• Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Sea-pie a sailor's dish made of salt-meat, vegetables, and dumplings baked: the oyster-catcher or sea-magpie:
    • Sea-pie (her.) a bearing representing such a bird
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. ; Dut. zee, Ger. see, Ice. sær, Dan. .


In literature:

They don't know how long I've been countin' on a sea-clam pie.
"Keziah Coffin" by Joseph C. Lincoln
Made a "sea-pie," which was generally admired.
"The Bushman" by Edward Wilson Landor
The sea-pie stood with his heels together, in his tight trousers, his black swallow-tail, and his white waistcoat.
"Tales of Two Countries" by Alexander Kielland
Another bird of our coast is the Oyster-catcher, sometimes called the "Sea-pie" or Mussel-picker.
"On the Seashore" by R. Cadwallader Smith
The aquatic birds were blue and white cranes, sea-pies, and sand-larks.
"A Voyage to Terra Australis Volume 2" by Matthew Flinders
In the evening we got on board, with about a dozen and a half of wild fowl, shags, and sea-pies.
"A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume 14" by Robert Kerr
To-day being fair weather, launched the yawl to go a fowling, shot several geese, ducks, shaggs, and sea-pies.
"A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume 17" by Robert Kerr
The sea-fowl are pelicans, boobies, noddies, curlews, sea-pies, etc., and but few of these neither.
"A Voyage to New Holland" by William Dampier
There's a pheasant and a couple of puffins, and a platter of curds and whey, and there's a sea-pie in the larder, and a bushel o' barberries.
"All's Well" by Emily Sarah Holt
Trilobite, Grapholite, Nautilus pie; Seas were calcareous, oceans were dry.
"The Book of Humorous Verse" by Various

In poetry:

Then, swift as the flight of the sea-pie,
White woman, white horse, went away,
And Downal passed his haggard,
And faced the spear of the day;
"The Ballad Of Downal Baun" by Padraic Colum

In news:

A recent Thanksgiving tradition is continuing for Lanai residents, with the delivery of 850 pies to the island by air and sea this week.
According to the BBC, a sea-lamprey pie made for the monarchs in England by chefs in the city of Gloucester was a Christmas tradition that dated back to the Middle Ages.
We cooked a sea pie on Saturday.