Power of the keys


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Power of the keys (Eccl) the authority claimed by the ministry in some Christian churches to administer the discipline of the church, and to grant or withhold its privileges; -- so called from the declaration of Christ, “I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven.”
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Power of the keys the power to loose and bind, to administer ecclesiastical discipline—a special authority conferred by Christ on Peter (Matt. xvi. 19), or Peter in conjunction with the other apostles, and claimed by the popes as the alleged successors to St Peter. Others explain it as belonging only to the apostles themselves, as descending to the bishops and clergy of the Christian Church, or as belonging to all Christ's disciples alike
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. cæg, a key.


In literature:

Lastly, let us return to the lines respecting the power of the keys, for now we can understand them.
"Harvard Classics Volume 28" by Various
Third, John at that time was the only legal administrator holding the keys of power there was on earth.
"Jesus the Christ" by James Edward Talmage
The power of the keys and the treasure of salvation were provided accordingly.
"Folkways" by William Graham Sumner
He felt instinctively that the power of using the mind rather than the muscles was the key to success.
"Children's Literature" by Charles Madison Curry
Thoroughly to realise the true nature of affirmative power is to possess the key to the great secret.
"The Hidden Power" by Thomas Troward
The occasion has tuned us to a certain key of sentiment, and deprived us of the power to respond to other stimuli.
"The Sense of Beauty" by George Santayana
This art of looking into the future is the key to Aladdin's Palace and to the Temple of Power.
"The Pools of Silence" by H. de Vere Stacpoole
For these were the keys of power.
"The Doomsman" by Van Tassel Sutphen
And with these forms, the spells of persuasion, the keys of power are put into his hands.
"Nature" by Ralph Waldo Emerson
This was the mighty rock fortress in which lay the key-stone of his mounting power.
"The Passing of Ku Sui" by Anthony Gilmore
His powerful artillery bristled by the side of the mill of Valmy, the centre and key to the position.
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 14" by Various
Here you find the secret of Power, which is the key word.
"Pleasure & Profit in Bible Study" by Dwight Moody
Jerry sang a comic song, mostly off the key, merely to prove the impossibility of her vocal powers.
"Marjorie Dean, High School Junior" by Pauline Lester
The musician is familiar with all the keys and powers of his instrument.
"Old Wine and New" by Joseph Cross
That to him belonged the confirmation of his brethren, and a power of the keys to which all were subject.
"St. Peter, His Name and His Office" by Thomas W. Allies
The holding power of this key is much greater than that of the saddle key.
"An Introduction to Machine Drawing and Design" by David Allan Low
Slyne pulled a bunch of keys from one pocket and promptly released the powerful spring-lock.
"The White Blackbird" by Hudson Douglas
I am now arranging the article on the 'Power of the Keys.
"The Life of Philip Melanchthon" by Karl Friedrich Ledderhose
They even attacked the power of the keys, and the authority of the sovereign pontiff.
"History of the Reformation in the Sixteenth Century (Volume 1)" by J. H. Merle D'Aubigné
He pressed his key and sent thundering out with all the volleying force of his powerful dynamos, an answer.
"The Ocean Wireless Boys and the Lost Liner" by Wilbur Lawton

In poetry:

Within the soul are throned two powers,
One, Love; one, Hate. Begot of these,
And veiled between, a presence towers,
The shadowy keeper of the keys.
"Conscience" by Madison Julius Cawein
"And who art thou, thou Gray Brother,
That I should shrive to thee,
When He, to whom are given the keys of earth and heaven,
Has no power to pardon me?"—
"The Gray Brother" by Sir Walter Scott

In news:

'Why Nations Fail' co-author Daron Acemoglu suggests that centralized power, rule of law, and open competition are the keys to national success.
Historically, harmonics have been a key component of power-quality issues utilities face in the reliability of their distribution and transmission systems.
Besides his key vote in upholding most of Obamacare, Chief Justice John Roberts also pointed to a need for civility, humility, and limits in the use of power.
STAMFORD, Conn.—Powering ahead in key international markets, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc announced it has returned to the Dominican Republic with the landmark debut of its Four Points by Sheraton brand in Punta Cana.
Stratus ' Avance ably protects key applications from run-of-the-mill hardware problems such as disk and power supply failures.
With the fiscal cliff and the expiration of key tax credits for wind power quickly approaching, Environment America is urging Congress to extend critical federal incentives for wind power .
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Palmer Trinity School, on Oct 27, dedicated a 22-kilowatt solar power system, the first project of its kind in South Florida, in conjunction with Solaria Design and Consulting Co. A company based in the Florida Keys.
A few singed feathers are all that remain of the bird whose untimely demise caused a short power outage early Monday on Big Pine Key.
This year will mark Public Power Week's 26 th anniversary as a country-wide program to celebrate the importance of public power to local citizens and other key publics, including state and national officials.
The key to the play's power lies in the universality of Hamlet 's demons, the way in which the drama mirrors everyone's struggles to make peace with a brutal world.
The story of Mary and the conception of Jesus reveals powerful keys to receiving God's miracle -working power.
The Key Players in China's Power Transition: Inside the 'Gang of Seven'.
Martin Professional has reorganized some key internal departments at its Danish headquarters with the goal of increasing the power of its sales and marketing functions.
Here is a list of key players in the Leveson inquiry, which is examining the phone-hacking scandal that has ensnared the powerful Murdoch family and prominent government officials.

In science:

Recent measurements of the CMB power spectrum have allowed an unprecedented level of accuracy in the determination of cosmological parameters including the baryon density, which is the key parameter for BBN.
Big Bang Nucleosynthesis, Implications of Recent CMB Data and Supersymmetric Dark Matter
Any successful model of inflation must satisfy the three key constraints that (a) sufficient inflation occurred to solve the horizon problem; (b) the amplitude of density perturbations is consistent with the COBE normalization of the CMB power spectrum and; (c) the spectral index must be sufficiently close to unity.
Inflation in Gauss-Bonnet Brane Cosmology
The future key scientific goals are therefore the reconstruction of the 3dimension dark matter power spectrum as function of redshift, the analysis of the properties of the relation between light and mass, and the study of the dark energy equation of state.
Gravitational Lensing by Large Scale Structures: A Review
As discussed earlier the power counting is the key principle in effective theory as it allows an estimate of the errors from the neglected terms.
Meson and Baryon Spectroscopy on a Lattice
Since the key power-counting arguments of the previous sections were given in momentum space, a natural question is to ask how much of the previous discussion need apply to quantum fluctuations about more general curved spaces.
Quantum Gravity in Everyday Life: General Relativity as an Effective Field Theory
Ep ≃ 1.2·1016T eV is the Planck scale, η parametrizes the ratio between the Planck scale and the scale of quantization of spacetime, and the power n is a key characteristic of the magnitude of the effects to be expected.
Planck-scale Lorentz-symmetry test theories
In particular, two key issues remain, namely, the origin and nature of the magnetic field in the shocked region and the mechanism by which electrons are accelerated from a thermal population to a power-law distribution N (γ )dγ ∝ γ−p .
Gamma-Ray Bursts, Collisionless Shocks and Synthetic Spectra
The key issue in this approach is the ability to separate non-perturbative corrections, that can be expressed as a series in powers of 1/mb , and perturbative corrections, expressed in powers of αs .
Experimental review of Inclusive Semileptonic B Decays
The combination of X-ray and UV observations provides a powerful tool to infer the viewing angle to the center and the column density of the absorbing gas. A key observational result is that the X-ray luminosity gets weaker when the line velocities are higher.
Conference Summary: The Central Engine of Active Galactic Nuclei
At any rate, a key issue in testing is how to exploit the smoothness assumption, so as not to waste statistical power attempting to distinguish the “rougher” aspects of the model (i.e., the smallscale wiggly shapes).
A powerful test based on tapering for use in functional data analysis
The key ingredient of the proof is the relation between the (l − 1)-st symmetric powers and Milnor operations Qi provided by Theorem 3.8 and Lemma 5.13.
On motivic cohomology with Z/l coefficients
The key to the success of this technique is the in situ use of this normal metal reference sample which calibrates the absolute microwave incident power.
Electrodynamics of correlated electron systems
Two key findings here are: (1) the tipping point for a paper to reach ‘classic-paper’ status, i.e. its powerlaw citation region, is about 21 citations for the ISI Web of Science database, and (2) the power-law exponent is not a universal feature of all scientific citations.
Nonuniversal power law scaling in the probability distribution of scientific citations
Here is where the key cancellation of those power counting violating terms between the diagrams must occur .
Baryon masses and axial charges in 1/Nc - ChPT
An experimental unit used to test the performance of this new design met the key requirements for power, beam quality, frequency and intensity noise.
Matters of Gravity, the newsletter of the APS TG on gravitation