To call in


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • To call in To collect; as, to call in debts or money; ar to withdraw from cirulation; as, to call in uncurrent coin.
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  • Anthony Sampson
    Anthony Sampson
    “Members rise from CMG (known sometimes in Whitehall as Call Me God) to KCMG (Kindly Call Me God) to GCMG (God Calls Me God).”
  • Elizabeth Barrett Browning
    “The Greeks said grandly in their tragic phrase, Let no one be called happy till his death; to which I would add, Let no one, till his death be called unhappy.”
  • Sid Caesar
    Sid Caesar
    “In between goals is a thing called life, that has to be lived and enjoyed.”
  • Peter F. Drucker
    “So much of what we call management consists in making it difficult for people to work.”
  • Walt Whitman
    “To the real artist in humanity, what are called bad manners are often the most picturesque and significant of all.”
  • Eric Hoffer
    “To spell out the obvious is often to call it in question.”


In literature:

For the older residents in the city or street to call upon the newcomers to their neighborhood is a long recognized custom.
"Searchlights on Health: Light on Dark Corners" by B.G. Jefferis
The little girl was deeply interested in Joe's house, as she began to call it.
"A Little Girl of Long Ago" by Amanda Millie Douglas
I have faith in that, and believe we can agree to call one.
"A Report of the Debates and Proceedings in the Secret Sessions of the Conference Convention" by Lucius Eugene Chittenden
There was no need to call attention to her as in any way different from the rest.
"Allison Bain" by Margaret Murray Robertson
We then went up-stairs, accompanied by several bystanders, and after reaching the Irishman's room, I called to the chambermaid to come in.
"Twenty Years of Hus'ling" by J. P. Johnston
To call to men in the tops and at the mast-head to "look out," too often an inconsistent bluster from the deck.
"The Sailor's Word-Book" by William Henry Smyth
After my talk with Addicks I had laid out the campaign for the next day's engagement and called in Vinal to explain to him his own part.
"Frenzied Finance" by Thomas W. Lawson
Singular as it may seem, he called upon the navy to assist in supplying this deficiency.
"The Naval History of the United States" by Willis J. Abbot
In June my father called me to help in the elevator and this turned out to be a most informing experience.
"A Son of the Middle Border" by Hamlin Garland
If there was one thing hateful to Fitzjames, and sure to call out his strongest indignation, it was oppression in any form.
"The Life of Sir James Fitzjames Stephen, Bart., K.C.S.I." by Sir Leslie Stephen
All that a believer is called to be or to do, the Holy Spirit can and will work in him.
"The Ministry of Intercession" by Andrew Murray
Some of the officers leaped from their saddles and called upon the men to assist in making an opening.
"Personal Recollections of a Cavalryman" by J. H. (James Harvey) Kidd
She sent out the serving-maid to call in the priest.
"The Chinese Fairy Book" by Various
It was in vain that their mother strove to teach them to call him Hampstead.
"Marion Fay" by Anthony Trollope
They were much agitated now, the children in the bed-room were crying at the row, and both girls threatening to call the lodger upstairs.
"My Secret Life, Volumes I. to III." by Anonymous
I have a wish for company, so I begged Mrs. Pryor to call you in.
"Shirley" by Charlotte Brontë
Everything is in order; to-morrow we shall be called in church for the third time.
"Black Diamonds" by Mór Jókai
Went to England in 1824 to study law, and called to the bar in 1831.
"The Makers of Canada: Index and Dictionary of Canadian History" by Various
Previous to quitting the inn we called in the landlord, to settle our bill.
"Travels in Tartary, Thibet, and China During the years 1844-5-6. Volume 1 [of 2]" by Evariste Regis Huc
Oh, if I could only induce Clodwig to call in another physician!
"Villa Eden:" by Berthold Auerbach

In poetry:

How is it I give ear to
lightning in a heaven of fear,
Do I call God
my every deed?
"O You, My Silent Sadness" by Krzysztof Kamil Baczynski
I call myself a brave one,
But in my heart I lie;
For my country and her honor
I'm fiercely free to die.
"A Rainy Day in Camp" by Anonymous Americas
Call her once before you go—
Call once yet!
In a voice that she will know:
"Margaret! Margaret!"
Children's voices should be dear
(Call once more) to a mother's ear;
"The Forsaken Merman" by Matthew Arnold
This mighty Viking was the Night;
He sailed about the earth,
And called the merry harvest-time
To sing him songs of mirth;
And all on earth or in the sea
To melody gave birth.
"A Harvest Song" by Isabella Valancy Crawford
In life's freshness, and its fulness, —
In thy womanhood's young bloom,
While thy brow was all unclouded
With a darkening ray of gloom, —
The Angel Death hath said to thee,
"Thy Father calls thee home."
"On The Death Of Mrs, N. P. Willis" by Anne C Lynch
She was a fair young damsel as ever you wish to see,
And in the circle of her friends they miss her company;
They miss the merry laughter of that loved one gone to rest,
They called her handsome Maryette, the lily of the west.
"Maryette Myers" by Julia A Moore

In news:

Third place too close to call in the women's 100.
The plan called for Hinckley to participate in group sessions in Williamsburg, Virginia.
In Arizona, a bill is before the Senate to allow employers to call female workers in and demand to know why they're taking the birth control pill.
I'e been trying to call in several times a day, but I never know where i'll be, and whether the SAT phone will work.
Concern in New Jersey about possible price fixing in fuel sales has spurred two state lawmakers to call for an investigation.
Be Sure To Get The Answer Here On My Blog And Call In For Your Chance To Win A Pair Of Tickets To Langston Hughes ' Black Nativity On December 7.
A charity battling to save the lives of elderly and vulnerable people in wintry conditions has called in agency help for its fundraising efforts.
I was a bit shocked to read this: In the wake of what he described as a recent surge in violent crime in Newark, Orange, East Orange and Irvington, acting Essex County Prosecutor Robert Laurino has called in the cavalry.
Starting Wednesday, Nov 14th we will begin announcing winning names on air…each person will have 10 minutes to call in and claim $100 in CASH.
The day after a bomb threat was called in at City Hall police continue to investigate, while employees try to get back to normal.
Roll call totals were 36 to one in the Senate and 87 to seven in the House.
We asked for listeners to call in and tell us if they have used this method or similar ones.
"If we can't import for an extended period of time, we're going to have to have what they call in California rolling blackouts to make up the difference.".
A prominent Maine defense attorney has pleaded no contest to calling in bomb threats to two Wilton elementary schools, but won't spend time behind bars.
Make a pledge then challenge your co workers, family or other businesses like yours to call in too.

In science:

The so-called ”perfect coupling” case g = 1 is known to be in many respects specific .
Random Matrices close to Hermitian or unitary: overview of methods and results
It is necessary to call the reader’s attention to the fact that formally (3) corresponds to all the metric requirements of the differentiable manifold only in the case b ≥ a.
Two and Three parametric regular generalizations of spherically symmetric and axially symmetric metrics
Following [3, 33], we agree to call them the generalized symmetries in contrast with the classical (point) ones.
Lagrangian symmetries and supersymmetries depending on derivatives. Global analysis
Systems which behave in this way, i.e. the future behavior is independent of the past and depends only on the present state, are called Markov processes and are more easy to handle in scientific research.
On Markovian behaviour of $p$-adic random dynamical systems
In this section we prove a key local fact, called the stability of γ -factors, which is what allows us to connect the Langlands-Shahidi L- and ǫ-factors to those in the converse theorem.
Generic Transfer for General Spin Groups
The quantity Σ(µ) > 0 in such a context is natural to call the landscape complexity.
Counting Stationary Points of Random Landscapes as a Random Matrix Problem
We will discover the need to add in an additional term, the so called Chern-Simons-Term.
Basics of M-Theory
On the one hand we call attention on the relationship existing between the Ashtekar formalism and other gauge-theoretical approaches to gravity, in particular the Poincar´e Gauge Theory.
Towards a general solution of the Hamiltonian constraints of General Relativity
Let us first consider the so-called Peierls-type coupling to the lattice degree of freedom, treated as classical variables here neglecting quantum fluctuations, in addition to H1D in eq. (2) with δd = 0.
Theoretical Aspects of Charge Ordering in Molecular Conductors
K o = {x ∈ E : h(K, x) ≤ 1} is called the polar (or dual ) set to K in E, see [33, Sec. 1.6] for the conventional definition where E is replaced by Rd .
Convex geometry of max-stable distributions
In fact, we will be only interested in the image of dΦf , that we will continue to call Ef .
Non-genericity of infinitesimal variations of Hodge structures arising in some geometric contexts
It would be natural to call µ definable if each µφ : Sφ → [0, 1] is definable in the sense of Definition 2.1.
Groups, measures, and the NIP
Since in the previous papers, and , the intermediate scale was called macroscopic, we continue to call it in such a way to avoid confusion.
One-dimensional random field Kac's model: weak large deviations principle
In this situation it is customary to call the second order relations Π proof.
Forbidden lists (NP and CSP for combinatorialists)
Thus it provides a direct way to rewrite in terms of Q the so-called ψ -functional which arises after ensemble averaging the initial free-field representation of disordered one-particle systems.
Superbosonization formula and its application to random matrix theory