• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • v. t Stablish stăb"lĭsh To settle permanently in a state; to make firm; to establish; to fix.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • stablish To make stable or firm; establish; set up; ordain.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Stablish stab′lish old form of establish
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Aphetic form of establish,


In literature:

Of these three manner of folk is the world stablished.
"High History of the Holy Graal" by Unknown
Let him quit too much association, let him go home much, and stablish himself in those courses he approves.
"Essays, First Series" by Ralph Waldo Emerson
What a 'stablishment he kept up at that time!
"A Laodicean" by Thomas Hardy
Shucks, no, suh, dis ain't much of a 'stablishment!
"The Crisis, Complete" by Winston Churchill
In accordance with the rules stablished by Caesar Justinian, you have got your due.
"The Well of Saint Clare" by Anatole France
Want to see inside the 'stablishment?
"A Dream of Empire" by William Henry Venable
When thou hast suffered long enough, He will stablish, strengthen, settle thee.
"Out of the Deep Words for the Sorrowful" by Charles Kingsley
May He 'comfort your hearts, and stablish you in every good word and work.
"Expositions of Holy Scripture" by Alexander Maclaren
They stablished what they planned.
"Bradford's History of 'Plimoth Plantation'" by William Bradford
One wot knowes enuf to put on stile & run a fashernable stablishment.
"The Bad Boy At Home And His Experiences In Trying To Become An Editor - 1885" by Walter T. Gray
Marse Thomas, he's a settled, stiddy gen'l'man, en, frum what I hears, I guess he's got a mighty 'stablished-lookin' 'pearance.
"In Connection with the De Willoughby Claim" by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Only let me have your decent regard until I can get 'stablished in new quarters.
"Desert Dust" by Edwin L. Sabin
Let us pray for it, and for the rule of righteousness on which alone it can be stablished.
"The Ministry of Intercession" by Andrew Murray
Heedlessness leadeth unto disobedience on the morrow; but understanding shall stablish him.
"The Instruction of Ptah-Hotep and the Instruction of Ke'Gemni" by Battiscombe G. Gunn
Be ye also patient; stablish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh.
"Misread Passage of Scriptures" by J. Baldwin Brown
What station will best please thee in this fight To ground the targe and stablish thine array?
"The Rhesus of Euripedes" by Euripedes
Jesus saith: A city built upon the top of a high hill and stablished, can neither fall nor be hid.
"A Harmony of the Gospels for Students of the Life of Christ" by Archibald Thomas Robertson
Possibly the meaning is "stablished by faith," the Colossians' faith being the instrument of their establishment.
"The Expositor's Bible: Colossians and Philemon" by Alexander Maclaren
Stablish thine heart, my charioteer.
"The History of Antiquity, Vol. I (of VI)" by Max Duncker
Many outside allusions still remain to the turning again of Peter and stablishing of his brethren in the resurrection faith.
"The Making of the New Testament" by Benjamin W. Bacon

In poetry:

How surely stablished is Thy throne,
Which shall no change or period see!
For Thou, O Lord, and Thou alone,
Art God from all eternity.
"With glory clad, with strength arrayed," by Nahum Tate and Nicholas Brady
Our country is young, let us early instil
Deep into the minds of the youthful and fair,
The greatness of virtue, uprightness and will,
And the poet will help you to 'stablish them there.
"Is There Room For The Poet?" by Thomas Frederick Young
Here are the hills that are 'stablished for ever,
The meadows and moors that are fragrant and free,
The peace of the pools and the rant of the river,
And here is the hushing of summer — but never
A sight or a scent or a sound of the sea.
"Inland" by John Joy Bell

In science:

The connection between quantum groups and link invariants was first stablished in .
Quantum Harmonic Oscillator Algebra and Link Invariants
In section 3 we define the quantum deformation of the harmonic oscillator algebra h4 and stablish the connection between the universal R matrix of this Hopf algebra and the infinite dimensional braid group representation introduced in section 2.
Quantum Harmonic Oscillator Algebra and Link Invariants
This model is however a convenient prototype for all of them (type I-heterotic, CHL-type I with non commuting Wilson lines, etc.) and we believe that these results extend in a straightforward way to all the cases in which the precise matching between fundamental and D-string BPS excitations has been stablished.
On the perturbative corrections around D-string instantons
The first one is based on the fact that Einstein’s theory is a classical theory of spacetime and near of the singular point we need a quantum theory (this theory has not been well stablished at present).
Dual geometries and spacetime singularities
As already stated, I expect that by 2002 CP violation will be stablished in at least one B decay mode, presumably in Bd → ψKS .
Heavy Flavour Physics: On Its More Than 50 Years Of History, Its Future And The Rio Manifesto
It is already a well stablished fact that a variety of line elements may satisfy the Einstein equations for different (physically meaningful) stress-energy tensors (see and references therein).
On the dual interpretation of zero-curvature Friedmann-Robertson-Walker models
The solar neutrino data is able to stablish new limits in the flavor-diagonal NSNI (57).
Theory of Neutrinos: A White Paper
Finally, in Section 5, we stablish the computational complexity of the presented tests, we give the running time of our algorithm for various cases and we close the paper with an important conjecture.
An $\tilde{O}(\log^2(N))$ time primality test for Generalized Cullen Numbers
Here we are mainly interested in the link with gravity that can be stablished and the natural cut-off, essentially of the order of Planck’s length, that it might provide to regularize singularities either space or time-like [13, 14].
On the Wheeler-DeWitt equation for Kasner-like Cosmologies
More importantly, we will also see that a “dual” theory, obtained from prefering truth, can be stablished which is in perfect analogy to the close and wellknown relationships between the different semantics mentioned above.
Towards a Systematic Account of Different Semantics for Logic Programs