To dig up


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • To dig up to get out or obtain by digging; as, to dig coal from or out of a mine; to dig out fossils; to dig up a tree. The preposition is often omitted; as, the men are digging coal, digging iron ore, digging potatoes.
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  • Marcus Aurelius
    “Dig within. Within is the wellspring of Good; and it is always ready to bubble up, if you just dig.”


In literature:

They use these for filling up moats or to dig trenches.
"The Story of Russia" by R. Van Bergen
Why don't they hire men to dig 'em up by the roots?
"Prudy Keeping House" by Sophie May
In that case J. Bayard would have to dig up a new scheme.
"Shorty McCabe on the Job" by Sewell Ford
Try as they would they could not catch one, and being unable to dig, they finally gave up, tired and winded.
"The Pirate Shark" by Elliott Whitney
Ossaroo made no attempt to dig it up again.
"The Cliff Climbers" by Captain Mayne Reid
You've got to get to work at something, settle right down, and dig up some dust.
"The Eagle's Heart" by Hamlin Garland
Well, I suppose you are not going to wait for one uncle to take a garden for you and the other to dig it up?
"Brownsmith's Boy" by George Manville Fenn
Before sunrise the shepherd and his new mate got up to dig a grave for the murdered man, in which we saw him placed before we started.
"Adventures in Australia" by W.H.G. Kingston
As soon as he had eaten all the food left by his sister, he was obliged to pick berries and dig up roots.
"The Myth of Hiawatha, and Other Oral Legends, Mythologic and Allegoric, of the North American Indians" by Henry R. Schoolcraft
Truly it was worth while to give up our gold-digging in order to see this.
"The Golden Dream" by R.M. Ballantyne

In poetry:

Sun up; work
sundown; to rest
dig well and drink of the water
dig field; eat of the grain
Imperial power is? and to us what is it?
"Canto XLIX: For the Seven Lakes" by Ezra Pound
Cooee! Well, Dig, I s'pose you've 'eard that row
Up in ole Blighty some ten year ago.
An' it is up to us to greet you now
'Oo done us proud when we done up the foe.
"'Ang up yet 'at" by C J Dennis
Men that dig up a mandrake know dis-ease.
This body is committed to its bones
Down where the taproots of New England trees
Suck bare existence from the broken stones.
"The Golden Corpse" by Stephen Vincent Benet
I miss him. When I get back to camp
I'll dig him up. Well, he can prop & watch,
can't he, pink or blue,
and I will talk to him. I miss him. Slams,
grand or any, aren't for the tundra much.
One face-card will do.
"Dream Song 111: I miss him. When I get back to camp" by John Berryman
She starts to talk about the mill, an' then about the strike,
An' then she digs Ben Murray up an' treats him nasty-like;
She treats him crool an' cattish, as them soft, sweet women can.
But I ups an' tells her plainly that I think Ben is a man.
"Red Robin" by C J Dennis
So of my father I did win consent,
With importunities repeated long,
To make that duty which had been my bent,
To dig with strangers alien tombs among,
And bound to them through desert leagues to pace. Or track up rivers to their starting-place.
"The Four Bridges" by Jean Ingelow

In news:

From the good life to digging up land mines in Cambodia.
Douglas County authorities are planning to dig up a body in a decades-old case.
The widow of Yasser Arafat said Wednesday that French investigators will soon visit the West Bank to dig up the remains of her husband in hopes of determining what killed the longtime Palestinian leader eight years ago.
Randy Metcalf/The Explorer, Ironwood Ridge junior Amber Sanford warms up prior to the school's volleyball match against Sunnyside during the "Dig for the Cure 2008" last week.
Famous Explorer's Relatives Deny Suicide Talk, Seek to Dig Up Body.
He doesn't take credit for digging them up, but he was chosen to publish the discovery.
So it's left to the investigative journalists to dig up bits and pieces of Romney's tax-avoidance strategy.
Jerry Brown's Dog Tries To Dig Up Support For Prop 30.
Zimmerman's Defense Tries to Dig up Dirt On Trayvon.
To move a plant, first dig the new hole before you dig up the tree or shrub.
How to get your digs up to snuff , fast.
Police are trying to dig up the details on a load of copper and other materials discovered Monday morning.
Grace Grim did not have to dig very deep to come up with some goals for next year.
The following 20 lucky viewers have qualified for The Big Dig --a chance to pick a plot at Southern Landscaping and hopefully dig up a prize.
They want to be up digging through the wreckage and rebuilding.

In science:

Data of a successful flight (foreseen in December 2008) of the slightly improved ANITA-II set-up will allow to start digging into the standard parameter space of cosmic neutrinos.
Radio Detection of Particles from the Cosmos
The modeled [SII]/Hα ratio is up to a factor of two below the observations, however the theoretical uncertainty for the [SII] line is very high as dielectronic recombination is an important process in the DIG.
Constraining the extra heating of the Diffuse Ionized Gas in the Milky Way