To crop up


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • To crop up to sprout; to spring up; to appear suddenly.
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In literature:

The crop of 1857 was rather meagre, and last spring and summer prices ruled high, going up to $1.20 for a short time in June.
"Old Mackinaw" by W. P. Strickland
When pappy wuz makin' his crop some of de others would ask him why he didn' take up some of his crop and get somethin' to eat.
"Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States" by Various
No sooner is one case disposed of than another crops up to claim our attention.
"The Third Degree" by Charles Klein and Arthur Hornblow
But up to the present, no insect has ever caused any extensive injury to this crop.
"The Peanut Plant" by B. W. Jones
It seems to have cropped up in his latter years, after he had become intimate with Brutus.
"The Life of Cicero" by Anthony Trollope
All other growth should be removed as before up to the time of blossoming for the fourth year's crop.
"The Hawaiian Islands" by The Department of Foreign Affairs
Certain evidence cropping up, the charge is transferred to the J.-C.'s own son.
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition Vol. 25 (of 25)" by Robert Louis Stevenson
He began at once to call loudly upon Norouas, who was whistling up aloft, demanding that he should return him his crop of flax.
"Legends & Romances of Brittany" by Lewis Spence
Dry straw manure is sometimes said to dry up land, and ruin crops.
"Soil Culture" by J. H. Walden
Certain evidence cropping up, the charge is transferred to the Justice-Clerk's own son.
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition Vol. XIX (of 25)" by Robert Louis Stevenson

In poetry:

But let the good old crop adorn
The hills our fathers trod;
Still let us, for His golden corn,
Send up our thanks to God!
"The Corn Song" by John Greenleaf Whittier
See that burnt crop, yon choked-up sylvan well,
This yeoman slain ye corven in the sun!
My GOD! shreds of a woman's dress to tell
Why murder there was done!
"Arms And The Man - The Ravages Of War" by James Barron Hope
fence on the Boston Common. Behind their cage,
yellow dinosaur steamshovels were grunting
as they cropped up tons of mush and grass
to gouge their underworld garage.
"For the Union Dead" by Robert Lowell
Quoth the cob, "You are a donkey of a most peculiar breed!
You've just eaten up a thistle that was going fast to seed!
If you had but let it be, you might have raised a crop!
To many a coming dinner you have put a sad stop!"
"The Donkey In The Cart To The Horse In The Carriage" by George MacDonald
And I drank in long draughts, like the birds, half-unconscious.
The stars trickle slowly through the throat to the crop,
While the nightingales roll up their eyes in a shudder
From the firmament draining the night drop by drop.
"Here a riddle has drawn a strange nailmark" by Boris Pasternak

In news:

Gay characters and gay marriage, even among superheroes, are cropping up in the comic book universe, in what one artist calls an attempt 'to be current'.
Evidence has cropped up that Clinton staff members ordered the FBI to investigate the fired employees of the White House travel office.
Jeff Davis didn't wait for this year's extraordinary run-up of corn prices at harvest to get his crop marketed at near $3/bu.
This year's crop of shows is gearing up to offer even more chances for educators to learn about AV and IT technologies to enhance the classroom experience.
Dairy turns to own corn crop as Midwest drought drives up prices.
Programs cropping up across USA to address 'food deserts'.
Dairy turns to own corn crop as Midwest drought drives up prices.
A handful of Web sites has cropped up over the last couple of years to help entrepreneurs locate funding sources.
The drought gripping the Midwest is affecting 88 percent of the country's corn crop and will send food prices up next year, according to a report released Wednesday by the US Department of Agriculture.
Growers say melon prices are up significantly, likely due to the smaller crop.
New metrics and standards have cropped up trying to solve this problem.
MARLBORO, MD (KKCO) With corn and other crops withering and dying in the heat, food prices are expected to shoot up.
High crop prices and stable inputs could add up to strong farm incomes in 2013.
When excessive environmental moisture is present electrical problems tend to crop up because moisture provides an easy path to ground for a voltage leak.
A small community of artists has cropped up in Huntsville thanks to one man's vision for turning trash into treasure.

In science:

For example, is it possible that the trader has a strategy making him infinitely rich at time T no matter what ω crops up? It is easy to see that such a strategy does not exist: the initial capital will never increase if ω is constant.
Rough paths in idealized financial markets
Intuitively, we would expect then to see similar split-and-promise mechanisms crop up further down the line when multiple responses are required.
Causality, Knowledge and Coordination in Distributed Systems
In order to avoid factors of N cropping up everywhere, we shall consider N D2 rather than D2 itself.
Multidimensional sampling for simulation and integration: measures, discrepancies, and quasi-random numbers
Interestingly, when the Wahlquist-Estabrook method is applied to (72), this same sequence crops up from purely algebraic considerations .
Painleve tests, singularity structure and integrability
Such a study is relevant for several reasons: First, we point out that the quasi-static regime is unaccessible to the free-surface-flow geometry as size effects crop up in this limit .
Friction and dilatancy in immersed granular matter