• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Sicker Sure; certain; trusty. "When he is siker of his good name."
    • adv Sicker Surely; certainly. "Believe this as siker as your creed.""Sicker , Willye, thou warnest well."
    • v. i Sicker (Mining) To percolate, trickle, or ooze, as water through a crack.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • sicker Sure; certain; assured; secure; firm; safe.
    • sicker Certainly; indeed; surely; firmly; securely; confidently; safely.
    • sicker To secure; assure; make certain or safe; plight; betroth.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Sicker sik′ėr (Scot.) sure, certain, firm
    • adv Sicker (Spens.) surely, certainly—also Sicc′ar
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. siker,; cf. OS. sikur, LG. seker, D. zeker, Dan. sikker, OHG. sihhur, G. sicher,; all fr. L. securus,. See Secure Sure


In literature:

Mumzie says I am always sicker if I let myself be fussed over and spoiled.
"The Blue Birds' Winter Nest" by Lillian Elizabeth Roy
I mean sicker than ever.
"Critical Miscellanies (Vol. 3 of 3)" by John Morley
I never saw a man sicker.
"Our Casualty And Other Stories" by James Owen Hannay, AKA George A. Birmingham
As it was, he got home almost dead, and next morning was sicker than he had ever been before in his life.
"Hollow Tree Nights and Days" by Albert Bigelow Paine
I have relieved far sicker men than you, My dear friend Faust.
"Mr. Faust" by Arthur Davison Ficke
The consequence of this is, that Etzel coming home finds his friend sicker than before, while his enemy is well and strong.
"The Standard Operaglass" by Charles Annesley
You never saw anything sicker.
"Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States from Interviews with Former Slaves, Arkansas Narratives, Part 4" by Work Projects Administration
As it was, he got home almost dead, and next morning was sicker than he had ever been before in his life.
"Children's Literature" by Charles Madison Curry
Then he became a sicker man, and suspended proceedings and sent for his little daughter.
"A Young Man in a Hurry" by Robert W. Chambers
The smell of vomit filled his nostrils, making him feel even sicker.
"Shaman" by Robert Shea
But he never heard any music, and this, instead of calming his nerves, made him sicker.
"Melomaniacs" by James Huneker
I'm getting home-sicker every minute as I write.
"Money Magic" by Hamlin Garland
The longer she rode the sicker she felt and the more appalled and ashamed and frightened she grew.
"The Camerons of Highboro" by Beth B. Gilchrist
The Sora Guai was sicker than she dreamed.
"Stories by American Authors, Volume 2" by Various
All of them were old, older than you are, Senator, some were sicker than you, and all of them were afraid.
"Martyr" by Alan Edward Nourse
As he got sicker, he might be delirious or talk in his sleep.
"Old Crow" by Alice Brown
He dreamed that he was very sick in bed, that the doctor came and went, and that he grew sicker and sicker.
"The May Flower, and Miscellaneous Writings" by Harriet Beecher Stowe
He uttered a feeble moan, and studied to look as much sicker than he was as possible.
"Cudjo's Cave" by J. T. Trowbridge
You're making me sicker!
"A Little Question in Ladies' Rights" by Parker Fillmore
Turn around and git back to that ole woman o' your'n, or we'll make you sicker'n she is.
"Si Klegg, Book 3 (of 6) Si And Shorty Meet Mr. Rosenbaum, The Spy, Who Relates His Adventures" by John McElroy

In poetry:

Hot to-day, guv’nor; let’s go and have a liquor;
Lady take anything?—Bless you I can pay—
Haven’t had one yet, and nothing makes me sicker
Than abstaining altogether such a day.
"A Bush Study, A La Watteau" by Arthur Patchett Martin
A nightmare passion. Horror mixed with bliss.
Blood, writhing fish… Before it makes you sicker
You'd better stop. Come, douse the flames. Move quicker.
Push it all overboard!.. Smoke. Steam. A hiss.
"In An Estuary" by Ivan Bunin

In news:

The 16 ferrets that had the seasonal flu vaccine got sicker from the H1N1 than those that were not vaccinated.
So does that mean that American children are sicker than they used to be.
Myanmar HIV patients wait to get sicker because drugs are only available for worst cases.
Rise in ED crowding tied to sicker patients needing more tests.
The South Beach Wake-Up Call: Why America is Still Getting Fatter and Sicker Plus 7 Simple Strategies for Reversing Our Toxic Lifestyle.
Hospitals Shouldn't Make You Sicker .
Go in Sick Get Sicker .
Emergency Rooms Overwhelmed As New York's Poor Get Sicker .
Excluding Older, Sicker Patients from Clinical Trials.
But you don't want to be there, or at any hospital, if you're really sick, cuz they'll make you sicker.
Yes our health care system in America is Sick, but do we want to just make it sicker.
People worldwide living longer, but sicker.
Health officials on Monday said suspected flu cases have jumped in five Southern states, and the primary strain circulating tends to make people sicker than other types.
Global life expectancy study shows people living sicker.
We're living longer, but sicker: Study finds life expectancy rising but so is disability.