• WordNet 3.6
    • n sagitta any arrowworm of the genus Sagitta
    • n Sagitta a small constellation in the northern hemisphere between Cygnus and Aquila and crossed by the Milky Way
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Sagitta (Zoöl) A genus of transparent, free-swimming marine worms having lateral and caudal fins, and capable of swimming rapidly. It is the type of the class Chætognatha.
    • Sagitta (Astron) A small constellation north of Aquila; the Arrow.
    • Sagitta (Geom) The distance from a point in a curve to the chord; also, the versed sine of an arc; -- so called from its resemblance to an arrow resting on the bow and string.
    • Sagitta (Arch) The keystone of an arch.
    • Sagitta (Anat) The larger of the two otoliths, or ear bones, found in most fishes.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n Sagitta [capitalized] An insignificant but very ancient northern constellation, the Arrow, placed between Aquila and the bill of the Swan. It is, roughly speaking, in a line with the most prominent stars of Sagittarius and Centaurus, with which it may originally have been conceived to be connected. Also called Alahance.
    • n Sagitta In anatomy, the sagittal suture.
    • n Sagitta In ichthyology, one of the otoliths of a fish's ear.
    • n Sagitta [capitalized] The typical genus of Sagittidæ, formerly containing all the species, now restricted to those with two pairs of lateral fins besides the caudal fin. Also Saggitta, Saggita, Sagita. See accompanying cut.
    • n Sagitta An arrow-worm or sea-arrow; a member of the Sagittidæ.
    • n Sagitta The keystone of an arch.
    • n Sagitta In geometry: The versed sine of an arc: so called by Kepler because it makes a figure like an arrow upon a bow.
    • n Sagitta The abscissa of a curve.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Sagitta saj′it-a a northern constellation—the Arrow: a genus of small pelagic worms
    • adj Sagitta of or like an arrow
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L., an arrow


In literature:

Papers on Sagitta, and on Planaria.
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Dea lunae sagittas portat et feras silvarum necat.
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The little asterisms Sagitta, the Arrow, and Vulpecula and Anser, the Fox and Goose, are shown just above Delphinus.
"A Field Book of the Stars" by William Tyler Olcott
Sagitta: arrow-like spots on the wings of Lepidoptera and other insects.
"Explanation of Terms Used in Entomology" by John. B. Smith
Sicut sagittae in manu potentis: ita filii excussorum.
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Observations on the structure and propagation of the genus Sagitta.
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Non potis es mortis durae praescire sagittas.
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The most important of these are the Echinoderms, Brachiopods and Sagitta.
"The Works of Francis Maitland Balfour, Volume 1" by Francis Maitland Balfour

In news:

Constellation Sagitta , the Mu Normae Cluster, and combination object NGC 6188 and NGC 6193.

In science:

The similarity in the optical variability of several unusual CVs, V Sagittae, T Pyxidis, WX Centauri, and V 751 Cygni, with RX J0513.9−6951, let to propose that these systems belong to the class of SSS (Patterson et al. 1998; Greiner 2000b).
Super Soft Sources
We have calculated that a bias in the sagitta of 2 mm, corresponding to a bias in the curvature calculation of 1/(2000 GeV/c) together with a curvature resolution of 1/(200 GeV/c) leads to a bump in the charge ratio versus momentum distribution similar to that seen in our data.
The Maximum Detectable Momentum for cosmic ray muons in the MINOS far detector
They could lead to secular evolution that could be detectable on human time scales (e.g. ), such as witnessed by the well known stars FG Sagittae and the Sakurai ob ject.
Variable stars across the observational HR diagram
The last issue include mechanical properties and the influence on the performances such as sagitta and vibrations vs. single point resolution.
Test Beam Requirements for the ILC Tracking and Vertex Detectors
To determine muon momenta, the sagitta must be measured.
Summary of the Very Large Hadron Collider Physics and Detector Subgroup
Such an explanation is not confined to SXTs; it has been invoked to explain the outbursts of WZ Sagittae (Smak, 1993).
The origin of the rebrightening in soft X-ray transient outbursts
Effects of the muon alignment system can be seen in Fig. 10 where the sagitta measured in the bend plane of the magnet is shown from tracks that go through one particular chamber in the muon barrel system.
The ATLAS Detector: Status and Results from Cosmic Rays
The top plot in that figure shows the sagitta with just the nominal geometry for the chambers that the track passes through.
The ATLAS Detector: Status and Results from Cosmic Rays
The middle plot shows the sagitta after corrections given by the optical alignment system.
The ATLAS Detector: Status and Results from Cosmic Rays