• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Quadrat (Print) A block of type metal lower than the letters, -- used in spacing and in blank lines.
    • Quadrat An old instrument used for taking altitudes; -- called also geometrical square, and line of shadows.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • quadrat See quadrate.
    • n quadrat In printing, a blank type for the larger blank spaces in or at the end of printed lines, cast lower in height, so that it shall not be inked or impressed: made in four forms for all text type—en, em, two-em, three-em. Usually abbreviated to quad.
    • n quadrat The low quadrat, for letterpress work, is about three fourths of an inch high: the high quadrat, for stereotype work, is about ten twelfths of an inch high.
    • n quadrat An instrument furnished with sights, a plummet, and an index, and used for measuring altitudes, but superseded by more perfect instruments in modern use. Also called geometrical square, and line of shadows.
    • n quadrat A series or set of four.
    • n quadrat In experimental agriculture, a square area of convenient size laid off for the purpose of accurate planting.
    • n quadrat In phytogeography, a similar square laid off for close study of the relative abundance of species or of other questions.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Quadrat kwod′rat a piece of type-metal lower than the letters, used in spacing between words and filling out blank lines (commonly Quad)—distinguished as en, em, two-em, and three-em.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. quadrat, cadrat,. See Quadrate


In literature:

This quadrator has since published a little slip, and entered it at Stationers' Hall.
"A Budget of Paradoxes, Volume II (of II)" by Augustus de Morgan
This quadrator has since published a little slip and entered it at Stationers' Hall.
"Myths and Marvels of Astronomy" by Richard A. Proctor
They then solve by a Quadratic.
"A Tangled Tale" by Lewis Carroll
To make a square quadrate of any righte lyne appoincted.
"The Path-Way to Knowledg" by Robert Record
The upper posterior cheek-teeth are large and quadrate.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 5, Slice 4" by Various
The quadrate is distinct and closely applied to the posteroventral margin of the complex.
"A New Genus of Pennsylvania Fish (Crossoperygii, Coelacanthiformes) from Kansas" by Joan Echols
Can he solve a quadratic equation in his head?
"The Guarded Heights" by Wadsworth Camp
Quadrate bone with single proximal knob.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Slice 7" by Various
Therefore v^3 and z^3 are the roots of the quadratic t^2 + rt - q^2/27 = 0.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 9, Slice 7" by Various
That quadratic problem counted thirty credits.
"Marjorie Dean, High School Junior" by Pauline Lester
It will take you three years to get up to quadratics!
"The Gentleman Cadet" by A.W. Drayson
An advantage gained was that every quadratic equation, and not some quadratics only, could be spoken of as having two roots.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 11, Slice 6" by Various
Ventrally the quadrate has a narrow neck dorsal to its articulation with the articular.
"A Revision of Snakes of the Genus Conophis (Family Colubridae, from Middle America)" by John Wellman
And I've got through the first three books of Euclid, and in Algebra I got through quadratic equations.
"Eunice" by Margaret Murray Robertson
It is with the quadrate bone also that the inferior maxillary articulates.
"Artistic Anatomy of Animals" by Édouard Cuyer
Solve the pure quadratic (7)/(3S^2) - (11)/(9S^2) = 5/6.
"A Review of Algebra" by Romeyn Henry Rivenburg
The free surfaces of the upper teeth are quadrate, except the first and last, which are nearly triangular.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 13, Slice 6" by Various
As this differs much in the different species, they are readily distinguished by the column or "quadrate" bone when found.
"Buffalo Land" by W. E. Webb
How very little all this quadrates with our popular impressions of the common hangman!
"Dealings With The Dead" by A Sexton of the Old School
The tympanic ring has been held to be the equivalent of the quadrate.
"The Cambridge Natural History, Vol X., Mammalia" by Frank Evers Beddard

In poetry:

Dinanzi a tutti,--accanto alla bandiera,
Marciava un uffiziale--dal torace spazioso,
Dalle spalle quadrate.--Marciava silenzioso,
Colla fronte dimessa;--parea sopra pensieri.
"Fuoco" by Ferdinando Fontana

In news:

The quadratic formula, parabolas, the Fibonacci sequence.
The formulas are based on quadratic polynomials for the construction of derivative continuous surfaces rather than on the cubic polynomials generally used.
I learned about the complex plane at about the same time I learned of the quadratic formula.
Zoltan Cendes, Steven Wong, "C1 Quadratic Interpolation over Arbitrary Point Sets," IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, vol 7, no 11, pp.
The training of support vector machines (SVM) involves a quadratic programming problem, which is often optimized by a complicated numerical solver.
Phosphorus -31 MRI of hard and soft solids using quadratic echo line-narrowing PNAS: Early Edition.
I kind of remember how to do quadratic equations.
Thermo Fisher Scientific recently re-launched the RIIDEye, a handheld radiation isotope identifier that uses patented Quadratic Compression Conversion technology to provide real-time gamma source identification More.
Thermo Fisher Scientific recently re-launched the RIIDEye, a handheld radiation isotope identifier that uses patented Quadratic Compression Conversion technology to provide real-time gamma source identification.

In science:

Definition 5 If I is generated by quadratic elements we say that B is a quadratic n.o.a.
Number Operator Algebras
In quadratic approximation the effective string actions must coincide with quadratic terms in the Lagrangians of the corresponding field theories for the background fields.
String Theory or Field Theory?
AF, as long as in some of the bonds the quadratic and bi-quadratic couplings have opposite tendency (i.e., one AF and the other F), effective ferromagnetic couplings may be generated at low-energy, and the large spin phase stabilized.
Random Antiferromagnetic Spin-1/2 Chains with Competing Interactions
Such potentials V are bounded above and below by quadratic functions — and we may think of them as “approximately quadratic” generalizations of the (Gaussian) harmonic crystal, for which V (η ) = β η 2 .
Random Surfaces
Several important results concerning quadratic sprays [1, 10, 16, 20] rely on the facts that each such spray S determines a unique torsion-free linear connection Γ, and conversely, every quadratic spray S arises from a linear connection Γ the torsion of which can be assigned arbitrarily.
Generalized Sprays and Nonlinear Connections
The transformation method will then be applied for a general quadratic system (a generalized harmonic oscillator) and a quadratic system with an inverse-square interaction up to N = 2.
Generalization of the Darboux transformation and generalized harmonic oscillators
The formalisms have been applied to a general quadratic system and a quadratic system with an inverse-square interaction.
Generalization of the Darboux transformation and generalized harmonic oscillators
The possibility of searching for linear and quadratic invariants at fixed energy was also addressed and some examples of systems admitting a second quadratic invariant at zero energy were provided.
Non-Integrability of a weakly integrable Hamiltonian system
Case 3. n = 3, either K = Q and E /Q is real quadratic or K is an imaginary quadratic extension of Q.
Generators for Arithmetic Groups
If K is imaginary quadratic, then any quadratic extension E of K has infinitely many units.
Generators for Arithmetic Groups
In particular, Γ contains, for some r ′ , the subgroup UH (r ′OE⊗F ) where E ⊗ F is a field (F = Q(t2 ) is imaginary quadratic, and E /Q is real quadratic).
Generators for Arithmetic Groups
First compute the Hilbert class polynomials HD = Q(x − j (α)), where α runs over the quadratic numbers associated to the reduced quadratic forms of (negative) discriminant D .
Complex Multiplication Tests for Elliptic Curves
First, at some naive level we see that in this case the large fluctuation of B -field are suppressed due to strong oscillatory behavior of the integral by the quadratic term proportional to β which is a non positive but definite quadratic form.
Quantum gravity in terms of topological observables
In the physics literature spectral determinants arise in evaluating path integrals which are quadratic in the fluctuation around a given background field. A well known technique for regularizing such quadratic path integrals is the ζ -function regularization.
Functionals of the Brownian motion, localization and metric graphs
The Manin tensor products have been adapted to the theory of quadratic operads by Ginsburg and Kapranov , in their paper they have defined the notion of Koszul resolution of a quadratic operad, which is an application of the general Koszul duality defined by Beilinson Ginsburg and Schechmann .
Quadratic categories, Koszul resolutions and operads