• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Pseudo- A combining form or prefix signifying false counterfeit pretended spurious; as, pseudo-apostle, a false apostle; pseudo-clergy, false or spurious clergy; pseudo-episcopacy, pseudo-form, pseudo-martyr, pseudo-philosopher. Also used adjectively.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • ns Pseudo- sū′dō a prefix signifying false or spurious, as in Pseudæsthē′sia, imaginary feeling, as in an amputated limb; Pseudepig′rapha (pl.), spurious writings, especially those writings claiming to be Biblical, but not judged genuine or canonical by the consent of scholars
    • n Pseudo- a common fallacy
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Gr. pseydh`s lying, false, akin to psey`dein to belie; cf. psydro`s lying, psy`qos a lie


In literature:

The first appearance of Thackeray in literature was in 'Fraser's Magazine,' under the pseudo name of Michael Angelo Titmarsh.
"Gilbert Keith Chesterton" by Patrick Braybrooke
While Fandor was going downstairs the pseudo Mme.
"A Royal Prisoner" by Pierre Souvestre
It is but the inexorable result of a pseudo-religion.
"The Quadroon" by Mayne Reid
It is now considered to be one of those pseudo-Egyptian productions so extensively fabricated during the reign of Hadrian.
"Museum of Antiquity" by L. W. Yaggy
That he was under some obligation to the pseudo-apostle was perfectly clear.
"The Wild Huntress" by Mayne Reid
The Princess was amused at this little pseudo-artistic discussion.
"Messengers of Evil" by Pierre Souvestre
All these pseudo-historical publications are, however, only one aspect of the abundant literary production of the Great War.
"Introduction to the Science of Sociology" by Robert E. Park
Pseudo Asconius, commentaries on the Verrine orations, i., 180.
"The Life of Cicero" by Anthony Trollope
His pseudo-theology or mythology ended in a theatrical comedy, and the comedy in a tragedy.
"The Christian Foundation, Or, Scientific and Religious Journal, Volume I, No. 12, December, 1880" by Various
Her pseudo-parents were in ecstacies of joy.
"Historic Ghosts and Ghost Hunters" by H. Addington Bruce
Some belong to the pseudo-social class and are mere parasites feeding on society.
"The Social Work of the Salvation Army" by Edwin Gifford Lamb
There goes the pseudo-princess, member of the royal house of England.
"Carmen Ariza" by Charles Francis Stocking
A pseudo-human monster fashioned of metal in the guise of a man.
"Astounding Stories, April, 1931" by Various
There is, then, like the illusion of a motion picture film, only a pseudo-movement.
"Astounding Stories, May, 1931" by Various
Next time you're wounded, doctor, I'll say it was by a pseudo-shell!
"General Bramble" by André Maurois
In fact, for a time this actually becomes a part of your body, a pseudo-flesh.
"Tangle Hold" by F. L. Wallace
The plant next to this, unnamed, has pseudo-bulbs almost as long, but scarcely thicker than straws.
"The Woodlands Orchids" by Frederick Boyle
Now, at last, the mystery was to be cleared up, his future relations with the pseudo suicide defined and established.
"The Destroying Angel" by Louis Joseph Vance
At the request of King James he wrote the 'Pseudo-Martyr,' published in 1610.
"Library of the World's Best literature, Ancient and Modern, Vol. 12" by Various
The convent, or whatever it calls itself, of the Sisters of Mercy, is no doubt a highly respectable, though a pseudo-Roman Catholic concern.
"Punch - Volume 25 (Jul-Dec 1853)" by Various

In poetry:

From whence arrived the praying mantis?
From outer space, or lost Atlantis?
glimpse the grin, green metal mug
at masks the pseudo-saintly bug,
Orthopterous, also carnivorous,
And faintly whisper, Lord deliver us.
"The Praying Mantis" by Ogden Nash

In news:

My Opponents Believe in the " Pseudo -Religion" of Global Warming.
INTERVIEWS Freelance Whales Find Inspiration in New Sounds, Pseudo -Science for Next LP.
FBI reveals a network of Texas pseudo -doctors.
'Paranormal Activity 3' continues series' pseudo -scary disposable fun (review).
Egypt's pseudo-stability based on repression is a ticking bomb dangerously close to exploding.
Creation of the 'pseudo organism' could yield new insights into medical research – or even cleaning up environmental pollution.
The pseudo-feminist show trial of Larry Summers.
After Minnesota's Visanthe Shiancoe revealed a pseudo Sharper dressed as Osama Bin Ladan, Sharper came back with his strongest response yet.
Your pseudo-intellectual honey trap backfired, didn't it.
The first thing that happened tonight was that Herman Cain's pseudo-candidacy died — or, rather, was exposed for what it is, a Republican feel-good statement.
We're not sure how many of you out there actually saw Catfish , the pseudo/documentary directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost of Paranormal Activity 3 and 4 fame.
Since formally joined the International Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001.The Chinese government has taken a lot of fight against counterfeiting and sale of pseudo-measures.
He was the pseudo redneck who had been out of the South only once -- on a trip to Washington.
I have observed that any prominent person in government, sports or any area of life, that if they mention what their faith in Jesus Christ means to them, it greatly disturbs the pseudo-intellectuals on your editorial staff.
The Pseudos A Long Way To Nowhere n/a.

In science:

In [1, 2] the authors introduced the concept of generalized random matrix ensemble, and presented a classification scheme of it by means of Lie theory, namely linear ensemble, nonlinear noncompact ensemble, compact ensemble, group ensemble, algebra ensembles, pseudo-group ensemble, and pseudo-algebra ensemble.
A Criterion for the Covering Condition of Generalized Random Matrix Ensembles
It is almost same as the proof of case (iv). (vi) Pseudo-group ensemble and pseudo-algebra ensemble.
A Criterion for the Covering Condition of Generalized Random Matrix Ensembles
Naturally, it is not limited to the particular form of the perturbing potential (7), which we consider here, and it holds in Newtonian, pseudo-Newtonian as well as general-relativity versions of the equations of motion (the pseudo-Newtonian case was examined, in detail, by Abramowicz et al. 2003, and Hor ´ak 2004).
Twin-peak quasiperiodic oscillations as an internal resonance
This random stream is then used to seed a lookup table accessed by a pseudo random number generator to produce random numbers at similar rates to traditional pseudo random number generators.
The influence of parsimony and randomness on complexity growth in Tierra
The valuation corresponding to | · |(m) ρ,δ,K,j gives the ultra-pseudo-seminorm P (m) ρ,δ,K,j . eSm ρ,δ (Ω × Rp ) topologized through the family of ultra-pseudo-seminorms {P (m) ρ,δ,K,j }K⋐Ω,j∈N is a Fr´echet eC-module.
Generalized Oscillatory Integrals and Fourier Integral Operators
Key words and phrases. pseudo-finite fields, pseudo algebraically closed fields, motives.
Motives for perfect PAC fields with pro-cyclic Galois group
The pro jective examples of pseudo-lines lead to similar affine configurations by putting one of the pseudo-lines at infinity and by removing it.
On simple arrangements of lines and pseudo-lines in P^2 and R^2 with the maximum number of triangles
We choose then one pseudo-line that touches at most n − 2 triangles of the arrangement; we stretch it to a line and remove it to get an affine arrangement of n − 1 pseudo-lines, which has at least n(n−1)−2 − (n − 2) triangles.
On simple arrangements of lines and pseudo-lines in P^2 and R^2 with the maximum number of triangles
We then may endow eR with an ultra-pseudo-norm (’pseudo’ refers to non-multiplicativity) | |e in the following way: |0|e := 0, and whenever x 6= 0, |x|e := e−ν (x) .
The wave equation on static singular space-times
We also have that if T is a tensor (pseudo-tensor) then ∗T is a pseudo-tensor (tensor).
Higher-Order Theories of Gravitation
In this section, we shall define the dual of a C ω -pseudo-Riemannian manifold and the dual of a totally geodesic C ω -pseudo-Riemannian submanifold.
The complexifications of pseudo-Riemannian manifolds and anti-Kaehler geometry
Let M be a C ω pseudo-Riemannian submanifold in a C ω -pseudo-Riemannian homogeneous space fM .
The complexifications of pseudo-Riemannian manifolds and anti-Kaehler geometry
Let (M , g) be a C ω -pseudo-Riemannian submanifold in a semi-simple pseudo-Riemannian symmetric space G/K equipped with the metric eg induced from the Killing form of g := Lie G.
The complexifications of pseudo-Riemannian manifolds and anti-Kaehler geometry
In , Wolfram describes three mechanisms responsible for random behavior in systems: (1) Randomness from physics like brownian motion; (2) Randomness from the initial conditions which is studied by chaos theory; and (3) Randomness by design, also called pseudo-randomness used in pseudo-random sequences generators.
Pseudo-random Sequences Generated by Cellular Automata
In a sense, pseudo-random states play in quantum information protocols a role analogous to pseudo-random numbers in classical information theory.
Entanglement, randomness and chaos