Step aside


  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Step aside to walk to a little distance, as from company: to err
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  • Scott Elledge
    Scott Elledge
    “It is time I stepped aside for a less experienced and less able man.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. stæpestapan, to go; Dut. stap, Ger. stapfe.


In literature:

Otto stepped aside and examined the dirty piece of paper, which was folded together like a powder and sealed with a lump of wax.
"O. T." by Hans Christian Andersen
So Atwell stepped aside, and remained silent.
"Over The Top" by Arthur Guy Empey
The streets are now quiet, the night, too, is dark, and I may step aside if I meet any rioters.
"The Fair Maid of Perth" by Sir Walter Scott
He made a step or two aside; then returned abruptly, and spoke.
"Sketches and Studies" by Nathaniel Hawthorne
With noiseless step she lifted aside the curtain of skins that guarded it, and stood at the entrance.
"Canadian Crusoes" by Catherine Parr Traill
Those who were following stopped, and the others stepped aside, allowing him to pass.
"The Saint" by Antonio Fogazzaro
Persons unknown to him commanded others to step aside and let him pass; for the busybody we have always with us.
"The Last Hope" by Henry Seton Merriman
He came straight at me, and I stepped aside to let him pass; he stepped in the way and confronted me again.
"Roughing It, Part 8." by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)
He feared lest he might fall upon the step beside the bed, and so struggled to his feet and drew aside.
"Rome From the "Three Cities"" by Emile Zola
He stepped aside, and quick as lightning brought the spark to the touch-hole.
"Gaspar Ruiz" by Joseph Conrad

In poetry:

The chair he filled is set aside
Upon his father’s floor;
In morning hours, at eventide,
His step is heard no more.
"Robert Parkes" by Henry Kendall
He too reached the Castle's portal,
Stood within its archway grim,
Loitering in the path of others;
Who would step aside for him?
"Colhorn" by John Douglas Sutherland Campbell
Then where, they cry, thou fairest o'er the fair,
Where goes thy lover, tell the virgins where?
What flow'ring walks invite his steps aside?
We'll help to seek him, let those walks be try'd.
"Solomon" by Thomas Parnell
The king with horror stepped aside,
And then with anxious look replied:
"Thy bliss to fortune ne'er commit.
On faithless waves, bethink thee how
Thy fleet with doubtful fate swims now—
How soon the storm may scatter it!"
"The Ring Of Polycrates - A Ballad" by Friedrich von Schiller
will not work, but fling aside all thought of daily earth,
And step into the better mind as children into birth,
And shape my life to the sweet rule that all mute things obey
In the golden days of summer, in the long, sweet summer day.
"The Summer Day" by Alexander Anderson
Yet all as before in silence stand,
When a page, with a modest pride,
Steps out of the timorous squirely band,
And his girdle and mantle soon throws aside,
And all the knights, and the ladies too,
The noble stripling with wonderment view.
"The Driver" by Friedrich von Schiller

In news:

'A class act' steps aside at Springstead.
Supervisor steps aside over possible conflict of interest .
Would-Be Bridgeport State Rep Should Step Aside.
Longtime South Pittsburg leaders will step aside.
AKRON, Ohio (AP) — A judge ready to sentence a fourth man in a failed plot to bomb a highway bridge in Ohio asked the defendant if he should step aside because of bias.
A judge ready to sentence a fourth man in a failed plot to bomb a highway bridge in Ohio asked the defendant if he should step aside because of bias.
I posted earlier that it was time for the Saints to step up or step aside.
Democrats Pressing Pelosi to Step Aside.
Barry Zubrow is expected to step aside as head of the bank's corporate and regulatory .
Step aside kayaks and canoes.
Mayo and mustard, step aside.
The restaurant industry's prevailing wisdom long has been that entrepreneurs should step aside when their concepts reach a critical mass and require operations expertise.
Applebee's owner to Obama: Step aside, let us create jobs.
McAuliffe would be widely expected to step aside if Warner runs .
Bill Lee Jr, who had stepped aside as police chief during the investigation of the shooting of unarmed African American teenager Trayvon Martin, has officially resigned as the top cop of Sanford, Fla. A city commissioner said Monday.

In science:

Induction step: As an aside, we hardly have to employ the IH for the compound strategies.
Typed Generic Traversal With Term Rewriting Strategies
As an aside, let us remark that a fractional Brownian walk can also be regarded as a diffusion process with ‘time’ τ = N ∆τ and ‘time-increment’ ∆τ (during ∆τ the diffusion spreads out over the step-length lwalk ).
Black Holes, Space-Filling Chains and Random Walks
Before the first step, we set aside a small set of edges that will not be used until the second step.
Hamilton cycles in 3-out
The set-aside edges are then used in the second step to transform this collection of cycles and paths into a Hamilton cycle.
Hamilton cycles in 3-out
Clearly, all states communicate, so that, leaving aside questions of periodicity, if the chain is allowed to evolve for t steps (from any initial state), the distribution of its final state approaches a unique stationary distribution as t → ¥.
Random Generation and Approximate Counting of Combinatorial Structures