• Stele of SÎtÛ, Representing the Front Of a House
    Stele of SÎtÛ, Representing the Front Of a House
  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • adv Representatively In a representative manner; vicariously.
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The representatives of the building trades The representatives of the building trades

Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The name for the sign "&" which represents the word "and" is ampersand
    • representatively In a representative manner; as or through a representative.
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  • George Bancroft
    George Bancroft
    “Conscience is the mirror of our souls, which represents the errors of our lives in their full shape.”
  • S. I. Hayakawa
    S. I. Hayakawa
    “If you see in any given situation only what everybody else can see, you can be said to be so much a representative of your culture that you are a victim of it.”
  • Michel Eyquem De Montaigne
    “The memory represents to us not what we choose but what it pleases.”
  • Gore Vidal
    “It makes no difference whom you vote for -- the two parties are really one party representing four percent of the people.”
  • Tony Benn
    Tony Benn
    “All war represents a failure of diplomacy.”
  • Patricia Fripp
    Patricia Fripp
    “Words represent your intellect. The sound, gesture and movement represent your feelings.”


In literature:

I could name many others, but the above is a representative list.
"The History of Minnesota and Tales of the Frontier" by Charles E. Flandrau
Place was thus at the centre of the political agitation which, for the time, represented the most energetic reforming movement.
"The English Utilitarians, Volume II (of 3)" by Leslie Stephen
They represented the literature of their times.
"An Historical Account of the Settlements of Scotch Highlanders in America" by J. P. MacLean
Like radical finalism, although in a vaguer form, our philosophy represents the organized world as a harmonious whole.
"Creative Evolution" by Henri Bergson
The plants are represented twice natural size.
"Studies of American Fungi. Mushrooms, Edible, Poisonous, etc." by George Francis Atkinson
Hence 1/4 inch would represent 1/3 of a mile, and 4-4, or one inch, would represent 4 x 1/3 = 4/3 = 1-1/3 miles.
"Manual of Military Training" by James A. Moss
The currency remains the same, and represents precisely the same amount of material in the store, and of labour spent in producing it.
"The Crown of Wild Olive" by John Ruskin
Though represented by a majority in Congress, the Northern States were defeated after a long struggle.
"A History of the Nineteenth Century, Year by Year" by Edwin Emerson
The darning-needle spoke to it, because it sparkled, and represented herself as a breast-pin.
"Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen" by Hans Christian Andersen
The continuous line represents the orbit in A.D. 126; the dotted line represents it at present.
"The Story of the Heavens" by Robert Stawell Ball

In poetry:

The female fox she is a fox;
The female whale a whale; The female eagle holds her place
As representative of race
As truly as the male.
"Females" by Charlotte Perkins Stetson Gilman
Here shift the scene, to represent
How those I love my death lament.
Poor Pope will grieve a month, and Gay
A week, and Arbuthnot a day.
"Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift, D.S.P.D." by Jonathan Swift
Thus Tom the marriage sprig had planted;
From thence drew all the joys he wanted.
Quite full, you'd represent his store,
Who runs away for fear of more.
"The Parrish Wedding" by William Hutton
"Three casks, from somebody else's stores,
Shall represent our island shores,
Their sides the ocean wide shall lave,
Their heads just topping the briny wave.
"The Three Kings of Chickeraboo" by William Schwenck Gilbert
He had bought a large map representing the sea,
Without the least vestige of land:
And the crew were much pleased when they found it to be
A map they could all understand.
"The Hunting Of The Snark " by Lewis Carroll
An eye whose judgment none affect could blind,
Friends to allure, and foes to reconcile;
Whose piercing look did represent a mind
With virtue fraught, reposed, void of guile.
"Of The Death Of Sir Thomas Wyatt The Elder" by Henry Howard

In news:

The result is that over 90 percent of his patients appear to be Albanian , when in fact they represent the usual constituents of Merced County, with few if any Albanians among them.
A local school council, consisting of the principal, six parents, two community representatives and two teachers, governs the school.
For details about the Extreme 5x5x5 program, contact your local DENSO representative.
It represents a craving for authenticity and regionalization.
Port Of Antwerp seeks to further consolidate market share with representative visits to Chicago, Houston & Montreal.
The number 343 represents the number of firemen that were killed in the line of duty in New York City on 9/11.
Tell Hillary Clinton to represent the working class, not the nation's billionaires.
Betty Ceja cuts a slice of cake last month at an Elk Grove McDonald's celebration for Karim Parra, right, who was selected to represent the chain in London.
He made millions after two terms representing Nebraska in the Senate, after his political celebrity helped him land a job running the New School in New York.
And when you're the Birds coach in this town, you not only represent the team, you also represent the city.
Republican Steve Stivers will once again represent District 15 in the US House of Representatives .
It's now occupied by Heather Bishoff, who next year will head off to represent southwest Franklin County (the 24th district) in the Ohio House of Representatives.
An attorney representing 1 of the witnesses represented the juror in a divorce case with a pending child support issue.
US Representative Charles Boustany defeated fellow Republican Representative Jeff Landry on Saturday in a runoff for a US congressional seat in Louisiana .
SIM2 has named Ambassador Marketing as its representative in the Pacific Northwest , representing the projector manufacturer in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

In science:

In an SCCC one can also show that ψ ◦ ψ † = ρ† A ◦ (ψ ⊗ ψ † ) ◦ λA where we note that in the case of FdHilb the linear operator ψ ◦ ψ † : A → A is the density matrix representing the pure state ψ : I → A i.e. the state usually represented by the vector ψ(1) ∈ H.
De-linearizing Linearity: Projective Quantum Axiomatics from Strong Compact Closure
Dotted lines represent the results of simulations, while the solid lines represent the theoretical prediction.
Tomography of random social networks
The networks can be visualized by nodes representing individuals, organizations, computers and by links between them representing their interactions.
Optimization of scale-free network for random failures
The transformation properties (4.85)–(4.88) of the Stokes parameters point out that the Stokes parameters Q, U represent the linearly polarized components, and V represents the circularly polarized component.
General Relativistic Theory of Light Propagation in the Field of Radiative Gravitational Multipoles
For a definable subgroup W of V , let F n(V , R)W be the set of W -invariant elements of F n(V , R): they are represented by a definable X , such that if t ∈ W and a ∈ V then X [a], X [a + t] represent the same class in K(µVFa,t )[n].
Integration in valued fields