• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Subindex (Math) A number or mark placed opposite the lower part of a letter or symbol to distinguish the symbol; thus, a0b1c2xn, have 0, 1, 2, and n as subindices .
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n subindex A specifying figure or letter following and slightly below a figure, letter, or symbol: as the 0 in x0.
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IPath DJ-UBS Cocoa Subindex Total Return ETN NIB (NAR).
Sports subindex page for local high schools .

In science:

The subindex g here means that this expectation value in taken in the background metric which is a solution of the semiclassical equation (1).
Stochastic semiclassical gravity and fluctuations during inflation
The subindex c means that the expectation value is just a classical average.
Stochastic semiclassical gravity and fluctuations during inflation
For a = ac (z ) we verify that ξ (t) exhibits a complex behavior which has, nevertheless, a simple upper bound which satisfies Eq. (15) with q < 1 (from now on noted qsen (z ), where the subindex sen stands for sensitivity) and λq (z ) > 0 (also this has been very recently proved ) .
Nonextensive statistical mechanics: A brief review of its present status
The subindexes in (A.80) and (A.81) are related to the atom-field interaction described by them, that is, a dispersive interaction.
Realization of GHZ States and the GHZ Test via Cavity QED
The scale factor, in this scenario, is given by equation (2.33) with a different lr in each era and the subindex i denoting the beginning of the r-stage (i.e., the end of the (r − 1)-stage).
Relic gravitational waves in the expanding Universe
Here and afterwards, we will use the subindex j to denote different charmonium states, and j = 1, 2, represent hc and χc2 respectively.
Puzzles in $B\to h_c(\chi_{c2})K$ Decays and QCD Factorization
Let us consider two histograms with normalized weights, and subindex j will be used to differentiate them.
Chi-Square Tests for Comparing Weighted Histograms
When it is clear to which process they are referring we suppress the subindex X.
A random-projection based procedure to test if a stationary process is Gaussian
Mj Γj (q 2) Here Rj = V , A, while the subindex j = ρ, a1 on the right hand side stands for the corresponding physical state.
tau -> pi pi pi nu_tau decays and the a_1(1260) off-shell width revisited
Irreducible representations with different types of spin are related to each other through a unitary transformation.7 The unitary transformation that relates helicity spin to front-form spin becomes the identity for massless particles.10–12 This means: m→0−→ Xλ1 λ2 where the subindex h labels helicity states.
Angular momentum decomposition of chiral multiplets in front form
T V is defined by T V (~un) = X∀l and subindex l stands for a generic spatial direction.
A multidimensional hydrodynamic code for structure evolution in cosmology
Here the subindex denotes the connected part of the correlator.
Dynamical structure factor of the anisotropic Heisenberg chain in a transverse field
In order to simplify the notation, in the rest of this subsection in all proofs we drop subindex ε.
Gradient estimates for degenerate quasi-linear parabolic equations
Ai , Ai,k , Bj , Bj,l ∈ L, the index sets I , J are finite, and the subindex sets Ii , Jj are finite for all i ∈ I , j ∈ J .
Orientations, lattice polytopes, and group arrangements III: Cartesian product arrangements and applications to the Tutte type polynomials of graphs
The subindex 0 means that still Γ = 0 of all vector mesons is considered.
Two-Photon Decay Rates of True Neutral Pseudoscalar Mesons from Data on their Transition Form Factors