gets discouraged. that's not the place to become discouraged.”
  • Jerome K. Jerome
    “I like work; it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours. I love to keep it by me; the idea of getting rid of it nearly breaks my heart.”
  • Margaret Thatcher
    “I do not know anyone who has gotten to the top without hard work. That is the recipe. It will not always get you to the top, but it will get you pretty near.”


In literature:

The brig frequently came near enough to get a good look at us, and then dropped astern.
"Ned Myers" by James Fenimore Cooper
I called Katie three times, Miss Axtell still getting near to that I dreaded.
"Atlantic Monthly, Volume 10, Number 59, September, 1862" by Various
Tommy and Jemmy returned this evening, having seen some natives after dark, but were unable to get near them.
"Explorations in Australia" by John Forrest
I wouldn't want you to get that collection anyway; it wasn't near big enough.
"John Wesley, Jr." by Dan B. Brummitt
I managed to get near, but saw nothing, as the poor thing had been carried into the surgery.
"Paris under the Commune" by John Leighton
When you been used to a good plenty it is mighty bad to get mighty near helpless.
"Slave Narratives: Arkansas Narratives" by Work Projects Administration
It took them nearly two hours to get there, as they rowed leisurely, and enjoyed the luxury of the vernal air.
"Eric" by Frederic William Farrar
In poultry papers the poultryman has been commonly advised to get near a large city and retail his own eggs at a fancy price.
"The Dollar Hen" by Milo M. Hastings
An hour or so later the mist began to get gray, and it was evident that dawn was near.
"A Yankee in the Trenches" by R. Derby Holmes
Here, I am trying to get near my children's teachers.
"Study of Child Life" by Marion Foster Washburne
Once when the cars were badly bogged I went to a near-by Arab village to get help.
"War in the Garden of Eden" by Kermit Roosevelt
I accepted, for I had not been lucky enough to get near a boat to buy for myself.
"A Gunner Aboard the "Yankee"" by Russell Doubleday
You keep on wanting to get near it, wanting it to happen again.
"The Tree of Heaven" by May Sinclair
They made a circle around him, trying to edge near enough to get a word with him.
"The Sunny Side of Diplomatic Life, 1875-1912" by Lillie DeHegermann-Lindencrone
Folk might get to think them too near the haunted house.
"Helmet of Navarre" by Bertha Runkle
We never even get near to him.
"Reviews" by Oscar Wilde
As we were to move on next day, it became very desirable to get the meat promptly while still near home.
"African Camp Fires" by Stewart Edward White
As it was, the yacht had not been able to get near the pier at Ensenada, and was now lying in the river, two miles out.
"A Voyage in the 'Sunbeam'" by Annie Allnut Brassey
We used to get salt from some place near New Orleans.
"Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves" by Work Projects Administration
The dog managed to get away from Mun Bun and Margy, who were trying to see who could hug him the hardest, and he stood near his mistress.
"Six Little Bunkers at Aunt Jo's" by Laura Lee Hope

In poetry:

Continuing to live — that is, repeat
A habit formed to get necessaries —
Is nearly always losing, or going without.
It varies.
"Continuing To Live" by Philip Larkin
"I'll mak a hap to my Johnie Faw,
I'll mak a hap to my dearie;
And he's get a' the coat gaes round,
And my lord shall nae mair come near me."
"Johnie Faa" by Andrew Lang
There is a rare outlandish root,
Which when I could not get, I thought it here:
That apprehension cur'd so well my foot,
That I can walk to heav’n well neare.
"Faith" by George Herbert
W'at is de reason den, w'en dey fin' dem
Raf' comin' near me, dey all get scare,
An' pull lak de devil was close behin' dem,
An' 'way down de reever to Joe Belair?
"Snubbing (Tying-up) The Raft" by William Henry Drummond
The poor souls were prevented from getting along side
Of the barque "Gulvare" by the heavy seas and tide;
And as the boats drew near the barque the storm increases
Until the boats struck against her and were dashed to pieces.
"The Wreck of the Steamer 'Storm Queen'" by William Topaz McGonagall
Then Captain Ward gave the order to fire,
Then Billy Bowls cried, "Now we'll get fighting to our hearts' desire";
And for an hour a running fight was maintained,
And the two ships of the enemy near upon the "Waterwitch" gained.
"The Death of Captain Ward" by William Topaz McGonagall

In news:

Health authorities are urging nearly everyone to get vaccinated, and people 65 or older can choose to try a new high-dose version.
No dice yet on getting a jetpack in every garage, but the near future will include some other nice improvements to our lives and communities.
When I get close to a body of water with rocks near the edge, I have trouble resisting the urge to search through the rocks to find some flat ones.
A traveling ABBA exhibit is to get a permanent home in a new museum dedicated mostly to the Swedish quartet that has sold nearly 400 million records since its heyday in the 1970s.
The Amazon distribution center near Cayce is going to get more neighbors who will bring hundreds of new jobs to the Midlands.
Nearly 300 people showed up at Starbucks on Youree Drive this morning to get one of 200 vouchers.
In Southern California, one of the surest ways to get people to notice public art is to put it near a freeway.
A man accused of killing his neighbor near Milton-Freewater last year gets a new attorney to represent him in his upcoming trial.
Though it's nearly 93 million miles away, students at Tyner Academy were able to get an up-close look at the sun Thursday.
For nearly two decades organizers have been getting motorcyclists together during the holiday season to collect toys and food for needy families.
On Texoma Road, nearly 100 residents have to get into their homes by boat because of all the flooding.
The 2008 champion needed nearly 2½ hours to get past Benneteau and was forced into a final-set tiebreaker after failing to serve out the match.
Virginia's Department of Environmental Quality has given town leaders a deadline of 2014 to get PCB's out of a pond near the Staunton River.
Pops had been in bed sleeping nearly 24 hours, so Karen and I went in to try to wake him, get him up.
If you have recently gotten married or plan to get married in the near future, the IRS has some tips to help you avoid stress at tax time.

In science:

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get rid of all (near-infinity minus near-infinity)-terms in this way, so the final formula for the total 1-loop correction is still too complicated to analyse by hand.
D-term inflation after spontaneous symmetry breaking
Thus we get the process of ergoregion emission, whereby particle pairs are produced near the ergoregion; one member of the pair falls into the ergoregion while the other escapes to infinity as radiation.
Fuzzballs and the information paradox: a summary and conjectures
If k(r) vanishes near r = 0, then the wavefunction can easily spread over a large range of values of y once the quantum gets close to r = 0.
Fuzzballs and the information paradox: a summary and conjectures
While this is helpful to get some initial intuition it is not nearly general enough.
A Simple Introduction to Particle Physics Part II
To get a robust, coordinate independent understanding of this recoil will require detailed understanding of the physics in the region near the black holes.
The Current Status of Binary Black Hole Simulations in Numerical Relativity
As we will show, draining the inflaton energy via instant preheating is quite efficient, and nearly 10% of the inflaton energy density gets transferred to the relativistic particles at every zero-crossing 5 .
Non-perturbative production of matter and rapid thermalization after MSSM inflation
To get the solution, one should impose the ‘purely ingoing wave’ condition near the horizon (r → rh ) then numerically integrate the differential equation to the far field regime (r → ∞) where ingoing and outgoing waves are superposed (see Fig. 19).
Black holes and the LHC: A review
But for fibre products in dSpac , we first prove that local fibre products X ×g ,Z,h Y exist in dSpac near each x ∈ X, y ∈ Y with g(x) = h(y ) ∈ Z, and then we use the results of §6.4 to glue these local fibre products by equivalences to get a global fibre product.
D-manifolds, d-orbifolds and derived differential geometry: a detailed summary
Now, what kind of hadrons are mainly populated near the critical temperature? To get a rough idea, let’s look at n/T 3 (number density of hadrons divided by T 3 ) as a function of T given in Fig. 2.
Hadron Structure and the QCD Phase Transition
Therefore a supernova at the Galactic center is near enough to get information for the explosion mechanism.
Future Detection of Supernova Neutrino Burst and Explosion Mechanism
By doing this for all known QSOs found in the same area of the sky during a number of different surveys, we may hope to get as near as possible from an ideal survey complete to a well defined limiting magnitude.
On the nature of the FBS blue stellar objects and the completeness of the bright quasar survey
Once a/c gets small near Td , the first term in (24) becomes comparable in magnitude to the second, and (24) admits non– trivial metastable vacuum solutions with Pi hφi i 6= 0.
Last Call for RHIC Predictions
This makes it possible to get information on the character of the spatial non–locality of D(q , ω) in the Anderson localization regime and, in particular, on the value of the correlation multifractal dimension D2 of the electron wave functions near the mobility edge.
On the Possibility of Experimental Verification of the Some Localization Theory Predictions
It is now straightforward but tedious to get f following the strategy explained near the beginning of the previous paragraph.
On the Ext groups between Weyl modules for GL_n
If we, more generally, assume the set St to be nearly evenly distributed in the residue classes mod k , we get At(u, k , l) ≤ C (cid:18)1 + Q/t · u(cid:19) .
The large sieve with sparse sets of moduli