• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Prevalency See Prevalence.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: In ancient Rome, lead poisoning was a prevalent disease amongst the wealthy because of their extensive use of lead. Many Roman women died because of lead poisoning caused by the use of make-up that contained lead
    • n prevalency Same as prevalence.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: There is a member of the spider family called the demodex folliculorum that lives at the root of people's eye lashes. It's harmless and normal.(so they claim) To look for them, grab a handful of your eyelashes and dunk them in warm water. They'll start swimming out. It is prevalent in nearly 100% of old people in the U.S.
    • Prevalency the state of being prevalent or wide-spread: superior strength or influence: preponderance: efficacy
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  • William James
    “The prevalent fear of poverty among the educated classes is the worst moral disease from which our civilization suffers.”
  • Henry David Thoreau
    “The broadest and most prevalent error requires the most disinterested virtue to sustain it.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr. prévaloir—L. prævalērepræ, before, valēre, to be powerful.


In literature:

This type of structure is prevalent in almost all the older Spanish-American cities.
"Mexico" by Charles Reginald Enock
The utmost licentiousness was prevalent in the prison throughout.
"Recollections of Old Liverpool" by A Nonagenarian
There are few illnesses more prevalent than this, few that seem to be less rationally dealt with, and yet few that are more easily cured.
"Papers on Health" by John Kirk
But a freshman like Eunapius soon got experience for himself of the ways and manners prevalent in Athens.
"Harvard Classics Volume 28" by Various
Another prevalent mistake in this country is to believe that the Persian, or any other Oriental, will only buy cheap things.
"Across Coveted Lands" by Arnold Henry Savage Landor
Although the land was beautiful, cultivation could not be said to be prevalent.
"Across Unknown South America" by Arnold Henry Savage Landor
The wide prevalence of the dime novel evil appeared in the report of the reading of 1,000 boys in a western New York city.
"A Book for All Readers" by Ainsworth Rand Spofford
In some respects this is true, but in the cities the custom has become very prevalent.
"Diary in America, Series Two" by Frederick Marryat (AKA Captain Marryat)
It is certain, however, that tarantism was very prevalent in earlier times.
"Primitive Psycho-Therapy and Quackery" by Robert Means Lawrence
About five years afterwards it had again become rife and very prevalent, and many again died of it.
"Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 61, No. 378, April, 1847" by Various

In poetry:

"It makes me mad," stormed Hazembad,
"The prevalence of vermin."
"You've said it right," owned Gotabite,
"I'm lousy as a German."
"Troubles In The Trenches" by Abner Cosens
Why, fair one, would you not rely
On reason's force with beauty's join'd?
Could I their prevalence deny,
I must at once be deaf and blind.
"An Ode To A Lady. She Refusing To Continue A Dispute With Me, And Leaving Me In The Argument" by Matthew Prior
My fervent pray'rs ne'er did prevail,
Nor e'er of prevalency fail.
I wrestle till my strength be spent,
Yet yield when strong recruits are sent.
"The Believer's Riddle; or, the Mystery of Faith" by Ralph Erskine
Thy workmen here for shame have little cause:
Powerful through faith and prevalent in love,
Doubly they give the roving Indian laws,
Guide him for earth, and mould him for above.
"The Rose Of The Wilderness (Gathered In Crossing A Portage On The River Winnipeg)" by George Jehoshaphat Mountain
More prevalent was David's pray'r by far,
Th' enormous giant to o'ercome in war,
Than those smooth stones which from his scrip he took,
Though thro' his forehead one of them he strook.
"Advice To A Soldier" by Rees Prichard
Perhaps you have a turn for what
Is known as "misappropriation,"
Attractions this has doubtless got
For persons of a certain station,
But prevalent 'twill never be
Among the aristocracy.
"The Cat" by Harry Graham

In news:

Although hypertension is the most prevalent treatable vascular risk factor, how it causes end-organ damage and vascular events is poorly understood.
Stereotyping Alaska Natives remains painfully prevalent.
But it seems to be located in another era, when roadside stands were the norm and national chains weren't so prevalent.
Among today's various renewable energy sources, solar energy is by far the most prevalent.
He returned to Central Africa in 1983 to conduct some of the early studies of prevalence there.
Ironically, as AV systems have become more prevalent, many of them are better off disappearing altogether.
The case marks Lawrenceville's second faux dentistry practice shut down since May But police aren't convinced unlicensed dentistries are prevalent in Gwinnett.
GAO reports on prevalence of Medicare fraud.
Mexico–United States Migration and the Prevalence of Obesity: A Transnational Perspective.
The sudden emergence, global prevalence and future permanence of natural gas resources, sets the stage for a tragedy being played out by the green movement in the United Kingdom today.
Mayor Michael Bloomberg hit the airwaves over the weekend and pushed Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to take a stand against the prevalence of guns in the wake of Friday's tragedy in Aurora, Colo.
As a child we often had hideouts that were probably inspired by the Cowboys and gangster movies that were prevalent on early TV shows.
My purpose in this post is not to get into politics but to address a disturbing trend that is prevalent in our society today.
So prevalent in fact that I myself have been tainted by it.
Is it really that prevalent or just something that grabs headlines.

In science:

This explains the prevalence of solutions showing a local spin polarization for AA configurations.
Magnetism of Substitutional Co Impurities in Graphene: Realization of Single $\pi$-Vacancies
The H iis are the least concentrated optically, and have the lowest X-ray detection fraction. X-ray detection is sensitive to the AGN activity, which is more prevalent in the early type (massive bulgedominated) galaxies (e.g., Ho, Filippenko, & Sargent 2003; Kauffmann et al. 2004).
Probing the Balance of AGN and Star-Forming Activity in the Local Universe with ChaMP
An arbitrary set is cal led shy if it is contained in a shy Borel subset, and final ly the complement of a shy set is cal led prevalent.
Generic Nekhoroshev theory without small divisors
The following “genericity” properties are easy to check ([OY05], [HK10]): a prevalent set is dense, a set containing a prevalent set is also prevalent, and prevalent sets are stable under translation and countable intersection.
Generic Nekhoroshev theory without small divisors
First, our condition is prevalent in the space C k (B ), with k ≥ 2n+ 2, and this is not true for steep functions.
Generic Nekhoroshev theory without small divisors