• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Sublimeness The quality or state of being sublime; sublimity.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n sublimeness The condition or quality of being sublime; loftiness of sentiment or style; sublimity.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • ns Sublimeness loftiness: elevation: grandeur: loftiness of thought or style: nobleness of nature or character: excellence
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  • Josh Billings
    “When a man gets talking about himself, he seldom fails to be eloquent and often reaches the sublime.”
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
    “Know how sublime a thing it is to suffer and be strong.”
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
    “Lives of great men all remind us we can make our lives sublime. And, departing, leave behind us footprints on the sands of time.”
  • Lauter
    “He who has not forgiven an enemy has never yet tasted one of the most sublime enjoyments of life.”
  • Eric Hoffer
    “There is sublime thieving in all giving. Someone gives us all he has and we are his.”
  • Fyodor Dostoevsky
    “Neither man or nation can exist without a sublime idea.”


From the sublime to the ridiculous - If something declines considerably in quality or importance, it is said to have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous.


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. sublimis, high, ety. dub.; perh. sub-limen, up to the lintel.


In literature:

There were in it abandonment, neglect, oblivion, exile, and sublimity.
"The Memoirs of Victor Hugo" by Victor Hugo
Keen was the ridicule lavished on the dull pedantry which finds everything ancient necessarily sublime.
"Zanoni" by Edward Bulwer Lytton
The man that loses faith in God, ye'll find out every time, Has found a faith in his own self that's mighty nigh sublime.
"Eben Holden" by Irving Bacheller
Then at once History becomes fluid and true, and Biography deep and sublime.
"Essays, First Series" by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Colossal it certainly is, as Howells and Stedman agreed: colossal in its grotesqueness as in its sublimity.
"Mark Twain, A Biography, 1835-1910, Complete" by Albert Bigelow Paine
According to this division there are two kinds of the sublime, the sublime of knowledge and the sublime of force.
"The Aesthetical Essays" by Friedrich Schiller
Experience explicitly contradicts this sublime reverie.
"Good Sense" by Paul Henri Thiry, Baron D'Holbach
It was hideous and sublime.
"The Thirteen" by Honore de Balzac
It might develop the highest qualities and the most sublime conduct.
"Lothair" by Benjamin Disraeli
To him the marvelous was the beautiful, the mysterious was the sublime.
"Lectures of Col. R. G. Ingersoll, Volume I" by Robert Green Ingersoll
This was the sublimity of devotion to principle.
"Lectures of Col. R. G. Ingersoll - Latest" by Robert Green Ingersoll
But at last Pierre tore himself away from the sublime spectacle.
"Rome From the "Three Cities"" by Emile Zola
It is really sublime!
"The Three Cities Trilogy, Complete Lourdes, Rome and Paris" by Emile Zola
Observe how the great and sublime Homer acts on these occasions!
"Trips to the Moon" by Lucian
In sublimity Aeschylus has never been surpassed.
"Beacon Lights of History, Volume I" by John Lord
His rhetoric is at once ornamented and sublime.
"Four Early Pamphlets" by William Godwin
Since the time when Noah left the ark to set his foot upon a recovered world, a landing so sublime as that of Columbus had never occurred.
"Christopher Columbus and His Monument Columbia" by Various
It has been said that Collins is neither sublime nor pathetic; but only ingenious and fanciful.
"The Poetical Works of William Collins" by William Collins
To every observation on their power, sublimity, or beauty, there has been but one reply: They are not like nature.
"Modern Painters Volume I (of V)" by John Ruskin
There was now and then some sublime heart, willing to die for an intellectual conviction.
"The Ghosts" by Robert G. Ingersoll

In poetry:

Urged by the goad of stern taskmaster Time,
The Seasons come and go, the years roll round.
I watch them from my solitude sublime,
Uttering no sound.
""What ails you, Ocean, that nor near nor far"" by Alfred Austin
O'er all the transient things of time
The oblivious foot of years hath trod,
But all that's sacred and sublime
Stands steadfast as the truth of God.
"Ioy after Sorrow" by John Bowring
O Thou, to whom in ancient time
The lyre of Hebrew bards was strung,
Whom kings adored in song sublime,
And prophets praised with glowing tongue,—
"Hymns For Dedication I" by John Pierpont
Were all stars to disappear or die,
I should learn to look at an empty sky
And feel its total dark sublime,
Though this might take me a little time.
"The More Loving One" by W H Auden
When something inspires them to write,
Are they never at loss for a rhyme?
I'm sure to get endings so trite,
Though my thought may be really sublime.
"The Distressed Poet (Pantoum)" by Oscar Fay Adams
Are they never at loss for a rhyme?
Do they never have trouble at all?
Though my thought may be really sublime,
The right word will not come at my call.
"The Distressed Poet (Pantoum)" by Oscar Fay Adams

In news:

Sure, we'd like to see Dave Sitek gather together the far-flung all-star cast with which he collaborated on the sublime Maximum Balloon debut and set a date at The Blue Note.
Can Roger, Rafa slow the sublime Serb .
Swiss prankster Olaf Breuning navigates between the sublime and the ridiculous in films, sculptures, and multimedia works that take on everything from Easter Island to Woody Allen.
This DIY gift idea comes from Jodi Kahn's book Simply Sublime Gifts.
Sublime, Ottly Mercer, Dick Dale, Van Morrison.
Sublime, Tame Impala, The Beatles, Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Rage Against the Machine, Jimi Hendrix, A Tribe Called Quest, Dead Kennedys, the Strokes, Bob Marley, Lord Echo, Pink Floyd, Shuggie Otis, the Chantays.
The reformed group - now called Sublime With Rome - has signed to Fueled By Ramen.
Sublime Releasing First New Disc Since Bradley Nowell Died.
The feel of this delicious felt in flight is sublime.
Its applewood- smoked cheddar has a subtle but sublime smoky flavor and the smoked Billy blue combined with a little butter and crushed garlic is the perfect finish tor a pan-fried steak.
Space photos of Chicago offer peek at the sublime.
St Armands' Dream Weaver will craft a coat or any couture covering to your sublime specifications.
Sublime, Everclear, Incubus, Accident Experiment, MediaLab, Unwritten Law, Sator Square, Mower, Psychotic Waltz, Kemistry.
Perhaps there is no more sublime work in human relationships than advocacy.
Burning Spear, Sublime, StoneSenses, the Mighty Diamonds, Peter Tosh, Iration, Psydecar.

In science:

Even after the ejection phase, the ISM is in any case a difficult environment for grain survival: grains can be destroyed there by evaporation, thermal sublimation in intense radiation fields, evaporation in grain-grain collisions, and by radiative SN shocks.
High-Redshift Galaxies: The Far-Infrared and Sub-Millimeter View
These results do support the current interpretion that source (a) corresponds to emission from dust near sublimation temperature delimiting the walls of the cavity in the central obscuring torus.
Hot Very Small dust Grains in NGC 1068 seen in jet induced structures thanks to VLT/NACO adaptive optics
This interpretation was recently fully confirmed by CFHT diffraction-limited spectroscopy at a spectral resolution of 220 (Gratadour et al. 2003 : GRCLF03), that allowed to derive a color temperature of 950 K and a deredenned one of 1200 K, i.e. close to sublimation temperature of silicates.
Hot Very Small dust Grains in NGC 1068 seen in jet induced structures thanks to VLT/NACO adaptive optics
The latter is due to emission of very hot dust with temperatures close to the grain sublimation, and essentially missing in purely starburst regions.
Complete Multiwavelength Characterization of Faint Chandra X-ray Sources Seen in the Spitzer Wide-Area IR Extragalactic (SWIRE) Survey
At temperatures above 1200K, iron and silicates sublimate and the main opacity source switches from dust to molecular gas.
Ice Lines, Planetesimal Composition and Solid Surface Density in the Solar Nebula
If each ice were a pure solid, ED would simply be the sublimation energy and desorption physics could be calculated nonkinetically using vapor pressure.
Ice Lines, Planetesimal Composition and Solid Surface Density in the Solar Nebula
However, molecules in mixed ices may have substantially different binding energies than those in pure ices, so the sublimation energy approximation is inadequate.
Ice Lines, Planetesimal Composition and Solid Surface Density in the Solar Nebula
Some co-desorption with H2O occurs, but most desorption takes place at the sublimation energy.
Ice Lines, Planetesimal Composition and Solid Surface Density in the Solar Nebula
These five ices account for 98% of the ice mass in regions where T ≤ 35 K, the sublimation temperature of CO.
Ice Lines, Planetesimal Composition and Solid Surface Density in the Solar Nebula
H2S remains in the outer solar nebula because the gas at R > 9 AU never gets hotter than the H2S sublimation temperature in our model.
Ice Lines, Planetesimal Composition and Solid Surface Density in the Solar Nebula
Even when the solar nebula temperature drops below the nominal sublimation temperature of NO, some thermal desorption still takes place, albeit at a much-reduced rate (see Eq. 33).
Ice Lines, Planetesimal Composition and Solid Surface Density in the Solar Nebula
This puts its sublimation temperature near the assumed ambient temperature of our protostellar disk simulation, 20 K.
Ice Lines, Planetesimal Composition and Solid Surface Density in the Solar Nebula
The small hydrocarbons in our model have similar sublimation temperatures, creating an “oil line” that moves from 8 AU at t = 0 to 3 AU after 2 Myr.
Ice Lines, Planetesimal Composition and Solid Surface Density in the Solar Nebula
The dashed line at 800 K shows the minimum temperature for silicate crystallization (Gail 1998); the dotted line at 160 K shows the sublimation temperature of H2O from the temperature-programmed desorption experiments of Collings et al. (2004); and the dash-dotted line at 20 K shows the assumed ambient temperature.
Ice Lines, Planetesimal Composition and Solid Surface Density in the Solar Nebula
For an A-type star at a distance of 20 pc, the angular diameter of the photosphere is typically about 1 mas, while the circumstellar disc extends beyond the sublimation radius of dust grains, typically located around 10 to 20 mas for black body grains sublimating at T sub ≃ 1500 K.
A near-infrared interferometric survey of debris disc stars. II. CHARA/FLUOR observations of six early-type dwarfs