• WordNet 3.6
    • n tallis (Judaism) a shawl with a ritually knotted fringe at each corner; worn by Jews at morning prayer
    • n Tallis English organist and composer of church and secular music; was granted a monopoly in music printing with William Byrd (1505-1585)
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The first U.S. census to be tallied by computer was in 1950. UNIVAC did the tallying.
    • n Tallis Same as Tallith.
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Tally ho! - (UK) This is an exclamation used for encouragement before doing something difficult or dangerous.


In literature:

There is a right way and a wrong way to keep tally of them and I can't find it out.
"Winter Evening Tales" by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr
We'll see how James' information tallies with his.
"In Clive's Command" by Herbert Strang
The description of the Wantley dragon tallies with that of the crocodile very nearly.
"Notes and Queries, Issue No. 61, December 28, 1850" by Various
In that Irish fox-hunting song all the gallery will be shouting 'Tally-ho!
"The Grey Wig: Stories and Novelettes" by Israel Zangwill
In ninety-nine cases out of a hundred it will not tally with yours.
"Richard Wagner" by John F. Runciman
Then he gave accounts of himself which did not in the least tally with the facts of Roger's life.
"Celebrated Claimants from Perkin Warbeck to Arthur Orton" by Anonymous
That's a interestin' tally-sheet.
"The Ridin' Kid from Powder River" by Henry Herbert Knibbs
Tallis is supposed by Rimbault to have been a pupil of Mulliner, the organist of St. Paul's, but there is no evidence to support this.
"Old St. Paul's Cathedral" by William Benham
This, however, does not tally with the well-known legend of the clock, which now follows.
"Hero Tales and Legends of the Rhine" by Lewis Spence
At the other end of the fish hold another of the Ferrara boys was tallying in fish.
"Poor Man's Rock" by Bertrand W. Sinclair
Redmond appeared with an immense open hamper into which he dumped the birds two by two, keeping tally in a loud voice.
"The Killer" by Stewart Edward White
Suddenly a wild tally-ho from Roger.
"Letters to Helen" by Keith Henderson
All he had seen and heard tallied too well with it to leave in his mind any room for doubt.
"The Lost Treasure of Trevlyn" by Evelyn Everett-Green
Try by this, as a tally, every provision of our constitution, and see if it hangs directly on the will of the people.
"Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson" by Thomas Jefferson
So far," broke off the speaker, raising his eyes to Mr. Carr's, "particulars tally with the information supplied by you.
"Elster's Folly" by Mrs. Henry Wood
I just made a rough tally of what I found to-day.
"Skyrider" by B. M. Bower
The tally isn't in yet.
"Plague Ship" by Andre Norton
A loud, clear, shrill 'TALLY-HO, AWAY!
"Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour" by R. S. Surtees
His description of buffalo hunts among the Sioux tallies exactly with the Pembina hunts of a later day.
"Pathfinders of the West" by A. C. Laut
The number of cannonball alone tallied with the account.
"In the Irish Brigade" by G. A. Henty

In poetry:

I who have the gift can hear
Hounds and horn and tally ho,
And the tongue of Bran as clear
As Christmas bells across the snow.
"A Fairy Hunt" by Francis Ledwidge
No numbers have counted my tallies,
No tribes my house can fill,
I sit by the shining Fount of Life
And pour the deluge still;
"Song Of Nature" by Henry David Thoreau
No numbers have counted my tallies,
No tribes my house can fill,
I sit by the shining Fount of Life,
And pour the deluge still;
"Song of Nature" by Ralph Waldo Emerson
And the charm of the carol rapt me,
As I held, as if by their hands, my comrades in the night;
And the voice of my spirit tallied the song of the bird.
"When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd" by Walt Whitman
Cardelia. Wretch that I was, how often have I swore,
When Winnall tally'd, I would punt no more?
I know the Bite, yet to my Ruin run;
And see the Folly, which I cannot shun.
"The Basset-Table : An Eclogue" by Alexander Pope
O thou within this tomb,
From thee, such scenes—thou stintless, lavish Giver,
Tallying the gifts of Earth—large as the Earth,
Thy name an Earth, with mountains, fields and rivers.
"Brother Of All, With Generous Hand" by Walt Whitman

In news:

Raymond Tallis likes a fight.
Tally Ho presents Monte Carlo fundraiser.
In its 62 years, Tally Ho, the annual benefit for Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford, has taken place at several different times and places.
Tally Ho presents Monte Carlo.
Tally Ho receives high honor.
The Alabama Restaurant Association released the finalists for the 2012 Restaurateur of the Year Award, and the Tally Ho in Selma is on the list.
Don Devine, the owner of the Tally Ho Theatre in Leesburg, in 2001.
Leesburg's Tally Ho Theatre closing in September.
The Tally Ho Theatre, shown in 1948, is falling victim to the march of technology, namely digital projection, and will close Sept 3.
Companies have expressed interest in turning the Tally Ho Theatre into a bank, a restaurant or a music venue.
Bulldogs, Tigers tally 64 percent of vote.
Tidewater talent tally for this weekend.
Tidewater talent tally for the weekend.
Tidewater talent tally for this weekend.
Fabian Truss tallied 262 all-purpose yards rushing for Samford.

In science:

Note that we tally the time from the trigger, not the ”burst” which has a poorly defined occurrence time.
Swift's Ability to Detect Gamma-Ray Bursts
The kth column in the central matrix corresponds to an tallying of when the kth table is chosen (gray), when a table of index larger than k is chosen (white), and when an index smaller than k is chosen (×).
Clusters and features from combinatorial stochastic processes
It takes around a decade for the number of citation classics per year to rise to over 30, a figure which tallies well with the 5 year timescale required to reach a maximum citation rate followed by a slow decline (Abt 1981).
Citation measures and impact within astronomy
Note that we have not included in this tally sources first identified as AXPs, and later found to burst like SGRs.
Soft Gamma Repeaters and Anomalous X-ray Pulsars: Magnetar Candidates
Tally integers are given by the type: N = ∀α.!(α ⊸ α) ⊸ §(α ⊸ α).
An Embedding of the BSS Model of Computation in Light Affine Lambda-Calculus
The term length computes the length of the list as a tally integer; init maps a list l onto the corresponding initial configuration hnil, l, q0i; extract recovers from a configuration hf − , f + , qi the list corresponding to f + .
An Embedding of the BSS Model of Computation in Light Affine Lambda-Calculus
We hence retrieved all conference papers with at least one author affiliated to one of the mentioned top-10 countries that were published in 1999 and we tallied the citations they received until 1st August 2009.
The skewness of computer science
When p is an integer, the covariance expression in qj k ,p(x) can be computed using the moment generating function of a truncated multivariate normal distribution (Tallis, 1961).
Testing Functional Inequalities
In practice, for each batch we keep a tally of all of the biconnected graphs generated, and only condense this information using the star content and unlabeling factor values to a value for Bk at the end of the loop.
Ninth and Tenth Order Virial Coefficients for Hard Spheres in D Dimensions
To date, we have obtained over 300 spectra, tallied in Fig. 1(b), and are performing initial abundance analysis.
Hi-Res Spectroscopy of a Volume-Limited Hipparcos Sample within 100 parsec
Yunes, Tallys H., Dominic Napolitano, Alan Scheller-Wolf, Sridhar Tayur. 2007.
Stochastic Depletion Problems: Effective Myopic Policies for a class of Dynamic Optimization Problems
We will work up to the general question by first examining the special (low ratings) case when one candidate has at least as many votes as the other throughout the tally.
Counting interesting elections
How many ways are there to report the votes so that at all times during the tally N is not ahead of E? We may represent the state of the tally at any moment by the pair (x, y), where the coordinates x and y count the votes received by E and N respectively.
Counting interesting elections
Thus the director of programming may, for example, determine the likelihood that a random tally of votes will satisfy the network’s needs.
Counting interesting elections
It is well known that any set A over Σ∗ can be encoded as a tally set TA such that A is worst-case hard if and only if TA is worst-case hard.
Collapsing and Separating Completeness Notions under Average-Case and Worst-Case Hypotheses