Sea willow


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Sea willow (Zoöl) A gorgonian coral with long flexible branches.
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In literature:

Far below, the shining Potomac took its slow way to the sea between its lines of drooping willows.
"The Little Colonel's Chum: Mary Ware" by Annie Fellows Johnston
There used to be a kid that lived on Willow Place and he got drowned in a sea story in there.
"Roy Blakeley's Bee-line Hike" by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
Between them were a sea of hedges and green brown boles of pollard willows.
"The Red Watch" by J. A. Currie
One can 'rock-a-by baby' on the sea as well as on the old willow tree.
"Puss Junior and Robinson Crusoe" by David Cory
Sometimes the wind from the sea scattered the willow leaves.
"Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales" by Hans Christian Andersen
In such places the Cardinal and Yellow-barked Willow, Sea Buckthorn, and similar shrubs are more appropriate.
"Trees and Shrubs for English Gardens" by Ernest Thomas Cook
And as he drifted back again into consciousness under the willows of the creeping river a little boat drifted toward the sea.
"Sons and Fathers" by Harry Stillwell Edwards
For sea-exposure, the best trees to plant are the goat willow and pineaster.
"Garden-Craft Old and New" by John D. Sedding
There were a few willow trees here and a lot of sea buckthorn.
"Mount Everest the Reconnaissance, 1921" by Charles Kenneth Howard-Bury

In poetry:

Now to the sea extending,
Sol throws his sinking rays,
While o'er the ocean bending,
The drooping willow plays.
"Evening" by Charlotte Dacre
Hollow a grave where the willows wave,
And lay him under the grasses,
Where the pitying breeze bloweth up from the seas,
And murmurs a chant as it passes.
"Slain" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Wave and wind and willow-tree
Speak a speech that no man knoweth;
Tree that sigheth, wind that bloweth,
Wave that floweth to the sea:
Wave and wind and willow-tree.
"A Song Of Three Singers" by William Watson
Not where the sober sisters, grave as willows,
Walk like old twilights by the jasper sea,
Nor where the plump hunt of cherubs holly-hilloes
Chasing their ruddy fox, the sun, you'll be!
"To Rosemary, On The Methods" by Stephen Vincent Benet
I DREAMED there sailed a ship across the sea.
Inland it came to where I bound my sheaves,
But through such secret and tree-shadowed streams
That all the deck was green with willow-leaves.
"A Song Of Willow Leaves" by Ethel Clifford