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    • ns Sugar-gum a large Australian eucalyptus yielding good timber, with sweetish foliage
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr. sucre—Sp. azucar—Ar. assokhar—Pers. shakar—Sans. carkarā, sugar, orig. grains of sand, applied to sugar because occurring in grains.


In literature:

Another formula is given by Griffin, as follows: 1 bar ivory soap, cut fine, 1 pound of brown sugar, 2 ounces liquid storax (not the gum).
"The Miracle Mongers, an Exposé" by Harry Houdini
Everything that they consume as food contains a certain quantity of starch, gum, or sugar, mixed with other matters.
"Familiar Letters of Chemistry" by Justus Liebig
Then strain it hot over a quarter of a pound of pulverized sugar candy, and an ounce of pulverized gum arabic.
"Directions for Cookery, in its Various Branches" by Eliza Leslie
Carbohydrates (starches, sugars, and gums).
"A Practical Physiology" by Albert F. Blaisdell
We simmered down maple sap for brown sugar and chewed the sweet gum.
"Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States" by Work Projects Administration
Two cupfuls of sugar, one-quarter of a pound of gum arabic, one pint of water.
"The Whitehouse Cookbook (1887)" by Mrs. F.L. Gillette
A veal pye too, with sugar crammed and plums, Was wondrous grateful to the Doctor's gums.
"Autobiography, Letters and Literary Remains of Mrs. Piozzi (Thrale) (2nd ed.) (2 vols.)" by Mrs. Hester Lynch Piozzi
The chapters on cellulose, gums, sugars and oils are particularly interesting.
"Creative Chemistry" by Edwin E. Slosson
Add this with half a pound of sugar to the dissolved gum.
"The Golden Age Cook Book" by Henrietta Latham Dwight
The malt extract consists of gum, sugar, various acids, salts and hop extract.
"Alcohol: A Dangerous and Unnecessary Medicine, How and Why" by Martha M. Allen
M. M. Mucilage, as sugar and gum arabic.
"Zoonomia, Vol. II" by Erasmus Darwin
Fruits vary as to the quantities of sugar, acid, pectin, and gums in their composition.
"Canned Fruit, Preserves, and Jellies: Household Methods of Preparation" by Maria Parloa
This is avoided by using double-refined sugar, which contains no gum.
"Soil Culture" by J. H. Walden
If wood, starch, gum, or sugar, be burned in a stove, they produce heat.
"The Elements of Agriculture" by George E. Waring
The gum is flavored with sugar and spices.
"Applied Physiology" by Frank Overton
Silks may be stiffened by adding two or three lumps of sugar, or half a teaspoonful of gum Arabic to the water.
"The Copeland Method" by Vanness Copeland
We found these birds nesting in the big sugar-gums bordering Warunda Creek, Eyre Peninsula.
"An Australian Bird Book" by John Albert Leach
Put the dissolved gum arabic into a saucepan with a half pound of powdered sugar.
"The Century Cook Book" by Mary Ronald
If a hard Gum Drop is wanted, use more Gum Arabic and less Sugar.
"Frye's Practical Candy Maker" by George V. Frye
Sap is characterized in sugar maple, sweet gum, balsam fir, and sweet birch.
"Trees Worth Knowing" by Julia Ellen Rogers

In news:

"I wrestled with bulimia all through college and for two years after that," she said, describing the guilt she felt at eating a single cookie or chewing a stick of gum that wasn't sugar-free.
Chewing sugar-free gum that contains sorbitol may speed the return of normal bowel function after colon surgery.
The largest US dentist group now says gum can be good for you, as long as it is sugar-free.
The "gum" you are referring to could result from the low-quality substrate, sugar cane molasses, that you are using or a result of the production of a gum product by the microorganism you are fermenting .
Gum arabic pinch of cinnamon pinch of powdered ginger pinch of ground cloves as needed, white sugar.
A common artificial sweetener found in sugar-free baked goods, candy, oral hygiene products and chewing gum can be a killer if ingested by a dog, the FDA is warning.
Sugar-Free Gum, to Fight Tooth Decay .
Cadbury is extending its Trident line of sugar-free gum with Trident Vitality, which is designed to bring a more sophisticated blend of flavors.
Trident , Trident Vitality, Cadbury, gum, sugar-free gum, Vigorate, Rejuve, Awaken, vitamin C, ginseng, white tea, Kelly Bivens.
The authors conclude that prescription of sugar-free chew ­­ing gum to den­tate older people living in the community and attending routine dental services was not associated with a significant in­crease in stimulated saliva flow.
Sugar-Free Gum , to Fight Tooth Decay.
Sugar Free Fruit Stripe gum wrappers still contain tattoos of Yipes, the Fruit Stripe zebra, playing basketball, soccer, tennis, inline skating, hang gliding, bicycling, snowboarding and surfing.
Do not forget about all the hidden sugars maltadextrose, high fructose corn syrup, fructose, xatham gum the names go on.
Trident launches its newest range of sugar-free gum, Trident Vitality .
Cadbury is extending its Trident line of sugar-free gum with Trident Vitality , which is designed to bring a more sophisticated blend of flavors.