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  • Susie Orbach
    Susie Orbach
    “We know that every woman wants to be thin. Our images of womanhood are almost synonymous with thinness.”
  • Francis Bacon
    “Knowledge and human power are synonymous.”
  • Warren Bennis
    Warren Bennis
    “Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple, and it is also that difficult.”
  • John Barrymore
    “I am thinking of taking a fifth wife. Why not? Solomon had a thousand wives and he is a synonym for wisdom.”
  • Leonard Bernstein
    Leonard Bernstein
    “Technique is communication: the two words are synonymous in conductors.”
  • Burt Bacharach
    Burt Bacharach
    “A synonym is a word you use when you can't spell the word you first thought of.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Gr. synōnymonsyn, with, onoma, a name.


In literature:

And yet possibly this particular manner of saying "to make love" had not the precise significance of its synonyms.
"Swann's Way" by Marcel Proust
For nothing can originate out of pure non-being, but only out of the non-being of reality, which is synonymous with being as a possibility.
"Master Olof" by August Strindberg
In France the words Calvinist and Huguenot are synonymous.
"Beacon Lights of History, Volume VI" by John Lord
The Middle Ages also believed in repentance, but taught that repentance and penance were synonymous.
"Beacon Lights of History, Volume VII" by John Lord
Speculation and most forms of gambling are synonymous with debt and ruin.
"The Old Man in the Corner" by Baroness Orczy
Synonyms are words which have very nearly the same meaning.
"De La Salle Fifth Reader" by Brothers of the Christian Schools
Beauty and corpulence are synonymous.
"The World of Waters" by Mrs. David Osborne
It comprises now rising of fifteen hundred words, including some synonyms.
"Personal Memoirs Of A Residence Of Thirty Years With The Indian Tribes On The American Frontiers" by Henry Rowe Schoolcraft
Are forgiveness, and chattel-making, synonymes?
"The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Part 1 of 4" by American Anti-Slavery Society
Are forgiveness, and chattel-making, synonymes?
"The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus" by American Anti-Slavery Society
In the following list the first name is usually the one adopted in the text, and those that follow are synonyms.
"The Fern Lover's Companion" by George Henry Tilton
The Almighty Dollar of our worship has more synonymes than the Roman Pantheon had divinities.
"Atlantic Monthly, Volume 6, No. 38, December, 1860" by Various
They might almost be used as synonyms for "hard working" on the labor level.
"Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves" by Work Projects Administration
If Bossuet is to Frenchmen a synonym for sublimity, no less to them is Fenelon a synonym for saintliness.
"French Classics" by William Cleaver Wilkinson
The name of Jew was synonymous to Roman ears with vulgar fanaticism.
"The Cradle of the Christ" by Octavius Brooks Frothingham
O'Connell and genuine Popery are almost synonymous terms with this lord bishop.
"Auricular Confession and Popish Nunneries Volumes I. and II., Complete" by William Hogan
With her law and trouble were synonyms.
"Miss Arnott's Marriage" by Richard Marsh
A very large variety, sometimes confounded with the Round cob-nut and its synonyms.
"The Nut Culturist" by Andrew S. Fuller
She said last time that you thought ink and ideas were synonyms.
"Regiment of Women" by Clemence Dane
A dictionary of synonyms.
"Daddy Long-Legs" by Jean Webster

In poetry:

Then Eve, the synonym of grace,
Drew nearer to the solemn place,
And heard the words to music set
In tones so sweet, she ne'er forgot.
"The Saxon Legend Of Language" by Mary Weston Fordham
Dear Margaret! that "pearl-name"
Is thine--and may it be
The synonym of goodness,
Of truth and purity,
And all ennobling graces
Exemplified in thee.
"Margaret" by Hattie Howard
We promised loud, and boasted high,
"To break our country's chains, or die;"
And, should we quail, that country's name
Will be the synonym of shame.
"We Must Not Fail" by Thomas Osborne Davis
To find at last all beauty is but dust;
That love and sorrow are the very same;
That joy is only suffering's sweeter name;
And sense is but the synonym of lust.
"The Land Of Illusion" by Madison Julius Cawein
For me, the naked and the nude (By lexicographers construed
As synonyms that should express
The same deficiency of dress
Or shelter) stand as wide apart
As love from lies, or truth from art.
"The Naked And The Nude" by Robert Graves
Cordelia--a name well revered;
Synonymous with truth and tried
Affection; which but needs be heard
To raise one selfsame thought endeared
To men and women far and wide;
A name our mothers taught to us.
"Cordelia" by William Michael Rossetti

In news:

A recent biography of the physician William Osler credits him with having generated a verb, to "oslerize", as a synonym for euthanasia.
During World War II, Robert L Scott's name was synonymous with the US Army Air Forces.
The man whose name is synonymous with kung fu died 30 years ago Sunday, at just 32.
Ribbons have become so synonymous with raisi.
Butterball is synonymous with turkey.
For much of the 20th century, Carl Sandburg 's name was synonymous with the American experience, a spokesman on behalf of "the people".
Seven Dials, in central London, was synonymous with poverty and crime, a black hole to most Londoners.
Cooking and family are synonymous for Gigi Wielezynski, who grew up in France.
A new synonym for 'stinkeroo.
Long-time resident has roots in Georgia town synonymous with sweet onions.
Hate speech, free speech not synonymous terms.
Fourth of July fireworks shows —and New Year's Eve displays, for that matter— at the Beach Pier on Fort Myers Beach have been synonymously linked with Bill Semmer, his family members and the.
This year's Fourth of July is synonymous with two things: fireworks and free.
Rapped about the superior shell toe in 1986, the sneaker became so synonymous with the image of old-school hip-hop that few realize the Superstar's origins as a basketball shoe.
There are players that are synonymous with pro football such as John Elway, Dan Marino, Eric Dickerson, to name a few.

In science:

Usually the terms “refinable function” and “scaling function” are synonyms in the literature, and they are used in both senses: as a solution to the refinable equation and as a function generating MRA.
$p$-Adic multiresolution analyses
In this context, ‘open’ is synonymous with ‘cosmological.’ The cosmological caveats include the redshift dependence of gas and dark matter (DM) in flux along the large-scale filaments which feed the growing disk inside an assembling halo.
Galactic Bars in Cosmological Context
Synonyms and topicrelated words generally are, according to the Hamming distance, high weighted.
Statistical Automatic Summarization in Organic Chemistry
Incidentally, there is no such thing as a dot product between two vectors.4 Rather, dot products can only be defined between vectors and covectors (or synonymously, between vectors and 1-forms).
A Simple Introduction to Particle Physics Part II
I note that that while the name CMSSM is often used synonymously with mSUGRA, for minimal supergravity [18, 24].
Dark Energy and Dark Matter
Here, we shall treat both terms as synonyms.
Primordial Fluctuations in String Cosmology
Comparing the results of the similarity functions shows that computing similarities based on synonym words is more accurate than computing similarities based on the stems of words. However, we use both functions in the next phases and compare the final results together.
Opinion Polarity Identification through Adjectives
In this subsection, we explained how to compute the similarity of two adjectives using synonyms or corresponding stems. In the next subsection we will explain how to use similarity values to determine the polarity of adjectives.
Opinion Polarity Identification through Adjectives
The results from the examples when using synonyms as descriptors of individual senses can be seen in table 2.
MUDOS-NG: Multi-document Summaries Using N-gram Graphs (Tech Report)
We notice that e.g., the words ‘smart’ and ‘clever’ are found to have no relation whatsoever, because no common synonyms are found within WordNet.
MUDOS-NG: Multi-document Summaries Using N-gram Graphs (Tech Report)
Furthermore, since a given word always appears in its own synonym list, word spelling similarity still plays an important role when judging relatedness between senses of two different words.
MUDOS-NG: Multi-document Summaries Using N-gram Graphs (Tech Report)
In the usual space-time description the Galileo principle is also synonymous of uniformity of space and time: however, now the causal network captures the conventionality of homogeneity of space and time,4 which has been an old debated issue in Special Relativity [9, 10].
Physics as quantum information processing
In the modern mathematical literature, these numbers are often referred to as a simple example of Clifford algebras under the name ‘hyperbolic algebra’ with very many synonyms though .
Non-Smooth Spatio-Temporal Coordinates in Nonlinear Dynamics
Similarity Pruning Users can also employ synonyms to mention the same facet.
Product Review Summarization based on Facet Identification and Sentence Clustering
Of the total of 9506 sentences in the SDSS corpus, 1 882 (19%) unique sentences were tagged by our restricted patterns and 1 959 (20%) sentences by the expanded patterns with WordNet, thus the coverage by adding lexical entries (synonyms) from an external resource was not significantly increased.
Annotation of Scientific Summaries for Information Retrieval