• Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Residuent a by-product left after the removal of a principal product
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  • Henry David Thoreau
    “The volatile truth of our words should continually betray the inadequacy of the residual statement.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. residu—L. residuumresidēre, to remain behind.


In literature:

The residue, with the hill on both sides, is one solid rock of lime-stone.
"Theory of the Earth, Volume 2 (of 4)" by James Hutton
Two of the less wilted pumpkins being reserved for the cabin table, the residue were minced up on the spot for the general regalement.
"The Piazza Tales" by Herman Melville
I called Timothy, and ascertaining the amount of bills due, gave him fifty pounds, which left him about fifteen pounds as a residue.
"Japhet, In Search Of A Father" by Frederick Marryat
There are others, Lord, and the residue of the Spirit is with thee.
"The Power of Faith" by Isabella Graham
Or is there a residue of real wickedness?
"The Grey Wig: Stories and Novelettes" by Israel Zangwill
Presently these simmered down to a residue of angry amazement and curiosity.
"The Clarion" by Samuel Hopkins Adams
Forbid it, heaven, the residue should perish Under a Theban born!
"The Works of John Dryden, Vol. 6 (of 18)" by John Dryden
After this all the Romane armie was brought into the field to make an end of the residue of the warre.
"Chronicles (1 of 6): The Historie of England (4 of 8)" by Raphael Holinshed
I send you the lock of hair which you desired, white as snow, and taken from a residue which is thinning rapidly.
"The Prose Works of William Wordsworth" by William Wordsworth
The residue (phenol) is weighed directly, and from this the percentage can be ascertained.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 443, June 28, 1884" by Various

In poetry:

Even he, O thou Aholibah,
Made separate from thy desire,
Shall cut thy nose and ears away
And bruise thee for thy body’s hire
And burn the residue with fire.
"Aholibah" by Algernon Charles Swinburne
And that strange woman whom we knew
And loved — long dead and gone,
Whose poor half-perished residue,
Tombless and trod, lay yon!
But at this moment to our view
Rose like a phantom wan.
"The Two Soldiers" by Thomas Hardy
But residues of meaning still remain,
As darkest myths meander through the pain
Towards a final formula of light.
I, too, reject this clarity of sight.
What cannot be explained, do not explain.
"Philosophy" by Nissim Ezekiel

In news:

Chemical residue found in some homes.
) said the national economy had no future unless the government eased the ban on US beef imports containing ractopamine residues.
Residual risk is alive and ever present in machine safety.
To expedite the relaxation of the ban on US beef imports containing ractopamine residues, the government has recently spent a great deal of taxpayers' money on advertising that should have been paid for by the companies selling the meat.
He raises no- till soybeans and strip- till corn, which "retain a large part of the residue and place the fertilizer in the zone, reducing costs considerably and increasing N efficiency," Legvold says.
Tolerable vs residual risk.
Skin toners are used after cleansing to help balance the skin's PH level and remove any excess residue.
Project Phoenix Seeks To Underpin CRJ200 Residuals.
A crane transports residual waste inside the "Rinterzelt" waste treatment facility in Vienna August 25, 2010.
The adhesive can be removed in an industrial washing process without any residues from glass bottles.
Rigaku announces today the global release of the AutoMATE II, a highly accurate micro area residual stress analyzer.
The news on Tropical Storm Isaac is not good for the Gulf region as the path has a distinctively familiar path for a few years ago, and the residual effects will hit pump up prices at the pumps in the weeks to come.
Some of it may be residual energy.
Residue of Senate Bill 5 vote united labor behind Obama.
Article "NPPC Advises FSIS To Revise Residue Guidlines" Is Not Available At This Time.

In science:

We show how the residuals to the combined fit bin down with increasing sample size in Figure 4: the curve shown tracks closely with the N −1/2 expectation from uncorrelated noise on short time scales (< 20 min), but on longer time scales the residuals bin down more slowly than this.
Spitzer/MIPS 24 micron Observations of HD 209458b: 3 eclipses, 2.5 transits, and a Phase Curve Corrupted by Instrumental Sensitivity Variations
As a result, a residue at w = z will be picked, but that residue will be integrated over a z contour not containing its poles which are inside [χ + η − 1, χ].
Asymptotics of Random Lozenge Tilings via Gelfand-Tsetlin Schemes
The resolution is calculated from the width of the Gaussian residual distribution: σresolution = 3 σresidual .
Beam Test with a GridGEM TPC Prototype Module
With the exception of the residual spectral errors on dataset A, which range between 2 and 9 times greater than the optimal rank-k spectral residual error for k < 20, we see that the residual errors for all three datasets are less than 1.1 times the residual error of Mk if not significantly smaller.
Improved matrix algorithms via the Subsampled Randomized Hadamard Transform
Specifically, the relative residual errors of the restricted-rank approximations remain less than 1.1 over the entire range of k while the relative residual errors of the non-rank-restricted approximations actually decrease as k increases.
Improved matrix algorithms via the Subsampled Randomized Hadamard Transform