Sunset shell


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Sunset shell (Zoöl) a West Indian marine bivalve (Tellina radiata) having a smooth shell marked with radiating bands of varied colors resembling those seen at sunset or before sunrise; -- called also rising sun.
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In literature:

The door was open behind them, held back by a big pink conch shell with hints of sea sunsets in its smooth inner convolutions.
"Anne Of Green Gables" by Lucy Maud Montgomery
Toward sunset a battleship was seen to send two shells against the cliff edge south of Suvla Bay.
"New York Times Current History; The European War, Vol 2, No. 3, June, 1915" by Various
One long blank of drenching rain unrelieved by shells, till at sunset a stormy light broke in the west, and a few shots were fired.
"Ladysmith" by H. W. Nevinson
From sunrise to sunset they watched the shot and shell poured into the fort and noted with infinite joy that the flag still flew.
"How the Flag Became Old Glory" by Emma Look Scott

In poetry:

The Angelus bells siring to and fro,
And the sunset lingers to hear their swell,
For the sunset loves such music well.
A big, bright moon is hovering low,
Where the edge of the sky is all aglow,
Like the middle heart of a red, red shell.
"Barcarole III" by Susan Coolidge