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    • n Route-step an order of march in which soldiers are not required to keep step
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.,—L. rupta (via), 'a broken way.'


In literature:

She stepped from it at ten o'clock in the morning, and by the streetcar route made her way to Lilac Valley.
"Her Father's Daughter" by Gene Stratton-Porter
"Manual for Noncommissioned Officers and Privates of Infantry of the" by War Department
The church is at Quincy, just a step off the route nationale to Meaux.
"A Hilltop on the Marne" by Mildred Aldrich
The whole route through which they drove was lined with a double row of the national troops to the very steps of the Vatican.
"The Sunny Side of Diplomatic Life, 1875-1912" by Lillie DeHegermann-Lindencrone
The fugitive retraced his steps to the river by the same route he had taken in approaching the hospitable roof of the farmer.
"The Soldier Boy; or, Tom Somers in the Army" by Oliver Optic
I continued onwards, now to the right, and afterwards to the left, without knowing a single step of the route.
"A Bibliographical, Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour in France and Germany, Volume Three" by Thomas Frognall Dibdin
If he wants to view the scenery en route, the observation car is but a few steps away.
"The Life and Adventures of Nat Love" by Nat Love
In another moment the men of the leading platoon had also fallen into the route step.
"Uncle Sam's Boys as Lieutenants" by H. Irving Hancock
Ere they had gone far Ferrers swung them into column of twos at the route step.
"Uncle Sam's Boys as Sergeants" by H. Irving Hancock
At quick rout step they came.
"Aces Up" by Covington Clarke
So they side-stepped the swamp and resumed their own noisy route.
"Boys' Book of Frontier Fighters" by Edwin L. Sabin
Step by step it wins its way along the rivers and the natural routes.
"The Stages in the Social History of Capitalism" by Henri Pirenne
On receiving this information, we resolved not to retrace our steps, for we were too far advanced, but to diverge a little from our route.
"Travels in Tartary, Thibet, and China During the years 1844-5-6. Volume 1 [of 2]" by Evariste Regis Huc
Then came the lumber district, the swaying bridges where they broke their cadenced stride, and crossed at route step.
"Harper's Round Table, August 20, 1895" by Various
The cattle were little better off, and the difficulties of the route increased at almost every step.
"Scenes and Adventures in Affghanistan" by William Taylor
I hastened my steps, but by a route so as not to come directly in front of them, for I wished to overhear their conversation.
"Tales of the Wonder Club, Volume II" by Alexander Huth
But let us commence at the starting point of our journey, and take our readers step by step over the whole route.
"Wonderland; or Alaska and the Inside Passage" by Lieut. Frederick Schwatka
Route step was the command when clear of the sentry lines, but silence the caution.
"From School to Battle-field" by Charles King
No dangerous concealed stepping-stones had to be negotiated on the route they were to follow.
"The Suprising Adventures of Sir Toady Lion With Those of General Napoleon Smith" by S. R. Crockett
Frequently on their route they saw signs that a party of Indians were in their vicinity, hence they took every step cautiously.
"Kentucky in American Letters, v. 1 of 2" by John Wilson Townsend

In poetry:

Hark! the old ruffian's shout,
Leading storm and wassail rout, —
Maiden Frost stepping crisply before,
Strewing hoar on fallen leaves,
Painting windows under eaves,
Warning Autumn to linger no more.
"Autumn And Winter." by Samuel Bamford

In news:

The historic proposal to transform more than 900 acres near Interstate 90 and state Route 900 in the decades ahead is a step closer to implementation, but before city leaders act on the plan, citizens can comment on the bid.
Down Route 58, past tangles of scrub brush and 20 miles of landscape that ripples in the heat of the high California desert, America took its first steps into the space age in the 1960s.
Making their way down the city steps from Mission Street, along the Gold Route of the 12th Annual Pittsburgh StepTrek on Saturday, were Jon Barker and Mariana Padias.
Last time, we looked at all the unsexy preliminary steps that are necessary en route to designing a home addition.
The Ontelaunee Township Municipal Authority has taken steps to advance plans for building the Berks Hollow Energy Station on the east side of Route 61 near Snyder Road.
These are ten steps to get into social media and to see a route towards influence , the basics.
Another one-step route to phenol emerges.
The Lake Oswego Soccer Club Pink Panthers stepped-up their offense against the Keizer Soccer Club Sky Blue en route to a 4-0 win in a U13/14 girls' match on Saturday, April 28th at Whiteaker Middle School in Keizer, Oregon.
In any event, the actress -- who was recently named Esquire 's Sexiest Woman Alive -- stepped out with boyfriend Ashton Kutcher Wednesday in New York's West Village, where they boarded a cab en route to dinner.
The feasibility study was the first of many long steps in setting the final course of the train routes and securing funding.
Officials say the feasibility study was the first of many steps in setting the final course of the train routes and securing funding.
An important step was making sure the feed and return line going to the hydraulic release bearing were routed through the two notches in the driver-side of the trans.
(AP) — After a test phase, Amtrak is whisking rail passengers at a new top speed of 110 mph over a short section of its route between Chicago and St Louis in a step forward for the Midwest high-speed rail program, officials said Thursday.
A route relief driver for Big Sky Linen Supply was killed Sept 19 when the step van he was driving collided with a pickup truck and overturned, pinning him beneath his vehicle, according to the Montana Highway Patrol .
Giants' Nicks takes next step in rehab by running routes.

In science:

This alternate route to the fluid limit is much longer, but all the steps might be considered well known.
Martingale proofs of many-server heavy-traffic limits for Markovian queues
C. (↔, l)-path averaging on grids The first step in our analysis is understanding the behavior o f path averaging on regular grids using a simple routing scheme.
Order-Optimal Consensus through Randomized Path Averaging
Most of the by now large canon of work in the area (see for a recent survey) has been dedicated to finding and analyzing algorithms that route between two given vertices in a small number of steps.
Decentralized Search with Random Costs
Secondly, the proof of Theorem 3.1 guarantees convergence in n steps, meaning that an optimal routing is achieved once wn has been calculated (if an empirical method is used, the resulting weighting may still suffer inaccuracies due to the sampling).
Decentralized Search with Random Costs
At each step, choose a particle and route it according to the usual rotor mechanism; i.e. increment the rotor at its current vertex and move the particle in the new rotor direction.
Rotor Walks and Markov Chains
We will first extend it to a circuit that includes routes through each bad component, and later perform modified versions of Steps 1 and 2 described above.
Disjoint Hamilton cycles in the random geometric graph
We say that a routing algorithm A works for G if, for any pair of vertices s, t ∈ V , the algorithm always find a path from s to t in a finite number of steps.
Memoryless Routing in Convex Subdivisions: Random Walks are Optimal
Note that a memoryless routing algorithm makes each routing step without using information obtained in previous routing steps and without any global information about G.
Memoryless Routing in Convex Subdivisions: Random Walks are Optimal
We show that, for any randomized memoryless routing algorithm A and any n, there exists a convex subdivision G = G(A) = (V , E ) of size n and a pair of vertices s, t ∈ V such that the expected number of steps taken by A when routing from s to t is Ω(n2 ).
Memoryless Routing in Convex Subdivisions: Random Walks are Optimal
If there exists α such that A(α) and B (180 + α) are both red, then there exists a convex subdivision G = (V , E ) with |V | = 2k + 1 with vertices s, t ∈ V such that A takes Ω(k2 ) steps when routing from s to t.
Memoryless Routing in Convex Subdivisions: Random Walks are Optimal
For any integer k > 0 and any memoryless routing algorithm A, there exists a convex subdivision G = (V , E ) with |V | = Θ(k) having vertices s, t ∈ V such that A takes Ω(k2 ) steps when routing from s to t.
Memoryless Routing in Convex Subdivisions: Random Walks are Optimal
Because X , Y , and Z are all blue, the expected number of steps required to route from xk/2 to t using A is Ω(k2 ).
Memoryless Routing in Convex Subdivisions: Random Walks are Optimal
Theorem: For any deterministic, oblivious permutation routing algorithm, there is a permutation π for which the routing takes Ω(pN/d3 ) steps.
Uses of randomness in computation
Step 1: Find a spanning tree routed at the source such that (i) the tree covers all nodes that have not been isolated, and (ii) it consists only g edges in the diagnosis graph.
Short Note on Complexity of Multi-Value Byzantine Agreement
Firstly we assume that the routing rule greedily attempts to get as close as possible to the destination at each step.
Searching for Nodes in Random Graphs