Red silver


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Red silver (Min) an ore of silver, of a ruby-red or reddish black color. It includes proustite, or light red silver, and pyrargyrite, or dark red silver.
    • Red silver (Min) See Proustite, and Pyrargyrite.
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In literature:

Suddenly, violent shocks shake the house, explosions follow, like distant shots, and the thin, misty silver is changed to a red glow.
"Two Years with the Natives in the Western Pacific" by Felix Speiser
The coloring throughout is as various as the shape, being in yellow, green, blue, red, gilt, and silver.
"Foot-prints of Travel" by Maturin M. Ballou
The fire burned red behind bars of silvered steel, the ashes fell with a little clicking whisper.
"The Dop Doctor" by Clotilde Inez Mary Graves
Fair stands the castle on the rock, the city in the vale, And bonny is the red red gold, and rich the silver pale.
"Mediaeval Tales" by Various
The next thing the star knew it was hanging in a toy shop with a whole row of other stars blue and red and silver.
"The Children's Book of Christmas Stories" by Various
Her hair was short and curling, she wore a red kerchief over her head, and two hoops of silver in her ears.
"Cuore (Heart)" by Edmondo De Amicis
The silver nose-ring lying against his mustache glittered red.
"Shaman" by Robert Shea
She was looking with uplifted face at a far-off cloud, a red island in a sea of silver.
"Jennie Gerhardt" by Theodore Dreiser
A silver crescent, tinged with red.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science April 1930" by Various
On one side they were red, on the second side silver, and on the third side golden.
"Cossack Fairy Tales and Folk Tales" by Anonymous

In poetry:

Whose wings, like strange transparent talc, rose
high above his hawk-faced head,
Painted with silver and with red and ribbed with
rods of Oreichalch?
"The Sphinx" by Oscar Wilde
Lo! while I spake it, with a crimson hue
The dipping sun endowed that silver flood,
And all the cliffs flushed red, and up she flew,
The bird, as mad to bathe in airy blood.
"Songs of the Voices of Birds: A Raven in a White Chine" by Jean Ingelow
"His arms shone full bright, in the beacon's red light;
His plume it was scarlet and blue;
On his shield was a hound, in a silver leash bound,
And his crest was a branch of the yew."—
"The Eve of St. John" by Sir Walter Scott
My thoughts are like fire-flies, pulsing in moonlight;
My heart like a silver cup, filled with red wine;
My soul a pale gleaming horizon, whence soon light
Will flood the gold earth with a torrent divine.
"A Mood" by George MacDonald
On verdurd trees ye silver blossoms grow
Whose leaves atop their perfect whiteness show
& faintly streak with stains of red below
The western breeze steales ore ye shady grove
to sigh near roses as insnard by love.
"Three Verse Passages From A Prose Meditation" by Thomas Parnell
Or by the city of God above
In rose-red meadows, where the day
Eternal burns, the bless'd ones stray;
The harp lets loose its silver showers
From the dark incense-grove;
And happiness blooms forth with all her flowers.
"A Dorset Idyl" by Francis Turner Palgrave

In news:

I used OPI's white Bunny, CHI Red from CHI and Silver Glitter from Nubar.
The coffeemaker priced between $60 and $80 comes in black with silver, red or white trim.
Silver Dollar Speedway's 2011 sprint car track champion Tyler Wolf of Redding died Saturday night after a crash during a race at Calistoga Speedway.
Red roses bloom in Silver Spring, Md.
While I was driving to artist Alex Prager's Silver Lake studio, a fire truck's red lights halted traffic.
Hanging high in the sky, the moon slowly turned from bright silver into a red disk early Tuesday.
This fall the Mount Carmel Area Silver Bowl, home of the Red Tornadoes, is celebrating its 80th birthday.
The apartment complex with the decorative red-and-silver water tower has a little secret: a courtyard nestled in its core.
The Cyborg Forte also gets a silver pant job, and red LED lights to make the Forte look even more like its namesake.
The FCM Red Bulls' Nathan King takes a shot during the first half against UPFA Bayside Sharp-Shins on Tuesday at the Silver Creek Recreation Area in Chocolay Township.
Instead, he covered the entire silver vehicle in red objects.
In honor of July 4th, here are 10 patriotic classics that are sure to turn the silver screen red, white and blue.
Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea made sure that his 50th birthday would be one that he and all of his guests would remember as he opened up his backyard for a concert-fundraiser to benefit his Silver Lake Conservatory music school.
We've seen celebs rock the silver and gold trend on the red carpet.
It's hard to not look like a winner when wearing silver and gold on the red carpet.

In science:

On the left, the red and blue lines show two different base lines (730 and 3500 km) while on the right the red and blue lines show the golden and silver channel.
Future neutrino oscillation facilities: physics priorities and open issues