• WordNet 3.6
    • n Seder (Judaism) the ceremonial dinner on the first night (or both nights) of Passover
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n Seder The order of the service and feast on the first night of the Jewish Passover, repeated on the second night by those who keep the Second day. The seder table is very elaborately decorated. Three matsoth, or unleavened cakes (called mitsvoth or commandments), are placed one upon the other in front of the head of the family. The top cake is named ‘Cohen,’ the middle ‘Levi,’ and that at the bottom ‘Israel,’ the whole representing the three Mosaic categories of the Jewish nation. An oriental dish (a mixture composed of apples, almonds, cinnamon, etc.), called h˙aroseth, horse-radish, called maror (bitter herbs), part of the shoulder-bone of a broiled lamb, called zero'a (shoulder), a baked egg, lettuce, and salt water are also placed npon the seder table. When it is fully spread, the celebrant, generally the head of the family, begins with the first of the thirteen functions in the seder service which is called kadesh, ‘sanctiflcation,’ when a blessing (berakah) is pronounced upon the first cup of wine. The second function is called rahats, when the celebrant slightly washes his hands. The third is karpas, when celery or lettuce is eaten. At the fourth, yah˙ats, the celebrant divides the middle cake, this ‘Levi,’ and hides one half under the cushion at the right, reserving it for the afikomen. At the fifth, maggid, the celebrant as well as all the participants recite the hagadah liturgy. At the sixth, rah˙'tsah, all wash their hands. The seventh, motse, is when the celebrant breaks the ‘Cohen’ and half of the ‘Levi’ cakes and distributes one piece of each to every member of the family, after which he says a blessing and the motse is eaten with avidity. The eighth, maror, is when a blessing is said and a piece of horse-radish or other bitter vegetable is eaten. At the ninth, korekh (Hiliel's ceremony), horseradish is placed between two pieces of matsa so as to fulfil to the letter the command (Exod. xii. 8) in the same manner that Hillel did “when the Temple (lit. the Holy House) existed.” At the tenth, shulh˙an, the meal is eaten. At the eleventh, tsaphon, the half of the ‘Levi’ matsa which was put aside at the beginning of the service for the afikomen is produced, and the celebrant breaks it and distributes the pieces among the participants. At the twelfth, berakh, the benediction is said. The last function is called hallel (which see), when Ps. cxv-cxviii. are recited or chanted. Four cups of wine, called kosoth, are drunk by each member during the seder services. One special cup of wine is placed on the center of the table. It is called the ‘Prophet. Elijah's cup.’ See Elijah's cup.
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In literature:

Seder ha-Doroth, by Yechiel Heilprin, 220.
"Chapters on Jewish Literature" by Israel Abrahams
What I felt most was not being allowed to taste a bit, for it is forbidden till Seder to eat any of the matzos.
"Pictures of Jewish Home-Life Fifty Years Ago" by Hannah Trager
Vanum est vobis ante lucem surgere: surgite postquam sederitis, qui manducatis panem doloris.
"The St. Gregory Hymnal and Catholic Choir Book" by Various
That Seder with its family symposium has been the glory of Israel throughout the ages.
"Child Versus Parent" by Stephen Wise
My husband, what about the Seder?
"Yiddish Tales" by Various
But certainly the most popular of all was the Seder.
"A Jewish Chaplain in France" by Lee J. Levinger
It is no small matter; for instance, at the Seder, how many do you expect?
"Simon Eichelkatz; The Patriarch" by Ulrich Frank

In poetry:

Una vecchia magrissima e grinzosa
S'era posta a seder sovra le bare,
Ed io l'udia cantare
Una canzon con voce cavernosa.
"Veritas, Vanitas!" by Ferdinando Fontana
So his prayer he got granted—to do just what he wanted,
Prevented by none, for the space of one day.
"Jam incipiebo, sedere facebo,"
In dog-Latin he quoth, "Euge! sophos! hurray!"
"The Little Dog's Day" by Rupert Brooke

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