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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. ; Dut. zee, Ger. see, Ice. sær, Dan. .


In literature:

Wait yet a little longer, till the black pig is drowned in the sea.
"The Grey Fairy Book" by Various
But you were always a home body, Jacqueline, and left Unity to run after the sea lions and learned pigs!
"Lewis Rand" by Mary Johnston
The initiate in the Mysteries brought pigs to Eleusis, and bathed with them in the sea.
"The Homeric Hymns A New Prose Translation; and Essays, Literary and Mythological" by Andrew Lang
A fashion which obtained in the time of pig-tails of doubling them up while at sea.
"The Sailor's Word-Book" by William Henry Smyth
Men chatting, women laughing, dogs barking, cocks crowing, and pigs squealing, a floating farmyard, such is life on the sea.
"The Voyage Alone in the Yawl "Rob Roy"" by John MacGregor
That pig of a sea would swallow them all, as it had killed her husband!
"Mayflower (Flor de mayo)" by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez
The pig is an object of aversion to Japanese seamen, and also to Filey fishermen, who will not go to sea if they meet one in the early morning.
"Storyology" by Benjamin Taylor
Though cannibals, they do not kill for the sake of eating 'long pig,' like the cannibals of the South Seas.
"The Pathless Trail" by Arthur O. (Arthur Olney) Friel
The sun reached the horizon and wallowed in the sea like a fat, round shining pig on fire.
"Sinister Paradise" by Robert Moore Williams
Wait yet a little longer, till the black pig is drowned in the sea.
"The Grey Fairy Book" by Andrew Lang
Into the sea with the old pig-head!
"The Story of a Genius" by Ossip Schubin
The king spurred on his horse and followed the black pig through the sea till his horse failed under him and was drowned.
"Myths and Folk Tales of Ireland" by Jeremiah Curtin
See her bury her nose in that sea like a pig in a mash-tub.
"The Golden Rock" by Ernest Glanville
A story is related of a man who once went to a mufti and asked him whether the flesh of the sea-pig (the dolphin) was lawful food.
"Fictitious & Symbolic Creatures in Art" by John Vinycomb
They saw pigs, and fowls of Castille, and the fishery is certain wherever there is sea.
"The Voyages of Pedro Fernandez de Quiros" by Pedro Fernandez de Quiros
Der seas vos so pig dot dey sweep righdt ofer der tower.
"The Ocean Wireless Boys and the Lost Liner" by Wilbur Lawton

In news:

What do a Miami megachurch, a sea turtle and roasted pigs have in common.