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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.,—L. secundussequi, secutus, to follow.


In literature:

It was merely that the geological layers had left this passage when the secondary earths were in course of formation.
"The Underground City" by Jules Verne
Wealth formation and accumulation are secondary.
"After the Rain" by Sam Vaknin
By thus admitting a primary and secondary in the formation of our land, the present theory will be confirmed in all its parts.
"Theory of the Earth, Volume 1 (of 4)" by James Hutton
Its formation is very gradual, and in time it disappears again, owing to secondary actions of the current.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 441, June 14, 1884." by Various
So by many geologists the names of Primary, Transition, and Secondary Formations are pretty well given up.
"Young Folks' Library, Volume XI (of 20)" by Various
Geologically it is of secondary formation, while Chaldaea proper is tertiary or post-tertiary.
"The Seven Great Monarchies Of The Ancient Eastern World, Vol 1. (of 7): Chaldaea" by George Rawlinson
It is the lowest of the secondary formation.
"Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 1, Complete" by Various
Mammals, fossil, in secondary formation, 304.
"On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection" by Charles Darwin
As a secondary result of rupture of an artery we may have formation of abscess, gangrene of a part, etc.
"Special Report on Diseases of the Horse" by United States Department of Agriculture
There is a nice distinction in the combination of primaries for the formation of secondaries, and exact proportions are quite necessary.
"Color Value" by C. R. Clifford
Furuncular or abscess-like formations may develop, usually from secondary infection.
"Essentials of Diseases of the Skin" by Henry Weightman Stelwagon
And such, I doubt not, is the history of many a calcareous rock in the later secondary formations.
"The Cruise of the Betsey" by Hugh Miller
Vulgar bricks and mortar they ignored, and were anxious only about primary and secondary geological formations.
"The International Monthly, Volume 3, No. 2, May, 1851" by Various
Tulasne did not on any occasion observe the formation of secondary spores.
"Fungi: Their Nature and Uses" by Mordecai Cubitt Cooke
The combination of nitrogen with carbon may result in the formation of nitriles, cyanides, or primary, secondary or tertiary amines.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 1" by Various
But the sources of the water and the geological formation of the country were, at the moment, matters of secondary interest to us.
"Incidents of Travel in Yucatan, Vol. II." by John L. Stephens
The space left blank is occupied by secondary formations from the Devonian or old red sandstone to the chalk inclusive.
"A Manual of Elementary Geology" by Charles Lyell
It belongs to the great secondary limestone formation of the Ohio valley.
"Scenes and Adventures in the Semi-Alpine Region of the Ozark Mountains of Missouri and Arkansas" by Henry Rowe Schoolcraft
Two of the stages in the formation of the secondary vesicle by this process of involution are shewn in Plate X, fig.
"The Works of Francis Maitland Balfour, Volume 1" by Francis Maitland Balfour
But this new cult was the product of only a secondary formation.
"The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life" by Emile Durkheim

In news:

If winning championships is truly secondary to the main purpose of high school sports then the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Associations needs to retool the current playoff format.

In science:

Hwa, RNA secondary structure formation: a solvable model of heteropolymer folding, Phys.
Field Theory of the RNA Freezing Transition
Moreover, since the minimum Jeans mass reached during the collapse can be estimated with reasonable accuracy on purely thermodynamical grounds (Rees, 1976; Low & Lynden-Bell, 1976), in this view of Population III star formation, the dynamics of the gas is of secondary importance.
The First Stars
When is the secondary object a planet and when is the system a double star? We have discussed above the cosmogonies that are usually meant for planets, and how they differ from “star-like” formation.
Planetesimals To Brown Dwarfs: What is a Planet?
Second, the prospects of planet formation and survival might be brighter in SB1s than in SB2s, which have similar separations but more massive secondaries.
Probing the Impact of Stellar Duplicity on Planet Occurrence with Spectroscopic and Imaging Observations
Reduction of the secondary electron yield (SEY) of the beam pipe inner wall is effective in controlling cloud formation.
Summary of SLAC'S SEY Measurement On Flat Accelerator Wall Materials
The delay time from the star formation to the occurrence of an SN Ia is equal to the sum of the timescale on which the secondary star becomes a WD and the orbital decay time tGW .
Birthrates and delay times of Type Ia supernovae
The lack of any ongoing star formation makes them especially ideal candidates to search for synchrotron emission from secondary particles produced by decaying dark matter (Colafrancesco et al. 2007), but only if magnetic fields exist.
Working Group Summary - Local Universe
Commands are entered in a simple text file, which begins with a list of primary parameters (omega, lambda, Hubble, lens redshift z, pixel size, etc.) and then an optional list of secondary parameters (optional data files, output format desired, extended source normalizations, etc).
A Systematic Review of Strong Gravitational Lens Modeling Software
Should one treat the constituents as nucleons or quarks on the time scales of the collision? Is resonance formation important in the nucleon rescattering? Is there a formation time for secondary particle production? Data on stopping comes primarily from the rapidity distribution of protons.
Summary of Heavy Ion Theory
The effect of the formation time is again determined by an interplay between secondary production and absorption which results in a very small net effect.
Photoproduction of mesons in nuclei at GeV energies
Such pions have a large formation time tlab f = γ tf in the lab system, where γ = Eπ /mπ is a Lorentz factor, which suppresses secondary interactions.
Photoproduction of mesons in nuclei at GeV energies
The formation of the MHD shock and its propagation leads to the secondary neutrino losses jump (Fig. 7), but now it is much weaker than it was at the collapse stage.
Magnetorotational supernovae
In the absence of mechanical force, two kinds of move sets have been proposed in modelling secondary structural RNA folding: one is the formation or decay of a single helix (32; 33), and the other is the removal or insertion of single base pairs per time step (34; 35).
Force Unfolding Single RNAs: from Equilibrium to Far-from Equilibrium
They consider host galaxy morphology, local environment, star formation rate, bulge velocity dispersion, radio power, AGN luminosity, and the ratio of bolometric to Eddington luminosity (Lbol/LEdd ) as possible secondary drivers.
The Locus of Highly Accreting AGNs on the M_BH--sigma Plane: Selections, Limitations, and Implications
Inside the shells, sequential or secondary star formation is expected to be triggered by supernova explosions.
Age distribution of young clusters and field stars in the SMC