To bring to terms


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • To bring to terms to compel (one) to agree, assent, or submit; to force (one) to come to terms.
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In literature:

There are other means of bringing you to terms.
"The Boy Patriot" by Edward Sylvester Ellis
Ernest seeing this, resolved to bring the bully to terms.
"Ernest Bracebridge" by William H. G. Kingston
Being got to land, I was obliged to bring down my cart, to carry my great beast-fish, as I termed him, up to the grotto.
"Life And Adventures Of Peter Wilkins, Vol. I. (of II.)" by Robert Paltock
North Carolina reversed her attitude; Tennessee would not consider Calhoun's plan of bringing the Union to terms.
"Expansion and Conflict" by William E. Dodd
I know how to bring you to terms.
"Canoe Boys and Campfires" by William Murray Graydon
We never could bring him to terms.
"A Son Of The Sun" by Jack London
We are bound to bring them greasers to terms this trip!
"For the Liberty of Texas" by Edward Stratemeyer
I'll bring you to terms without the aid of your stupid father!
"The White Chief" by Mayne Reid
Parents bringing their children to school, with only a few or no dollars in hand, would make pledges of payment during the term.
"The Choctaw Freedmen" by Robert Elliott Flickinger
When Cassander's wrongdoing became known, the generals called upon Demetrius to bring him to terms.
"The Story of the Greeks" by H. A. Guerber

In poetry:

SOLID, ironical, rolling orb!
Master of all, and matter of fact!—at last I accept your terms;
Bringing to practical, vulgar tests, of all my ideal dreams,
And of me, as lover and hero.
"Solid, Ironical, Rolling Orb" by Walt Whitman

In news:

With his deal expiring on June 30, the beloved A&R veteran, who had a hand in bringing Lady Gaga to the masses, could not come to terms with the Universal-owned label.
If you're not a resident of inner Oklahoma City, the term "HP" may bring to mind that desktop computer your grandma bought in 1994 and is still afraid of.
Experts are studying a phenomenon that brings a whole new meaning to the term 'unwanted pregnancy.'.
Complications of Obama working with a Republican House risk bringing US to the brink of recession in his second term.
Microsoft is bringing Office 365 and its Windows Azure cloud computing service to China, in what it termed a "landmark" deal.
Portland's planned bike -sharing system could bring 750 bikes available for short-term use, to be picked up at 75 different stations around town.
It also didn't expect the key event that helped bring its series to Pat's Foods back to level terms.
Longer term, political analyst says president's legacy will ride on his ability to bring down the deficit.
"The %^&$%**&^ sports," he calls them, using a fragrant term that brings to mind guys like.
Coined way back in the 70s by Gifford Pinchot, the term intrapreneur covers anyone involved in shaking up a stale business culture to bring in innovation and get cool stuff done.
Even more than his hard work I would like to thank him and his colleagues for what they accomplished in terms of bringing both state debt and spending under control.
The winner of the special election in Nassau's 12th Legislative District should not only fill out the 14 months of the late Peter Schmitt's term, but bring a moderating voice to a bitterly divided legislature .
Utilizing vast R&D capabilities, DuPont was one of the most active manufacturers in terms of bringing new technology to market.
Two former North Carolina governors say everyone's going to have to make some sacrifices for America's leaders to find a pathway to reduce the national debt that also brings long-term growth and stability.
Then bring our readers up to date as to what exists today in terms of new tools, new technological advances, new customers, etc.

In science:

Non lower-bounded transport terms bring difficulties to find a priori estimates.
Eigenelements of a General Aggregation-Fragmentation Model
Finally looking at (2.6), we see that the particle goes directly to 0, which brings a term of order k because of the sum, and a term of order (1 + x)/k because of the cost to hit 0 before k .
Tail asymptotics for the total progeny of the critical killed branching random walk
The main effect of the eight-quark interaction term is to shift the critical end point in the T − µ phase diagram to a lower value of µ and higher value of T , thus bringing them closer to Lattice QCD results.
Investigation of Phase Diagram and Bulk Thermodynamic Properties using PNJL Model with Eight-Quark Interactions
Besides that, its Lagrangian has a potential term (1/ρ), which could bring, at f irst sight, some dif f iculties to the method.
Noncommutativity and Duality through the Symplectic Embedding Formalism
Overall, it is shown that computational complexity for our model is comparable to the case of a pure Heston model, but our correction brings significant flexibility in terms of fitting to the implied volatility surface.
A Fast Mean-Reverting Correction to Heston's Stochastic Volatility Model