• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Riddling Speaking in a riddle or riddles; containing a riddle. "Riddling triplets."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Jimmy Hoffa's middle name is, appropriately, Riddle.
    • riddling Speaking in riddles or ambiguously.
    • riddling Having the form or character of a riddle; enigmatical; puzzling.
    • riddling Divining; interpreting; guessing.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Riddling (Spens.) skill in explaining riddles
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  • Winston Churchill
    “Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. [About Russia]”
  • James E. Burke
    James E. Burke
    “We don't grow unless we take risks. Any successful company is riddled with failures.”
  • Romain Rolland
    Romain Rolland
    “Skepticism, riddling the faith of yesterday, prepared the way for the faith of tomorrow.”
  • W. P. Scargill
    W. P. Scargill
    “Talent is something, but tact is everything. It is the interpreter of all riddles, the surmounter of all difficulties, the remover of all obstacles.”
  • Karl Kraus
    “A writer is someone who can make a riddle out of an answer.”
  • Gregory Nunn
    Gregory Nunn
    “A writer is a person who has solutions for which there are no riddles.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. rǽdelserǽdan, to guess, to read—rǽd, counsel; cog. with Dut. raad, Ger. rath.


In literature:

He searched the silhouette of the man at the window for an answer to the riddle.
"Swirling Waters" by Max Rittenberg
Thus Drennen answered the riddle.
"Wolf Breed" by Jackson Gregory
And it struggled in a great effort to solve the riddle of the man's death.
"The Triumph of John Kars" by Ridgwell Cullum
I could question you for ten years, without the greatest among you being able to solve the least of my riddles.
"The Arena" by Various
Yet to know Gideon Hayle was to read the riddle.
"Gideon's Band" by George W. Cable
This seems like a riddle, but it is not.
"Napoleon and the Queen of Prussia" by L. Mühlbach,
What is the riddle you thought of?
"Six Little Bunkers at Aunt Jo's" by Laura Lee Hope
Just the same, he did not feel as though he could make a riddle out of it.
"Six Little Bunkers at Cowboy Jack's" by Laura Lee Hope
Women flew as swiftly as if they were crows, and crossed the river as readily in their riddles as if they were mermaids.
"The Mysteries of All Nations" by James Grant
To say that the parapet had been riddled would not be correct.
"The Insurrection in Paris" by An Englishman: Davy
And I feel the riddle.
"The Napoleon of Notting Hill" by Gilbert K. Chesterton
Riddles brought me a can of cold water and a basin, with soap and a towel, on Saturday morning.
"Chatterbox, 1905." by Various
As sib as sieve and riddle that grew in ae wood.
"The Proverbs of Scotland" by Alexander Hislop
And does she not propound her riddles to us?
"Past and Present" by Thomas Carlyle
Then, as the thoughts flashed through my mind, you solved the riddle.
"The Hero of Garside School" by J. Harwood Panting
The name of the woman, the name of the man, the name of the murderer were so many riddles.
"The Confessions of Arsène Lupin" by Maurice Leblanc
It will be tossed up in the midst of a riddle, Major; when it comes down it will be a riddle no longer.
"Cleek, the Master Detective" by Thomas W. Hanshew
A riddle would be quite in accordance with Court etiquette.
"In Brief Authority" by F. Anstey
Do you think the riddle you have brought is beyond my powers?
"The Boy Scouts Book of Stories" by Various
Let's all sit down in a row and tell riddles.
"Dorothy's House Party" by Evelyn Raymond

In poetry:

Fresh sward for gravel soothed my tread,
And shepherd's pipes my ear delighted;
The riddle may be lightly read:
I met two lovers newly plighted.
"Arcadia Rediviva" by James Russell Lowell
Now, who can read this riddle right?
Two mills are standing on a height--
One whirling brisk, whate'er the weather,
The other, idle, weeks together!
"The Two Windmills" by Samuel Griswold Goodrich
I saw that a falsehood was planted deep
At the very root of things
Where the grey Sphinx guards God’s riddle sleep
On the Dragon’s outspread wings.
"A God's Labour" by Aurobindo Ghose
Here's a ridiculous riddle for you:
How many o's are there in Woolloomooloo?
Two for the W, two for the m,
Four for the l's, and that's plenty for them.
"Wooloomooloo (A Riddle)" by C J Dennis
We know no more, though racked with thought
Than he who, in yon châlet born,
Gives not the riddle, Life, a thought,
But lays him down and sleeps till morn.
"The Door Of Humility" by Alfred Austin
In a water glass
Searching he saw pass
All the ocean's life; his thinking
To unfathomed deeps was sinking;
Where lay riddles locked,
There he came and knocked.
"At Michael Sars's Grave" by Bjornstjerne Bjornson

In news:

Solving riddle of jet engine no.
Overstock .com rally isn't the riddle it might seem.
That is not a Zen riddle.
But it was riddled with cliches and tired humor about men being stupid.
Riddles Penultimate Café & Wine Bar.
Congo's presidential election was so fraud-riddled nobody knows for sure who won.
His riddles were worth the reading, and I confide, that, if at any time I do not understand the expression, it is yet just.
An ' amusing ' set of 19th century riddles.
Phil Cannon says it's time for a split after Lisa Riddle was abruptly fired.
Arkansas- Little Rock too much for injury-riddled U of M women.
Here's the latest economic riddle: The economy seems to be getting weaker, yet consumers are feeling better.
Most people plant marigolds in early spring and by mid-summer they are often riddled with spidermites.
Riddle Wins Mountain Mist Again.
Riddle of Walnut Avenue movie star unraveled at last.
Riddle's Auto Shop in Creekside, Indiana County, saw almost 4 feet of water.

In science:

However three years ago the solution out of this riddle was found. H.
Why Renormalizable NonCommutative Quantum Field Theories?
The solution to this riddle is to sort of exchange the role of vertices and propagators.
Why Renormalizable NonCommutative Quantum Field Theories?
The stability of quasicrystals has been a riddle since their discovery in 1982.
Random tiling quasicrystals in three dimensions
This is an answer to the long standing riddle raised by the relation between time and space definitions in quantum theory on one hand and relativistic effects associated with Lorentz transformations on the other hand [23,24].
Quantum Localisation Observables and Accelerated Frames
Pennington, “Riddle of the scalars: where is the sigma?”, hep-ph/9905241.
Hadronic Physics
Moreover, if the unification involved supersymmetry, as is generally expected, one of the most intriguing scientific riddles may find a natural explanation.
TESLA Technical Design Report Part I: Executive Summary
The origin of these galactic fields is still an as yet unsolved riddle in the astrophysical realm.
Report to Anaximander: A Dialogue on the Origin of the Cosmos in the Cradle of Western Civilization
One road will lead back into time, towards the very first instances in which the many truely fundamental riddles await us for further elucidation.
Report to Anaximander: A Dialogue on the Origin of the Cosmos in the Cradle of Western Civilization
It may indeed be claimed to hold the key towards solving the very riddle of the Universe itself.
Report to Anaximander: A Dialogue on the Origin of the Cosmos in the Cradle of Western Civilization
Ultimately, we may therefore even hope to use the accumulated understanding of the cosmic structure formation process towards solving the thrilling riddles of the very nature and origin of the Cosmos itself.
Report to Anaximander: A Dialogue on the Origin of the Cosmos in the Cradle of Western Civilization
The next section shows how this riddle can be solved.
The present situation in the determination of $\alpha_s$
Modern consumer devices are riddled with error correcting schemes.
Error Correcting Codes on Algebraic Surfaces
The answer to Penrose’s riddle, however, is still waiting for discovery, perhaps in an strange but subtle form of mathematical beauty and physical intuition.
Strong cosmic censorship: the role of nearly extreme nonrotating black holes
It took one Fermi to finally solve the riddle.
The Neutrino - Its Past, Present and Future
In the riddle of η Carinae, the mystery is the Homunculus nebula (Gaviola 1950; Mackay & Herschel 1843) which was ejected in an uncertain manner during and after the “Great Eruption” of the star starting in the mid-1800’s (Herschel 1838).
Eta Car and Its Surroundings: the X-ray Diagnosis