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    • Quaking a. & n. from Quake v.
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  • Interesting fact: The most powerful earthquake to strike the United States occurred in 1811 in New Madrid, Missouri. The quake shook more than one million square miles, and was felt as far as 1,000 miles away.
    • n quaking Trembling; fear; agitation.
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In literature:

A sudden access of fury on the part of the alarmist at the knocker, spurred them on with quaking hearts.
"The Black Bag" by Louis Joseph Vance
If I do not make Hickman quake now-and-then, he will endeavour to make me fear.
"Clarissa, Volume 3 (of 9)" by Samuel Richardson
I stared out again, seemingly, at the quake of the sun-stream.
"The House on the Borderland" by William Hope Hodgson
He built up the fire, quaking in the bitter air, and bustled the breakfast.
"The Magnetic North" by Elizabeth Robins (C. E. Raimond)
He proceeded to whisper some words in the ears of the landlord, which caused him to start and quake with dread.
"The Real America in Romance, Volume 6;" by John R. Musick
It was himself, even more than his truths, which made people listen, admire, and quake.
"Beacon Lights of History, Volume VI" by John Lord
We almost feel the earth quake beneath our feet.
"Supply and Demand" by Hubert D. Henderson
He ought to have quaked and trembled indeed at the voice of Heaven rebuking his madness.
"Andrew Golding" by Annie E. Keeling
Our hearts quaked from fear, but it was to see the powers of heaven shaken.
"The Worlds Greatest Books" by Arthur Mee, J. A. Hammerton, Eds.
This was some consolation, though we could not regard the rugged way that lay betwixt us and that without quaking.
"A Set of Rogues" by Frank Barrett
To my astonishment, it seemed now to come from behind me, and I whipped 'round, with a hideous quake of fear.
"Carnacki, The Ghost Finder" by William Hope Hodgson
They had attempted him no harm, and he had ceased to quake and snarl when one of them passed near.
"The Grizzly King" by James Oliver Curwood
Then ye were heroes in embryo; and now, having grown up, is it any wonder that the whole realm quakes beneath your tread?
"The Young Captives" by Erasmus W. Jones
On the morning of the 'quake, Sam and I had gone down to the beach to bathe.
"Cobwebs From an Empty Skull" by Ambrose Bierce (AKA: Dod Grile)
Immediately the earth began to quake.
"Philippine Folk Tales" by Mabel Cook Cole
Quake, quake, they quake.
"The Tinguian" by Fay-Cooper Cole
She was quaking in every limb.
"Rosa Mundi and Other Stories" by Ethel M. Dell
Thou fool, have I set thee quaking who, forsooth, would mutiny!
"Sir Mortimer" by Mary Johnston
Reuben ran to steady this ladder, for it was like to fall with the quaking and shaking.
"The Sign Of The Red Cross" by Evelyn Everett-Green
They were my dread; I quak'd at every shadow And every leaf that mov'd, lest I should see them.
"The Death of Balder" by Johannes Ewald

In poetry:

The kid began to quake and cry;
Not so the braver boy,
The full-winged savage to defy
Was his heroic joy.
"The Eagle" by William Hayley
The earth was torn and quaking,
The sky about to fall;
The nightingales of Flanders,
They minded not at all.
"The Nightingale Of Flanders" by Grace Hazard Conkling
This morning a trumpet blast
Made all the cottage quake;
It came so sudden and shook so fast
It blew me wide awake.
"Willie's Question" by George MacDonald
And a heart-quake heaved around—
And the city poured its might:
A tyrant reigned at morn,
And a people reigned at night.
"The March Of Freedom" by Ernest Jones
The lark sung loud; the morning smiled,
With beams of rosy red:
Pale William quaked in every limb,
And raving left his bed.
"William And Margaret" by Henry Morley
Like it, like it, whene'er the east wind sings,
I bend and shake; like it, I quake and yearn,
When Hope's late butterflies, with whispering wings,
Fly in out of the dark, to fall and burn—
Burn in the watchfire of return,
Return, return.
"Return!" by Sydney Thompson Dobell

In news:

China's Quake Severe But Not Unusual.
Velasco talks about why surface waves of earthquakes can cause smaller quakes thousands of miles away.
6.0 quake in Gulf shakes Southeast.
The quake was not powerful enough to trigger a tsunami warning.
Spills, quakes more manageable now.
Federal center recorded a tiny quake southeast of Mansfield late Monday.
Thousands reported bang, rumble of Maine quake in Mass.
Quake Triggers Tsunami in Solomon Islands .
The quake triggered a tsunami and a number of landslides that wiped out small villages.
Demystifying the dish that makes cooks quake -- a souffle can rise to any festive occasion.
Japan Tobacco Staggers Back Following Quake.
That might sound a bit too permanent, but that's exactly what Jonathan Berg of Brooklyn got on his torso the day after the quake.
Quake Forges Friendships That Transcend Religion.
Wastewater injection well triggered quakes, report says.
Coastal Marshes Yield Up History Of Great Northwest Quakes And Tsunamis.

In science:

Quak, “Wavelets on a bounded interval”, in Numerical Methods of Approximation Theory, Vol 9, Eds. D.
Cardinal B-spline dictionaries on a compact interval
Recall that a ‘thermal gradient’ was proposed by Feynman to circumvent the idea of ’biased’ Brownian motion (based on structural anisotropy alone) which, despite a right magnitude for driving nano-sized particles (Phillips and Quake 2006) is otherwise forbidden by the Second Law of Thermodynamics.
Magnetism, FeS colloids, and Origins of Life
Phillips R, Quake SR (2006) The biological frontier of physics.
Magnetism, FeS colloids, and Origins of Life
Sibani, P., Rodriguez, G.F., Kenning, G.G.: Intermittent quakes and record dynamics in the thermoremanent magnetization of a spin-glass.
Correlations between record events in sequences of random variables with a linear trend
Axisymmetric pulsations of rotating neutron stars can be excited in several scenarios, such as core-collapse, crust and core-quakes and binary mergers, and could become detectable either in gravitational waves or high-energy radiation.
Numerical hydrodynamics in general relativity
The pattern of this variation suggests that these white dwarfs are pulsating—as if there are continuous star-quakes going on.
Computational Asteroseismology
Here, it is envisaged that these hadrons are pure products of the fragmentation of the scattered quak (antiquark or gluon).
Spin Effects in High Energy Fragmentation Processes
The fact that the quake was recorded by the relatively crude equipement of the time shows the sensitivity of the method, but also the power released in this event.
Basic notions of dense matter physics: applications to astronomy
The quake effect is related to a record barrier.
Organization and Complexity in a Nested Hierarchical Spin-Glass like Social Space
This property leads to the frequency of quakes getting lower as the system ages.
Organization and Complexity in a Nested Hierarchical Spin-Glass like Social Space
In our model, although we allow the entire system to undergo quakes in the form of social reorganizations, each individual is a local sub-valley which tends to preserve a local minimum as a preserved pattern that also undergoes continual irreversible change in the form of memory reconfiguration.
Organization and Complexity in a Nested Hierarchical Spin-Glass like Social Space
One such theory of punctured equilibrium, which is similar to quakes in spin glass model (Eldredge and Gould 1972) show the split of species sub ject to isolation and environmental selection.
Organization and Complexity in a Nested Hierarchical Spin-Glass like Social Space
After developing on the basis of inverse nonlinear problem the mathematical models of empirical and theoretical dependences between incoming earthquake processes, magnetic quake and parameters of earthquake we will arrive to a set of SChtM functions in correspondence with the different definition of Magnitude.
On the possibility for short time when, where earthquakes prediction with the using geomagnetic field measurements
In the text boxes are the data of the geomagnetic quake (date of the precursory signal) and the time window for predicted event (events).
On the possibility for short time when, where earthquakes prediction with the using geomagnetic field measurements
FSig for geomagnetic quake than a strong earthquakes with big It is seen that there are more signals values of SChtM.
On the possibility for short time when, where earthquakes prediction with the using geomagnetic field measurements