Thermal conductivity


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    • Thermal conductivity See under Conductivity, and Spectrum.
    • Thermal conductivity (Physics) the quantity of heat that passes in unit time through unit area of a plate whose thickness is unity, when its opposite faces differ in temperature by one degree.
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In literature:

Minimum wet and dry thermal conductances were calculated using Eqs.
"Metabolic Adaptation to Climate and Distribution of the Raccoon Procyon Lotor and Other Procyonidae" by John N. Mugaas
The electrical conductivity of crystals also varies with the direction, and bears the same relation to the symmetry as the thermal conductivity.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 7, Slice 7" by Various

In news:

Combat AX products, hot-pressed 99.7%+ purity hexagonal boron nitride (hBN), reportedly exhibit exceptionally high thermal shock resistance, electrical insulation over 1800°C, and high thermal conductivity.
Flexibilized, Thermally Conductive One Part B-Stage Epoxy Resists High Temperatures.
Appli-thane™ 7300 is a blue, thermally conductive polyurethane adhesive compound for advanced electronic assembly.
Xinwei Wang, Guoqing Liu and Xiaopeng Huang (left to right) analyze the thermal conductivity of spider silk.
Iowa State University associate professor Xinwei Wang has conducted experiments measuring the thermal conductivity of materials for years.
The C 42 U five-axis machining center is available with a mineral cast base to minimize thermal conductivity and vibration.
Five-Axis Machining Center Minimizes Thermal Conductivity .
To calculate time to heat or cool a part involves many temperature-dependent variables, including thermal conductivity, heat-transfer film coefficients, part size and shape, surface environment, etc.
Therma-Bridge is an electrically isolated, surface mountable chip used to thermally conduct heat from power components such as FETs, LEDs, pin and laser diodes.
The hot wall utilizes a partial-pressure condition using hydrogen or nitrogen as a thermal conductance gas.
According to the company, this material is a lightweight, strong graphite foam with exceptionally high thermal conductivity.
This combination of high thermal conductivity and low dielectric loss translates into improved amplifier performance.
Fast-Curing Adhesive With High Thermal Conductivity .
Master Bond Inc has introduced Master Bond EP24AN, a fast-curing, two-component epoxy adhesive with an exceptionally high thermal conductivity EP24AN also features superior electrical insulation properties.
Patent #: 7,018,701Inventor(s): Shunsuke Yamada, Hajime Funahashi and Junzo ShiomiCompany: Fuji Polymer Industries Co. A polyolefin elastomer mixed with a thermally conductive filler was recently granted a patent.

In science:

In Ref. 14 the radial harmonics were applied to discuss the influence of the electron–electron scattering on the thermal conductivity.
Coherent description of electrical and thermal impurity-and-phonon limited transport in simple metals
T ) = I , where p is the pressure, κ is the thermal conductivity and I is the rate of energy losses.
Symmetry breaking and coarsening of clusters in a prototypical driven granular gas
Indeed, Izawa et al.37 recently reported presence of four point nodes in the gap based on a thermal-conductivity measurement.
Theory of de Haas-van Alphen Effect in Type-II Superconductors
We als o discuss the phenomenology of thermal conduction and particle diffusion in the presence of time-varying turbulent magnetic fields.
Thermal conduction and particle transport in strong MHD turbulence, with application to galaxy-cluster plasmas
The length LS (r0) is a characteristic value of z ion, the thermal conductivity kT in defined in section 2.
Thermal conduction and particle transport in strong MHD turbulence, with application to galaxy-cluster plasmas
We find three limiting cases for the thermal conductivity.
Thermal conduction and particle transport in strong MHD turbulence, with application to galaxy-cluster plasmas
For electron thermal conduction in galaxy clusters, the quantity of interest is LS when the initial separation r0 is the electron gyroradius, and thus we take y0 < yd .
Thermal conduction and particle transport in strong MHD turbulence, with application to galaxy-cluster plasmas
The thermal conductivity kT in galaxy-cluster plasmas scales approximately like the diffusion coefficient of ther mal electrons [15, 16].
The divergence of neighboring magnetic field lines and fast-particle diffusion in strong magnetohydrodynamic turbulence, with application to thermal conduction in galaxy clusters
Thermal conductivity, hjE jE i in units of J 2 , for various anisotropy parameters ∆ = cos(γ ) .
Transport in one dimensional quantum systems
It implies that, given an estimate of the temperature dependence of the characteristic scattering time one is able to extract the value of the dc thermal conductivity, further assuming some form (e.g. eq.(1.8)) for the low frequency behavior.
Transport in one dimensional quantum systems
Exceptionally high thermal conductivity should be expected in all regimes.
Transport in one dimensional quantum systems
Moreover, within this feedback model, we investigate the effect of thermal conduction and find that its relative importance depends strongly on the cluster mass.
Feedback in AGN heating of galaxy clusters
Recent theoretical work by Narayan & Medvedev (2001), Chandran et al. (1999), Chandran & Cowley (1998) and earlier work by Rechester & Rosenbluth (1978) have shown that a turbulent magnetic field is not as efficient in suppressing thermal conduction as previously thought.
Feedback in AGN heating of galaxy clusters
Thus, we decided to investigate the effects of thermal conduction within our feedback model.
Feedback in AGN heating of galaxy clusters
Recently, the role of thermal conduction in clusters was also investigated numerically by Dolag et al. (2004) and Jubelgas et al. (2004).
Feedback in AGN heating of galaxy clusters