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    • ns Songman (Shak.) a singer
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. sangsingan, to sing; Dut. zang, Ger. gesang, Goth. saggws, Ice. söngr.


In poetry:

"O my songman, now the bow is broken,
Now the arrows one by one are sped,
Sing to me the song of Srahmandazi,
Srahmandazi, home of all the dead."
"Srahmandazi" by Sir Henry Newbolt
Then he cried, "My songman, I am passing;
Let her live, her life is but begun;
All the days and nights of Srahmandazi
Are not worth an hour of yonder sun."
"Srahmandazi" by Sir Henry Newbolt
There within when day was near to ending,
By her lord a woman young and strong,
By his chief a songman old and stricken
Watched together till the hour of song.
"Srahmandazi" by Sir Henry Newbolt
"Thou art still a king, and at thy passing
By thy latest word must all abide:
If thou willest, here am I, thy songman;
If thou lovest, here is she, thy bride."
"Srahmandazi" by Sir Henry Newbolt
Then the songman, flinging wide his songnet,
On the last token laid his master's hand,
While he sang the song of Srahmandazi,
None but dying men can understand.
"Srahmandazi" by Sir Henry Newbolt
Then the songman answered, "O my master,
Love they know, but none may learn it there;
Only souls that reach that land together
Keep their troth and find the twilight fair.
"Srahmandazi" by Sir Henry Newbolt