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    • Sea-gates a pair of gates in a tidal basin as a safeguard against a heavy sea
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. ; Dut. zee, Ger. see, Ice. sær, Dan. .


In literature:

A slow walk of ten long leagues brought him to the gate of the City under the Sea.
"The Firelight Fairy Book" by Henry Beston
We must see the sea gate before we are sure.
"Key Out of Time" by Andre Alice Norton
She parted the curtains and, leaning a little out, looked westward at the white sea gate.
"The Coast of Chance" by Esther Chamberlain
But the snows melted, the days lengthened, and still the signal did not come; for the general by the sea gate was himself besieged.
"Fort Amity" by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
For probably by carelessness the sluice-gate down by the sea had been left open, and the tide had come up and drowned the works.
"Dick o' the Fens" by George Manville Fenn
After weary wandering, and many strange adventures by sea and land, he rode one day to the Duke's palace gate.
"Paul the Minstrel and Other Stories" by Arthur Christopher Benson
He literally hurled his men like seas against the gates and ramparts here.
"Our Home in the Silver West" by Gordon Stables
Miss Arundel stood by the Rectory gate in the early September evening, watching the western sunlight on the low sea-line beyond the marshes.
"John Marchmont's Legacy, Volumes I-III" by Mary E. Braddon
There were two embrasures for cannon in the side facing the sea, and two gates facing the forest.
"Alaska" by Ella Higginson
By the Gate of the Sea.
"The Ivory Gate, a new edition" by Walter Besant
All at once he recognized that he was at the mouth of the creek, going down the steep gate to the sea that ended in the Lockjaw.
"The Deemster" by Hall Caine
Moreover, she shut the gates of the sea and closed the way to her father's palace.
"Japanese Fairy Tales" by Grace James
He walked on, and they went with him, till he came to the gate opening on the shore of the New Sea.
"Bevis" by Richard Jefferies
By the Gate of the Sea.
"The Eulogy of Richard Jefferies" by Walter Besant
Thou and I saw in Baja's gold, under the sea, the sunken arches and gates, and we sailed on farther toward living cities.
"Titan: A Romance" by Jean Paul
Only its position at the strategical gate to the great South Sea has induced men to go to its noisome shores.
"The South American Republics, Part II (of 2)" by Thomas C. Dawson
Secretary, T. W. Markland, Ingersley, Links Gate, St. Anne's-on-the-Sea.
"A Manual of Toy Dogs" by Mrs. Leslie Williams
When he came to the sea, a naked man, who said that he was the dead, carried him across to a point near the gates of Paradise.
"The Grateful Dead" by Gordon Hall Gerould
From 'Hell's Gate' we ascend to 'Heaven's Gate,' and so win our way to the brow of the Wrekin, 1,335 feet above the sea.
"Nooks and Corners of Shropshire" by H. Thornhill Timmins
The front door of the cottage looked toward the sea, and there was a straight path leading to the gate on the beach road.
"Wandering Ghosts" by F. Marion Crawford

In poetry:

Dusk arms upreaching from the sea,
And shadow-faces, seen and gone,
Toward an isle did beckon me,
Beyond the farthest gates of dawn.
"The Isle of Sleep" by Kate Seymour Maclean
Sometime the golden gates will lift,
I know not how nor when 'twill be,
My soul, the one immortal gift,
Will stand beside the changeless sea.
"Golden Gates" by Mary Alice Walton
Thus at the ringing gates of heaven's glory
Begin new chapters of our island-story,
And clarion voices of the void declare:
"She who has ruled the sea shall rule the air."
"Command of the Air" by Anonymous British
In the far times of brave ballad and story,
Men of his make kept the gates of the sea,
Wrought mighty deeds of power and glory,
Scattered their tyrants, and set the land free!
"The Knight-Errant" by Virna Sheard
With songs of pleasure they tread the measure,
That throng so pale and wan —
These that of old for sinful pleasure
Through the gates of hell have gone,
Yet tossed forever on passion's flood
Come sailing over the sea of blood.
"A Ballad Of Sin" by George Sylvester Viereck
It hath led the freeman forth to stand
In the mountain-battles of his land;
It hath brought the wanderer o'er the seas
To die on the hills of his own fresh breeze;
And back to the gates of his father's hall,
It hath led the weeping prodigal.
"The Spells Of Home" by Felicia Dorothea Hemans

In news:

Parent volunteer Celida Cavallotti de Orgaz, right, visits with second-grader Audrey Gordon, 8, during lunch at Sea Gate Elementary on June 9.
Sea Gate looks the same as many storm-scattered waterfront communities do.
Should New York Do Like the Dutch and Build Some Skyscraper-Sized Sea Gates.
A former patrol officer on the Sea Gate police department - a tiny force serving the private, largely Orthodox Jewish community on Coney Island - has filed a federal racial discrimination suit.
We must sail through the notorious Bab el Mandeb (Gate of Sorrows) to enter the Red Sea 50 knot winds and relentless sandstorms are ready and waiting on the other side.
Groton — As a sea of people exited a gate at Electric Boat during the afternoon shift change Wednesday, Linda McMahon introduced herself, shook hands and cracked jokes.
Residents of the Sea Gate community in Coney Island , New York, sift through donated clothing.
A beachfront house is completely destroyed in the aftermath of a superstorm Sandy, Tuesday, Oct 30, 2012, in Coney Island's Sea Gate community in New York.
A beachfront house is damaged in the aftermath of yesterday's surge from superstorm Sandy, Tuesday, Oct 30, 2012, in Coney Island's Sea Gate community in New York.
Surf Av Parking Lot Call Sea Gate Office 718 - 449 - 4700.
Rabbi Ceitlin, from Tucson is flying out to New York to bring help to victims in Coney Island's Sea Gate in Brooklyn.
Rabbi Yehuda Ceitlin leaves for the Sea Gate community in Brooklyn Tuesday.
Sea Gate Elementary English Language Learner teacher Maria Cabrera explores a North American map with her students, including six-year-old Kelly Nguyen, center, on Thursday, Oct 22, 2009, in Naples.
Well yesterday we went to cook in a community called Sea Gate located in Brooklyn.
Volunteers assess the damage in Sea Gate, Brooklyn.