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    • Shear-structure (geol.) a structure often seen in volcanic rocks, due to the reciprocal compression and elongation of various parts under great crust movements
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. sceran; Ice. skera, to clip, Ger. scheren, to shave.


In literature:

Schistose structure probably does not always denote shearing, at least not the shearing which results from folding.
"The Geography of the Region about Devils Lake and the Dalles of the Wisconsin" by Rollin D. Salisbury
There were eight sheep shears; half of a sheep shears was found in Structure G (USNM 59.1734, ill. 85).
"The Cultural History of Marlborough, Virginia" by C. Malcolm Watkins

In news:

The formation of martensite involves the structural rearrangement (by shear displacement) of the atoms from face-centered cubic (FCC) austenite into a body-centered tetragonal (BCT) martensitic structure.

In science:

We then review a variety of sub jects: e.g., what ‘lives’ on I+ , the asymptotic Weyl tensor with the Bianchi Identities and the Bondi shear, other related structures as cuts of I+ , past-light-cones and angle fields.
On Extracting Physical Content from Asymptotically Flat Space-Time Metrics
Despite the absence of any signi ficant shear, the mag netic fields realized in the simulations had structure on a broad range of spatial scales, and included a substantial large-scale component.
The rotation-magnetic field relation
Non-equilibrium properties, such as shear viscosity, bulk viscosity, thermal conductivity and neutrino emissivity, play an important role in constraining the structure of compact stars.
Phase Structure and Transport Properties of Dense Quark Matter
By contrast, values of qn may be chosen so that each eigenmode of the system with nontrivial radial structure (i.e. m > 0) may be stably influenced by the shear Q1 , yet, there is no such configuration of the disturbed shear flow that can act to stabilize a channel mode.
Low magnetic-Prandtl number flow configurations for cold astrophysical disk models: speculation and analysis
This profile for Q has a top-hat structure and this descriptor will be used interchangeably with the expression symmetric shear step.
Low magnetic-Prandtl number flow configurations for cold astrophysical disk models: speculation and analysis