Stay holes


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Stay holes (Naut) openings in the edge of a staysail through which the hanks pass which join it to the stay.
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In literature:

You can't stay in this infernal hole, like a rat in a trap.
"War and the Weird" by Forbes Phillips
He might lay by the woodchuck hole and drift all day, and the woodchuck would just stay in the hole and laugh at the dog.
"Peck's Uncle Ike and The Red Headed Boy 1899" by George W. Peck
Do you suppose I'd stay in this damn lost hole if I could get anywhere else?
"Mountain Blood" by Joseph Hergesheimer
I can't stay in such a wretched hole any longer.
"The Perpetual Curate" by Mrs [Margaret] Oliphant
First of all, the woodwork cracked and the paint came off in blisters, and the dirt that got into the seams and holes and places stayed there.
"The Combined Maze" by May Sinclair
We'll stay here until they reach the hole.
"The Radio Boys with the Revenue Guards" by Gerald Breckenridge
Because of Auguste he had to stay holed up here, blackness pressing on his eyeballs.
"Shaman" by Robert Shea
They stayed to guard the hole while we combed the land.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, December 1930" by Various
In a short time they had seven, for the holes were well furnished with occupants, and with these seven they stayed content.
"The Wolf Patrol" by John Finnemore
But you're going to stay here for seven weeks while I shoot holes in you!
"The Coming of the Law" by Charles Alden Seltzer
Mink will stay in holes several days if they fear danger.
"Mink Trapping" by A. R. (Arthur Robert) Harding
I can't ask you to stay here in this gloomy little hole.
"Victor Ollnee's Discipline" by Hamlin Garland
He said that one of his legs was lame and he thought it best to stay quietly in his hole.
"Among the Meadow People" by Clara Dillingham Pierson
It wasn't nice for me to stay with you at that dingy hole, even for a day or two a year.
"Ghetto Tragedies" by Israel Zangwill
The holes wouldn't stay open long, as cold as it is out here.
"The Corner House Girls Snowbound" by Grace Brooks Hill
We have finally found money that will stay in a pocket with holes in it.
"The Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol. 9 (of 12) Dresden Edition--Political" by Robert G. Ingersoll
I made him a house with plenty of air-holes, and there he stays most of the time on a warm corner of the mantel.
"St. Nicholas Vol XIII. No. 8 June 1886" by Various
Fancy me staying a month in such a smoky hole as this!
"Wenderholme" by Philip Gilbert Hamerton
But I didn't see the use of being in a corps and staying down in the coal hole when there was plenty of room on top.
"Over the Seas for Uncle Sam" by Elaine Sterne
We stayed in that hole for a week.
"Curly" by Roger Pocock

In poetry:

And who, when Right has won the day,
Will take their slimy selves away,
And in their dirty holes will stay?
The Copperheads.
"The Copperheads" by Anonymous Americas
A rainy day in camp! is it possible to find better?
Tho' the lake is like a caldron, and aloft the thunder rolls;
Yet the old canoe is safely on the shore where you can let her
Stay as long as Jupiter Pluvius in the clouds is punching holes.
"A Rainy Day In Camp" by William Henry Drummond

In news:

After a LENGTHY stay on the Pinellas County poky he returns to molest your ear holes EVERY SATURDAY @ Midnight on November 11th.
Ultraviolet laser machining technology helps this shop stay on top of shrinking feature and hole sizes common to the latest biomedical components.
In Atlantic City, at least one watering hole stayed dry in the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy.
POLICE Officer Christa Hayburn stayed holed up in the bathroom of the Philly Empire Lounge, in North Philadelphia, trying to figure out how to duck outside without being spotted by her boss.
The hole in the ozone layer above the Antarctic is no longer growing, but it may be staying around for longer.
But many Donut Hole residents say money doesn't have much to do with why they want to stay in the county.
This will push the plug out of the tool, and it should stay in the hole, stopping the air leak.
Dottie and I, and our lab, Annie, made our annual pilgrimage to Montana last week to stay with our Sonoma friends, Joe and Beth Aaron, at their cabin in Melrose on the Big Hole River.
Maybe Hole singer Courtney Love should just stay away from Vanity Fair writers.

In science:

Consider a state |φi in HM at time t, where M is a spacetime containing a black hole but with the reference point p staying outside the horizon, i.e.
Quantum Mechanics, Spacetime Locality, and Gravity
Extensions of the second-order diagram of the selfenergy[RAD92] stay limited to either the particle-hole or particle-particle channel.
Faddeev Random Phase Approximation applied to molecules
It vanishes at tp and stays equal to zero until the black hole evaporates.
Black Hole Complementarity and the Harlow-Hayden Conjecture
On the other hand the causal patch of Bob, who stays outside the black hole, contains B , as well as the outgoing radiation that was seen from Alice’s patch (See figure 10), but it does not contain A.
Black Hole Complementarity and the Harlow-Hayden Conjecture
Nevertheless, the behavior of the potential at the surface is largely determined by the distortion of the exchange-correlation hole which stays behind as an electron passes through the surface region into the vacuum.
Theory of Adsorption on Metal Substrates
Of course one should stay away from black holes for this experiment.
Dark energy - dark matter - and black holes: The music of the universe
It increases steadily with doping, as shown in Fig. 8.13(c), staying close to the line ǫ = nh , indicating that the hole-density within the charge stripes remains roughly constant but the stripe spacing decreases with doping.
Neutron Scattering Studies of Antiferromagnetic Correlations in Cuprates
This is equivalent to stochastic hopping of holes two steps to the left (i.e. staying on the same sublattice) provided the intervening site is occupied.
Directed diffusion of reconstituting dimers
Instead, the emitted quanta are in a ‘mixed state’ with excitations which stay inside the hole.
What Exactly is the Information Paradox?
Inside the ISCO, fluid elements cannot stay in circular orbits but instead quickly loose centrifugal support and rapidly fall into the black hole.
Probes and Tests of Strong-Field Gravity with Observations in the Electromagnetic Spectrum
The problem with this of course is that we cannot place something at the horizon and expect it to stay there; any excitation at the horizon either falls into the hole or escapes to infinity, leaving no degrees of freedom at the horizon.
Fuzzballs and the information paradox: a summary and conjectures
Although these jets are long-lasting, they behave in certain ways as if the flux had been placed on the black hole as an initial condition (it arrives well before the accretion flow and then stays there, with little change).
General Relativistic MHD Jets
Inaccurate data generated in the black hole interior stay inside the horizon.
Relativistic magnetohydrodynamics in dynamical spacetimes: A new AMR implementation
The angular momentum of the ring makes two black holes remain apart and stay in balance.
Black holes and the LHC: A review
We have shown that the breakdown of the semiclassical approximation, for surfaces that capture some Hawking radiation and stay outside the black hole event horizon (an S-surface), is a phenomenon common to both two and four dimensional black holes.
Black hole thermodynamics from quantum gravity