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    • adj Rebel-like (Shak.) like a rebel
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr. rebelle—L. rebellis, insurgent—re-, again, bellum, war.


In literature:

Rebels can't be masters, and you daren't hit me now I'm tied up, much as you'd like to.
"Crown and Sceptre" by George Manville Fenn
Like other towns of that neighborhood its cemetery is heavily peopled with Rebel dead.
"Red-Tape and Pigeon-Hole Generals" by William H. Armstrong
He had my oldest son shot in New Orleans like he did many other rebel prisoners.
"The Bishop of Cottontown" by John Trotwood Moore
The rebels had been driving most of the likely negroes South.
"Incidents of the War: Humorous, Pathetic, and Descriptive" by Alf Burnett
If anything could induce him to rebel, it must be a stroke like this.
"Anti-Slavery Opinions before the Year 1800" by William Frederick Poole
McMahon, like most Irishmen, was by temperament a rebel.
"Our Casualty And Other Stories" by James Owen Hannay, AKA George A. Birmingham
But, after all, there is no rebel like Nature.
"The Uncalled" by Paul Laurence Dunbar
Before His gaze the rebel prince fell like lightning from heaven.
"Saronia" by Richard Short
And besides, there's no Rebel alive who can tune a converter like a Navy mechanic.
"A Question of Courage" by Jesse Franklin Bone
I can understand a loyalist and even a rebel, but a weather-cock like the Duke is beyond me.
"My Sword's My Fortune" by Herbert Hayens

In poetry:

They’ll take no tidal drift, nor lie
And rot like souls of mud,
For sullen lip and flashing eye
Betray the rebel blood.
"Rebel Hearts" by John Le Gay Brereton
When, like the Conqueror of the Eastern World,
That stemm'd with dauntless breast the Granic flood,
His victor-sword immortal WILLIAM whirl'd,
And Boyne's pale waters dyed with Rebel blood.
"Hoyle Lake" by Anna Seward
You say—yet though your wisdom wells,
To it I am unreconciled;
My mind admits, my heart rebels . . .
O let me listen like a child
To Him who spoke with blessed breath
From bench of toil in Nazareth!
"Sinister Sooth" by Robert W Service
Or indeed to anyone? I know that all men
instinctively rebel against it. But yet
They will come to it at last.
Then man will have come of age; he will still suffer and still die,
but like a God, not a tortured animal.
"Going To The Horse Flats" by Robinson Jeffers
And the rebels fought for King Timour like tigers in a cage,
He was a very old man, more than ninety years of age;
And their shouts and yells were fearful to hear,
While the shrill sound of the bugle smote on the ear.
"The Downfall of Delhi" by William Topaz McGonagall
Then the rebels fled like frightened sprites,
And the British were left masters of the Dargai heights;
But, alas! brave Captain Robinson was mortally wounded and cut down,
And for his loss many tears from his comrades fell to the ground.
"The Storming of the Dargai Heights" by William Topaz McGonagall

In news:

Workshops gave way to academies, then artists rebelled against the academies—and ended up forming their own artist-run schools like the Bauhaus and Black Mountain College.
Battles on the Syria-Turkey border, like the one at the Bab al-Hawa border post, are a cat-and-mouse game for Syrian rebels.
"It's tough to lose like this," Rebels manager Corey Paluga said.
What it was like for the world traveling rebels to get kicked out of India.
The Rebels may have lost the Civil War, but "Dixie" is still being played, and the Confederate battle flags are still flying down South — way, way down South, like in South America.
Rebels didn't play like 20-point underdog in 2003 upset, forcing five turnovers in historic win.
Three Bands You Shouldn't Miss This Weekend By Hana Frenette ?Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Black Rebel Motorcycle Club looks and sounds like they might be in an actual motorcycle gang, even.
During the past year, scores of rebel brigades across Syria like The Beloved of Allah have evolved from hapless bands of lightly armed men into formidable fighting groups, shifting the balance against Assad's military.
The Ole Miss Lady Rebels felt like they took a real step forward last week despite falling at Louisiana Tech.
Although we know her as a sweet-as-pie role model for young girls and adults alike, Swift said in an interview behind-the-scenes of a new CoverGirl commercial that she likes to think of herself as a rebel, at least "in some ways.".
Rebel, The Tammy Wynette (You're Just Like) Northern Rocks Bear Weird Vegetable Sacred Bones Records.
Findlay Prep junior-to-be likes his developing relationship with new Rebels staff, but still close with Kruger.
It has been something of a gut instinct — a visceral reaction — for many to voice unequivocal support for Syria's rebels fighting to oust Bashar al-Assad, a dictator who, like his monstrous father, has no qualms about massacring his people.
Somalia's government promised fighters like Abdi Hassan valuable rewards if they deserted from the Islamist rebels group battling for control of the country.
If you don't recognize the name Rebel Wilson, it's likely you know her face.