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    • n TRF hormone released by the hypothalamus that controls the release of thyroid-stimulating hormone from the anterior pituitary
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In news:

TRF Elects Pressman to Board of Directors.
Friends & Family of the 221st at TRF .
Some Images from TRF 2011.
Some Images from TRF 2011 Click to enlarge.
TRF Parade Icy Gets Pulled Over - 2007.
' Pasture Party' at Churchill Raises $67,000 for TRF.
TRF Should Redefine Its Mission.
Reiley McDonald is the managing partner of Eaton Sales and served two years on the TRF board of directors.
TRF Alleges Libel, Slander in Mellon Lawsuit.
The soured relationship between the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation and its key benefactor, the Paul Mellon Estate, withered further Jan 5 when the TRF sued an executor of the endowment for libel and slander .
Terence Collier Named TRF President.
Great Lakes Airlines Expands to TRF, Devils Lake.
Privacy Charges Drive TRF Councilman to Resign.
Traffic Light Coming to Dangerous TRF Intersection.
TRF Sanford Exec Takes CEO Job at Juneau Hospital.

In science:

Therefore u − d ˜E k−1 f φ is in N (trf , P Λk (Tf )) and d(u − d ˜E k−1 f φ) = 0.
Local bounded cochain projection
By Lemma 4.3, there is a τ ∈ N (trf , P Λk−1 (Tf )) such that dτ = u − d ˜E k−1 f φ.
Local bounded cochain projection
Hence, the function σ = τ + ˜E k−1 f φ satisfies trf σ = φ ∈ ˘P Λk−1 (f ).
Local bounded cochain projection
Furthermore, the exactness of (P Λ(f ), d) implies that there is a φ ∈ P Λm−1(f ) such that dφ = trf τ .
Local bounded cochain projection
Therefore, it only remains to show that Rf trf e = 0.
Local bounded cochain projection