• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Smit 3d. pers. sing. pres. of Smite.
    • Smit imp. & p. p. of Smite. "Smit with the beauty of so fair a scene."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • smit To infect.
    • smit To mar; destroy.
    • n smit A spot: a stain.
    • n smit The finest of clayey ore, made up into balls used for marking sheep.
    • n smit Infection.
    • n smit The smut in corn.
    • n smit A blow; a cut.
    • n smit A clashing noise.
    • smit An obsolete dialectal form of smite.
    • smit A past participle of smite.
    • smit A contracted form of smiteth. third person singular present indicative of smite.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • pa.t., pa.p Smit smit obsolete of smite.
    • v.t Smit smit (prov.) to infect
    • n Smit a stain: infection
    • adj Smit infectious
    • n Smit infection
    • ***


In literature:

Say, will the falcon, stooping from above, Smit with her varying plumage, spare the dove?
"Essay on Man Moral Essays and Satires" by Alexander Pope
Here, in the Calvinia district, several commandos united in October 1901 under Maritz, Louw, Smit, and Theron.
"The Great Boer War" by Arthur Conan Doyle
The general's second company, of which Dirck Smit was captain, and Don Pouwel ensign-bearer, was sixty strong.
"Narrative of New Netherland" by Various
She may be smit with him.
"The Love-Chase" by James Sheridan Knowles
One of Fop Smit's packets was to leave for Rotterdam at seven and Schonholz was a passenger.
"The Veiled Lady" by F. Hopkinson Smith
We will, we will: why smit'st him not, thou with the pole-axe?
"The Saint's Tragedy" by Charles Kingsley
And hearing of it, all the lords of earth smit with love speedily came thither, desirous of (possessing) Damayanti.
"The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 1"
Mayhap, some gentle dame at last, Smit by the perils thou hast pass'd.
"The Poetical Works of Thomas Hood" by Thomas Hood
Are not lonely Kentuckians, ploughing, smit in the unfinished furrow?
"The Piazza Tales" by Herman Melville
N.J. Smit is the son of a member of the Government.
"The Transvaal from Within" by J. P. Fitzpatrick
So doth the purple floweret, dying, droop, Smit by the ploughshare.
"The Aeneid of Virgil" by Virgil
Jacob Smits and the Hon.
"Three Years' War" by Christiaan Rudolf de Wet
And there is an Englishman, Smit, he is chef at Sir Stanley's, but his master is away at this moment.
"Tancred" by Benjamin Disraeli
I like you, Monsieur Smit; you like to work; you mind your business.
"How to Succeed" by Orison Swett Marden
We hear that the Kafirs carried off some of Jan Smit's sheep yesterday.
"The Settler and the Savage" by R.M. Ballantyne
Smit was a surly fellow, and refused shelter to the traveller, who was therefore obliged to continue his journey during the night.
"Six Months at the Cape" by R.M. Ballantyne
Day after day still passed away, gaunt Famine pressed again, Each turned away from each, as if smit with a sudden pain.
"Graham's Magazine Vol XXXIII No. 3 September 1848" by Various
So do we salute you as a fellow-sufferer deep-smit of Eros his blissful, barbed dart.
"Our Admirable Betty" by Jeffery Farnol
They're fleid to smit their ain litlins; and as it happens, Sam'l's friends is a' aff to the glen.
"The Little Minister" by J. M. Barrie
With Coloured Frontispiece by J. SMIT.
"'Midst the Wild Carpathians" by Mór Jókai

In poetry:

Groups of them met at yet closed portals,
And huddled round the gate,
Patient, as smit by the Immortals,
And helots as by Fate.
"Two Visions" by Alfred Austin
Let me, ye wandering spirits of the wind,
Who, as wild fancy prompts you, touch the string,
Smit with your theme, be in your chorus joined,
For, till you cease, my Muse forgets to sing.
"On Æolus's Harp" by James Thomson
He rises. Sparks in torrents he inspires.
Still up, in proud, calm flight, he glories where
The storm breeds lightnings in its inmost lair;
Whereat his wings are smit by their fierce fires.
"Death of the Eagle" by Jose Maria de Heredia y Giraud
Not for him the lesson drawn
From the mountains smit with dawn,
Star-rise, moon-rise, flowers of May,
Sunset's purple bloom of day,--
Took his life no hue from thence,
Poor amid such affluence?
"The Grave" by John Greenleaf Whittier
I ofttimes think to curse the Day, that tries
To keep my babe hid in its envious breast,
Smit with its hair of gold, and large blue eyes,
Close hid within its mantle, careless of my sighs,
That night and day must wake it from its rest.
"Star In The East" by Walter Richard Cassels
Smit with those charms, that must decay,
I grieve to see your future doom;
They died—nor were those flowers more gay,
The flowers that did in Eden bloom;
…Unpitying frosts, and Autumn's power
…Shall leave no vestige of this flower.
"The Wild Honey-Suckle" by Philip Morin Freneau

In news:

Julia Smit -Lozano, right, and Brenda Meek, the daughter and mother-in-law of Paulus C Smit , attend his memorial service Saturday in Cypress.
Smit was one of four homeless men murdered in a killing spree last month.
Paulus Cornelius Smit , 57, could be the third homeless man in Orange County to be killed with the past two weeks.
Cable Positive Honors Smit , Sapan.
Talking with Viggo Mortensen and Kodi Smit -McPhee.
Viggo Mortensen and Kodi Smit -McPhee have eaten bugs together.
Boskalis and Smit agree to merge.
More Stories By Thomas Smits.
FX Nero Padilla (Jimmy Smits) and Jax (Charlie Hunnam) become fast friends in "Authority Vested " as the new SAMCRO President firms up his allies in the face of a looming threat.
"In the city of Montrose, even though amendment 64 passed statewide, there would be a ban on the amendment," Mayor Thomas Smits explained.
Smit Lamnalco has secured the turnkey contract to support Single Point Mooring operations for The Iraq Crude Oil Export Expansion Project (ICOEEP).
Glimpsed at "Once Upon a Runway": Laura Farrell -Smit.
SMIT Salvage has called one of its tugs, De Da, to assist with the ongoing salvage effort onboard the Prestige .
At today's memorial service John Ramsey talked about Lou Smit's integrity and faith in God and said Smit never stopped working on JonBenet's murder case.
Current Sara Lee CEO Marcel Smits responded to rumors of potential acquisition saying the company had received unsolicited interest to buy the company, but decided on the split instead.

In science:

Smits for providing us unpublished atomic calculations for He.
A reappraisal of the chemical composition of the Orion nebula based on VLT echelle spectrophotometry
This point, stressed long ago by Smit and Vink , is brought out more clearly by considering the condensate.
Rooted staggered fermions: good, bad or ugly?
Knudson 1971; Fodde and Smits 2002; Hohenstein 2004). Recent studies, however, show that the mutation of a single copy is suffi cient in many cases for the loss of tumour suppression function of p53 protein.
The p53-MDM2 network: from oscillations to apoptosis
Smit, Introduction to Quantum Fields on a Lattice, Cambridge Lecture Notes in Physics (Cambridge Un.
The Many Uses of Chiral Effective Theories
Smit, Summations over equilatteraly triangulated surfaces and the critical Comm.
From Simplified BLG Action to the First-Quantized M-Theory
Benjamin RA, Skillman ED, Smits DP. Improving predictions for helium emission lines.
The Primordial Helium Abundance
In either approach, Λ must be interpreted as a comoving scale. van der Meulen & Smit remarked that because comoving scales are not physical, logarithms of the form ln Λ/k were not easy to interpret [103].
Infrared effects in inflationary correlation functions
Fig. 3. van der Meulen and Smit calculated this loop, accounting for both ultraviolet and infrared effects [103].
Infrared effects in inflationary correlation functions
This argument was given in Ref. and is supported by the analysis of van der Meulen & Smit [103], although a formal proof is still lacking.
Infrared effects in inflationary correlation functions
As Smit has pointed out (see e.g. ) the longitudinal modes are actually present in the Haar measure for the gauge fields, and the above trick is merely making explicit what already is there.
Chiral Gauge Theories and Fermion-Higgs Systems
Now recall that in the Smit-Swift model one could freely transform between the g -charged fields ψ (c) and the g -neutral fields ψ (n) , and represent the path integral in terms of either.
Chiral Gauge Theories and Fermion-Higgs Systems
We explicitly use Karsten and Smit’s approach to momentum integration on the lattice.
Kaplan-Narayanan-Neuberger lattice fermions pass a perturbative test
Smit, Introduction to Quantum Fields on a Lattice, Cambridge University Press, (2002).
On the degrees of freedom of lattice electrodynamics
Smit, Understanding molecular simulation, Academic Press, London (1996).
Design of quasi-symplectic propagators for Langevin dynamics
Smits, The influence of a power law drift on the exit time of Brownian motion from a half-line, Stochastic Process.
Rate of escape and central limit theorem for the supercritical Lamperti problem