Proportional logarithms


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Proportional logarithms certain logarithmic numbers used to shorten the calculation of the fourth term of a proportion of which one of the terms is a given constant quantity, commonly one hour, while the other terms are expressed in minutes and seconds; -- not now used.
    • Proportional logarithms logistic logarithms. See under Logistic.
    • Proportional logarithms See under Logistic.
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In science:

Interpreting the parameter as κ = 1/mc, one deals with κp = sinh η , so the formal logarithm becomes proportional to the rapidity, L(p) = mcη .
Non-Extensive Approach to Quark Matter
Tests result in size reductions of the two sets, and we assign such tests to those sets in proportion to the logarithms of the ratios of the before and after set sizes.
Improved Adaptive Group Testing Algorithms with Applications to Multiple Access Channels and Dead Sensor Diagnosis
The rate at which electrons loose their energy by bremsstrahlung is nearly proportional to its energy and the rate of ionization loss rises logarithmically.
Proceedings for TASI 2009 Summer School on "Physics of the Large and the Small": Introduction to the LHC experiments
So, unlike multiplicities (which follow an approximate logarithmic trend with the centre-of-mass energy) the increase in the number of physics is approximately proportional to the energy of colliding beams.
Experimental summary of ISMD10
With the choice of renormalization scale µ2 = −s all logarithmic corrections, proportional to powers of log (−s/µ2), have been summed into the running coupling.
QCD Description of Hadronic Tau Decays