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    • Sword-cane a cane or stick containing a sword
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. sweord; Ice. sverdh, Ger. schwert.


In literature:

Cleggett had left his sword cane in the barroom, but he judged it would be just as well to allow it to remain there for the present.
"The Cruise of the Jasper B." by Don Marquis
De Launay, 'discovered in gray frock with poppy-coloured riband,' is for killing himself with the sword of his cane.
"The French Revolution" by Thomas Carlyle
His fingers are closed upon his cane as upon a sword.
"The Works of Max Beerbohm" by Max Beerbohm
In the mean time I armed myself with my sword in one hand and my cane in the other.
"Travels Through France and Italy" by Tobias Smollett
Thereupon John Boynton, who was provided with a sword cane, drew his weapon and threatened to run it through the younger Smith.
"The Story of the Mormons From the Date of their Origin to the Year 1901" by William Alexander Linn
All the arms, "guns, pistols, swords, hunting-knives, and sword-canes," are carried off.
"The Origins of Contemporary France, Volume 3 (of 6)" by Hippolyte A. Taine
In spite of the indispensable cane in his right hand, he wore his long battle sword, but he would have been wiser to leave it at home.
"Barbara Blomberg, Complete" by Georg Ebers
Does not every officer wear a sword instead of a cane?
"White Jacket" by Herman Melville
He darted toward him, and before Carmichael could prevent him, dragged the sword-cane away.
"The Goose Girl" by Harold MacGrath
Without a word he ran down the street, his cane thrown away, and his drawn sword in his hand.
"Kate Bonnet" by Frank R. Stockton
Remember the time I snatched the sword out of my cane and lunged at a horse trader from Tennessee?
"The Wit and Humor of America, Volume III. (of X.)" by Various
Remember the time I snatched the sword out of my cane and lunged at a horse trader from Tennessee?
"An Arkansas Planter" by Opie Percival Read
Hard by was nailed a rack containing a couple of antique swords, a walking-cane and a large telescope.
"The Blue Pavilions" by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
Klem Zareff's cane went on the table with his pistol; there was a sword inside it.
"The Cosmic Computer" by Henry Beam Piper
De Launay, "discovered in gray frock with poppy-colored riband," is for killing himself with the sword of his cane.
"Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern, Vol. VIII" by Various
While talking, he took up a handsome malacca sword-cane belonging to Dr. Carter and absently played with it.
"The Home Life of Poe" by Susan Archer Weiss
They menaced the communiers with their canes and swords, while redoubling their gibes.
"The Pilgrim's Shell or Fergan the Quarryman" by Eugène Sue
Pierce and Canes presented to him by Notable Personages; Sword presented by ladies of Concord, to President Pierce.
"Historic Homes" by Mary H. Northend
Directly their canes did not suffice, they drew their swords and let a little blood for the good of their patients.
"Garrick's Pupil" by Auguston Filon
What anachronisms in swords and canes and eye-glasses, in ruffles, in collars, in wigs!
"The Gentle Reader" by Samuel McChord Crothers