To gain ground


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • To gain ground To advance; to proceed forward in conflict; as, an army in battle gains ground.
    • To gain ground to make progress; to advance in any undertaking; to prevail; to acquire strength or extent.
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  • Thomas Jefferson
    “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.”
  • William Shakespeare
    “We go to gain a little patch of ground that hath in it no profit but the name.”


In literature:

Public sentiment is awake to this subject, and is gaining ground.
"A New Guide for Emigrants to the West" by J. M. Peck
The Commune had its opportunity, and began to gain ground.
"Lectures on the French Revolution" by John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton
The idea of being refused was too unreasonable an idea to gain much ground in his mind.
"The Perpetual Curate" by Mrs [Margaret] Oliphant
To gain ground in a trench requires a superior supply of bombs.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume I (of 8)" by Various
I had nearly gained the roof of the shed, when a board gave way and I was precipitated to the ground, a distance of about ten feet.
"My Life: or the Adventures of Geo. Thompson" by George Thompson
The spirit of revolt had gained ground in all the Colonies; still it had been hard work to persuade them to act together.
"A Little Girl in Old Philadelphia" by Amanda Minnie Douglas
On the first of these questions we have gained (as I have just taken the liberty of observing to you) some ground.
"Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern, Vol. 7" by Various
They managed at length to win the gardens, and then raced across the open ground to gain the shelter of the yew-trees bordering the bower.
"Robin Hood" by Paul Creswick
The past thus advises the present, which, from the vantage ground so gained, prepares its contribution to the future.
"The Next Step" by Scott Nearing
They were not at first quite sure of their ground, and wanted to gain time.
"James Madison" by Sydney Howard Gay

In poetry:

Rich beyond dreams, the vantage-ground
Of life is gained; her hands have found
The talisman of old
That changes all to gold.
"The Maids Of Attitash" by John Greenleaf Whittier
This work takes time; we chafe at the delay
And try to gain the summit at a bound,
But find full soon our hopes dashed to the ground;
Yet there remains for all the royal way.
"The Royal Way" by Joseph Horatio Chant
And when in nightly chase
We approach'd the market place,
How strange was the yell of the hound,
It was like a cry of pain
Till we gain'd the hill again,
So we hasten'd to pass o'er that ground.
"The Devil's Court. A Fragment." by Samuel Bamford
Let us not always say,
"Spite of this flesh to-day
I strove, made head, gained ground upon the whole!"
As the bird wings and sings,
Let us cry "All good things
Are ours, nor soul helps flesh more, now, than flesh helps soul!"
"Rabbi Ben Ezra" by Robert Browning

In news:

One in Three SMBs Are Worse Off Than in 2008, Yet Obama Gains Ground, According to New Manta Survey.
Imports Continue to Gain Ground in the US Sanitaryware Industry.
Girls look to gain ground .
FRANCE 24 Obama and Romney Fight To Gain Ground 2 Weeks Ahead Of Polling Day.
McDonald fails to gain ground during first day of absentee counting.
Detroit Tigers try to gain ground on White Sox by avoiding sweep vs Royals, 8 p.m. Get the latest updates.
Romney needs to gain ground with women voters.
Bullitt Central and Southern clash, will try to gain ground in the 6th region.
Team hopes to gain ground during long homestand.
Extreme right poised to gain ground .
Republicans struggle to gain ground .
Indicators point to emergence from recession, but still ground to gain.
Ole Miss Rebels gain ground in loss to Alabama.
Now two years removed from a winless campaign, the Lancers managed to gain some ground last season in the Tri-Valley Conference Hocking Division.
When several cops jump in to gain control of an unruly suspect and end up on the ground to resolve the conflict.

In science:

From the unzipping point of view, the threshold in such rare cases is at zero force because a small force can take a polymer from one ground state to another one, gaining energy in the process.
Directed polymers and Randomness
While artifacts such as dictionaries and thesauri are often used for encoding the domain vocabulary and presenting them to the user, in the last decade the idea of using ontology (Gruber 2008) for the purpose has gained a lot of ground.
On challenges and opportunities of designing integrated IT platforms for supporting knowledge works in organizations
The gain in terms of sensibility between first ground based gw detector and ET like detectors is expected to be 2 order of magnitude more, increasing exponentially the demanded data analysis computing power.
cuInspiral: prototype gravitational waves detection pipeline fully coded on GPU using CUDA
Indeed gain and spontaneous emission generate prohibitive noise. A second π-pulse can be used to simultaneously reverse the atomic phase and bring the atoms back into the ground state.
Revival of Silenced Echo and Quantum Memory for Light
In view of such uncertainty, the task of putting the holographic correspondence on a firm ground and ascertaining the status of its predictions more definitively would be best achieved if this technique were applied to those situations where a prior insight has already been gained by some other means.
Searching for non-Fermi liquids under holographic light